15 Glass Pipes and Products Perfect for Cannabis Beginners

15 Glass Pipes and Products Perfect for Cannabis Beginners

There are many ways to enjoy the effects of cannabis. While some cannabis beginners might stick to rolling joints, smoking out of a glass pipe or bong can be even better. You’ll get bigger hits, stronger effects, and save yourself the hassle of having to roll as all you have to do is pack a bowl, light it, and enjoy.

Pipes come in all different shapes and sizes. From tiny mini pipes to complex water pipes, there’s a massive selection when it comes to smoking devices. While experienced users might want to buy a bong with all the bells and whistles, there are many simple and effective glass pipes and products perfect for cannabis beginners.

All of these products are straightforward, affordable, and will give you some of the best marijuana hits you’ve ever had. What’s more, all of them are available to order for delivery anywhere in the United States. All of them make for good choices, so pick based on your personal preference. Without further ado, here are 15 glass pipes and bongs that are perfect for cannabis beginners.

1. Glow in the Dark Scorpion Pipe

If you want something extra cool, this pipe will suit you. At first glance, the Scorpion Pipe looks like any other spoon pipe, albeit with an eye-catching design. The 4in pipe has a big enough bowl to pack plenty of weed, and the wide design allows for some great airflow, resulting in solid marijuana hits.

Glow in the Dark Scorpion Pipe

However, the main attraction of this pipe is the fact that it glows in the dark. If you’re smoking in the dark and want something to stimulate your senses while high, this device is a perfect choice. Plus, at just $19.99, it’s one of the best beginner pipes that won’t break the bank. 

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2. Color Changing Dichroic Cane Pipe

Another option for those looking for a simple and effective beginner pipe is the Color Changing Dichroic Cane Pipe. It’s fumed with .999 fine silver, and while the design might look good enough without smoking, every hit you take will bring out more interesting colors, making it extra fun to use.

It’s available in a few different colors, although each will get much more colorful each time you use it. It also offers a well-built design with a thick and comfortable mouthpiece to give you nice, smooth hits. At just 4 inches, it’s a fantastic pocket pipe and only costs $17.99.

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3. The Gentleman’s Glass Pipe

If you want something a little different than the regular spoon pipe, check out The Gentleman’s Glass Pipe. It’s a unique-looking Sherlock Pipe with an interesting, old-fashioned design. But beyond its sophisticated looks, this pipe also provides smooth airflow through its sturdy 5-inch structure and a nice big bowl.

It’s slightly bigger than the average pocket pipe, but still portable enough to take with you anywhere you want to take a few hits. The slick, green design is fun and eye-catching while the long neck is great for taking long, smooth hits. It’s ideal for beginners who want a sturdy Sherlock Pipe to smoke from.

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4. Heavy Purple Glass Pipe

The Heavy Purple Glass Pipe has an awesome, psychedelic design full of purples, blues, and reds. It’s also extremely durable thanks to its heavy borosilicate glass build, so you can count on this pipe to last you for years. It’s 5 inches in length, making it a good pocket pipe to use on the go.

Heavy Purple Glass Pipe

It’s a sturdy and reliable spoon pipe that will suit beginners that need something that looks good and works even better. With a wide mouthpiece and wide bowl, you’ll get some solid hits out of this little pipe and the more weed you smoke, the more its flashy design will stand out.

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5. Slyme Sherlock Glass Pipe

The Slyme Sherlock Glass Pipe is another top-notch option for any users who prefer the Sherlock Pipe style. It has a slick design with a low bowl and high mouthpiece, making it extra easy to light your bowl and take a long, smooth hit without hassle. It’s also available in multiple colors, with each one looking outstanding.

Despite the bendy design, it’s only 4 inches and you can fit in your pocket or bag when you need to. Made out of borosilicate glass, it’ll feel sturdy and durable in your hands. The unique build allows for long, smooth hits with great airflow, so every user will get plenty of enjoyment out of this outstanding glass pipe.

