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Glass Pipes

Glass Pipes are the ideal smoking device when it comes to portability and convenience. They come in all kinds of forms and you might know them as Weed Pipes, Bowls, Hand Pipes or One-Hitters. Whichever way, these smoking tools are designed to give you nice, smooth...

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Classic Fumed Pipe

$13.99 $16.99
SAVE $3.00

Octo on the Go! Pipe

$19.99 $27.99
SAVE $8.00

Goldie Glass Pipe

$14.99 $19.99
SAVE $5.00

Color Changing Leaf Pipe

$19.99 $25.99
SAVE $6.00

Breezy Flower Pipe

$15.99 $19.99
SAVE $4.00

Grav 3" Chillum

Sold Out

Rasta Sherlock Pipe

$17.99 $22.99
SAVE $5.00

2 for 1 - Gold and Silver travel pipes

Sold Out $22.99
SAVE $9.00

Color Changing Gandalf Pipe

$29.99 $39.99
SAVE $10.00

Mystery Pipe Box

$11.99 $24.99
SAVE $13.00

Grav Deco Steamroller

Sold Out $29.99
SAVE $5.00

Why Buy a Glass Pipe from Fat Buddha Glass?

Hey there!  Welcome to our site Fat Buddha Glass, your one stop shop to quickly and easily find your next strong, durable glass pipe that will ensure a smooth smoke for an affordable rate. So you may be thinking, “That sounds great but what exactly makes Fat Buddha Glass pipes the best and why choose them over everyone else?”  

Great question.  Here’s just a few reasons why our customers keep coming back to us for all their glass piece needs.

1. Hand Crafted Glass Pipes From Experienced Experts

Factory made won’t cut it.  It’s not the same.  Factory pipes on average tend to break easy, don’t work as well, just feel cheap, etc - but NOT ours.  All Fat Buddha Glass smoking pipes are hand crafted from the start to be the best.  

The meticulous process the artist uses to carefully craft each piece to perfection is pretty intense.  From the structural aspect, to aesthetic aspect, and all of the fine details that go into ensuring the finished product is of the highest quality.  A high quality glass pipe designed just for you to have the ultimate, smooth smoking experience, the Fat Buddha way.  

2. Superior Quality Glass Pipes For Affordable Prices + Top Notch Customer Support

What better way to locate a great product than to interact directly with sellers or distributors who are like you? Fat Buddha Glass was established by people who have an enormous passion for glass art – just like you.   We are two lifelong friends who have collected glass pipes for a very long time.  That means we understand that finding a great piece for an affordable price is extremely important for our clients.  Our mission is to achieve nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction by selling only the best quality pipes out there for insanely affordable prices.  When it comes to customer satisfaction, we have always taken the personal approach with our clients.  That way, they never have to feel like they are dealing with a stranger or a company that doesn’t care.  

We are always willing to go that extra mile to see that everyone leaves our site 100% satisfied.  Superior quality + amazing prices + top notch customer satisfaction makes for one happy customer and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Seeing our customers happy makes us happy!

3. Shop From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

At Fat Buddha Glass Pipes, we provide you a “no pollution” opportunity to shop all day and all night.  The fact that you can now sit down on your bed and shop for a glass pipe in your pajamas in the middle of the night or day says it all. So sit back, relax and shop for your hand crafted to perfection glass pipe.  What a way to purchase your glass pipe!

4. More Variety - Something For Everyone

When it comes to providing a variety of products, look no less than Fat Buddha Glass bowls, water pipes, bongs, etc.  With our huge selection of products, there’s something for everyone’s unique taste and style.  Throughout our site, you will be able to access glass pipes in a far greater selection than you have ever dreamed of – all that without having to leave your home.  Not only is this hugely convenient for you, it also makes sending gifts to your fellow smokers super easy.  Don’t let distance be the excuse you give for not gifting your fellow smokers on their special occasions.  Don’t worry; we’ll make sure it reaches them just fine.

5. Free First Class Shipping on All Orders!

Whenever you shop with us, we offer free first class shipping on all orders.  Yes, you read that right – absolutely free first class shipping, no strings attached!

If first class shipping won’t cut it, we do do offer overnight shipping as well for an added charge, just be sure to select this option at checkout.  And whatever option you choose, we’ll be sure to package your goods with uttermost discretion for your privacy. 

So if you’re ready to find the glass pipe of your dreams, simply browse the selection above (or click that button below) for a discreet and very unique experience:

Find Your Glass Pipe - Click Here

Or if you have questions, feel free to contact us.

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