Can You Smoke Wax Out of a Bong
Can You Smoke Wax Out of a Bong

There are several different types of cannabis out there. You’ve got joints, smokables, edibles, creams, and waxes. Of course, when all you have is a bong everything starts to look really smokable, and you might ask yourself if you can smoke wax out of a bong? The answer is yes! With caveats…

You should be vaping the wax in a vaporizer, but if a bong is all you have, then you need to follow a few simple steps. First, make sure you have a large enough bong bowl, because the space in a one hitter bowl isn’t going to cut it. Fill the bowl with cannabis flowers and back them down as low as possible, and then place the wax on the flower.

Spread the wax on the flowers as thinly as possible, so no globs of wax that could fall through your pipe can remain. Keep the lighter close to the flowers and watch as the wax starts to melt. You want to make sure that the wax does not boil or vaporize, but make sure that all of the wax is melted.

Now let your wax glazed flowers burn slowly, and you can smoke the wax out of the bong!

Why This Is Inefficient

The main problem with smoking wax out of a bong and on the flowers is the difference in the melting and combustion temperatures. The flowers you have will start to burn at 450 degrees Fahrenheit, while wax will burn off at 320 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a 170 degree difference, and you’ll be burning off some of the wax before the flowers even start to crisp. 

You are wasting wax, so while this is something that you can do, the majority of the wax is being wasted. Using the wax in a vaporizer is a much more efficient thing to do if you want to smoke wax solely. 

Other Ways To Smoke Wax

Other Ways To Smoke Wax

You can smoke wax in other ways, along with using a bong. One of these ways is to use a joint. You can roll out some rolling paper, spread the flower on it, place a bit of wax on the weed, and then wash your hands before rolling the joint. While rolling the joint can be a problem because of how sticky the wax makes the process, you can make it work. Light it up and you will be good to go!

You can also smoke your wax inside of a healthstone. This is a stone that is specifically designed to be smoked with a bong. The porous consistency allows you to superheat the insert easier, and then start smoking with your bong.

Finally, you can also use the ‘hot knives’ technique, which is where you can heat up a butter knife on the stove. You place a glob of wax onto the knife, and it will vaporize almost instantly. You can inhale the smoke as is, or inhale the smoke through a straw or funnel.

What Is Wax?

If you are confused about what marijuana wax is or why people want to smoke it so badly, then here are your answers. The wax is a very potent form of THC oil, which is the compound that gets you high whenever you take marijuana. It’s about 60% to 80% THC oil, and can really give you a massive high with just a little bit of wax.

It’s also very easy to vape, and it is often smoked using a dab rig or oil rig to let you get the hit from the wax almost immediately. Wax does require high temperatures to be able to combust, so a blowtorch is often required to heat up a dab nail and then you dip the nail into the wax. The hot wax combusts and the air flows into the mouthpiece, which is where the users inhale.

Wax also has a wide variety of concentrations, with the first being budder. This is a very creamy wax that has been slowly whipped into a cream. Shatter or crumble wax has been whipped up highly, and is very brittle. Both of these extremes of marijuana wax, as well as everything in between, are very easy for novices to marijuana to get into.

Smoking wax is easy, gets you very high, and keeps you on that high for longer than traditional marijuana substances.

What Else Can Be Smoked From A Bong

What Else Can Be Smoked From A Bong?

Bongs can be used for other drugs besides marijuana. You can smoke crack cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and other vapors from the glass pipe. If you can inhale the vapors, then you can smoke the drug from a bong. 

You can also experiment with different water sources besides water to go inside of your bong. Believe it or not hot tea provides a good hit and a smoother feel, especially if it is paired with the flavors of citrus. Iced tea can work out well, and you can even go for a one two punch and use wine in your bong.

Wine gives a good flavor combination to your bong and your THC content, as long as you pick a low alcoholic wine. Booze and fire do not mix! Cranberry juice might be a better alternative, because it gives a better and more flavorful hit, and the acidic nature of the cranberries can even help you clean your bong.

The Possibilities are Endless

You can smoke wax out of a bong, and you can smoke other things out of a bong as well. If it’s all you have it can quickly turn into a multipurpose tool that can become really useful. If you change out the liquid you use your bong with, then you might discover some interesting new combinations. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what happens, because you might find something very stimulating that you will never have expected otherwise.

You should use a vaporizer if you want to get the best from your wax, but if a bong is all you have then it will work!


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