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6. Color Changing Glass Pipe with Dichroic

If you want a slick pipe that changes colors with every use, the Color Changing Glass Pipe with Dichroic is a perfect choice for you. At first glance, it already looks cool with its colorful and unique accents. However, with each hit, more color will come out, making it extra fun to get high with.

Aside from the interesting design and colors, it offers some top-notch hits. The thick mouthpiece and solid airflow mean it’s a hard-hitter that makes it easy to enjoy all of your favorite marijuana strains. It’s made with heavy borosilicate glass, making it strong and durable, and at just $19.99 it’s well worth the price.

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7. Rasta Gandalf Pipe

The Rasta Gandalf Pipe is like a Sherlock Pipe took to the next level. With a long, narrow neck and great airflow, you’ll get some long and strong hits when you smoke out of this exceptional glass pipe. The Rastafarian colors add to the appeal, making it eye-catching and colorful.

Rasta Gandalf Pipe

It’s made out of heavy borosilicate glass, making its 10-inch structure sturdy and strong. It also has a small flat spot so that when you put it down, it’ll sit still instead of rolling over. While it isn’t as portable as some of the mini pipes on this list, it’s a perfect companion for users who want something fun and different to use at home for heavy hits.

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8. Purple Slyme Inside Out Pipe

The nifty Purple Slyme Inside Out Pipe has some unique decorations within the glass, making it look extra cool. At just 4 inches in length, it’s perfect for anyone who needs a small pipe they can fit right in their pocket to use anywhere they need it.

It has a thick stem and a generously sized bowl, making for some smooth and satisfying marijuana hits. Both the design and the build are great, and at only $17.99, it’s one of the best glass pipes for beginners who need a basic mini spoon pipe that does the job perfectly. Other colors are also available.

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9. Color Changing Glass Sherlock Pipe

If you can’t decide between a Sherlock Pipe and a Color Changing Pipe, this incredible smoking device gives you the best of both worlds. It’s a marvel to look at with one of the most offbeat designs you’ll see in a pipe. However, when it comes down to it, you’ll get some amazing hits out of this unique glass pipe.

The Color Changing Glass Sherlock Pipe is made with borosilicate glass and fumed with 24k gold. These high-quality components make for a high-quality pipe which delivers smooth hits through its curved build. What’s more, the colors will change with each hit you take, making it even more fun to look at when you’re high.

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10. 24K Gold Fumed Honeycomb Glass Smoking Pipe

There’s a lot to love about this small yet powerful pipe. It’s a 4.5-inch heavy glass pipe with an eye-catching design. The psychedelic design is made up of colors resembling a nighttime sky. But as you use it more, the pipe will change colors and become even more interesting.

24K Gold Fumed Honeycomb Glass Smoking Pipe

It’s fumed with 24K gold, hence the beautiful color-changing effects. It also provides amazing airflow, so you can always rely on this pipe for some great hits. It’s portable, durable, and pleasurable to smoke from, and at just $19.99, it’s a pipe that gives you incredible value for your money.

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11. 10in Beaker Bong

If you’re looking for something bigger and more powerful than your average pipe, then you might be interested in a water pipe- also known as a bong. There are many of these on offer, and while some might seem a bit complex to new users, the 10in Beaker Bong is the perfect water pipe for beginners.

The Beaker Bong is as basic as they come. It’s short, transparent, and made in a basic beaker form. However, it’s also incredibly simple to get the hang of. Fill the base with water, pack the bowl, light up, and take a nice, cool hit out of the wide mouthpiece.

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12. 6in Mini Bong

If you want to upgrade from a pipe to a bong but still want something portable, then the 6in Mini Bong is the perfect choice for you. It comes in six different colors, all with an amazing bubble design with eye-catching, colorful details. It’s also nice and straightforward to use, making it perfect for beginners.

The 6in Mini Bong has a nice wide bowl and a thick mouthpiece, allowing for perfect airflow and clean, smooth hits. It’s also portable enough to carry in a bag if you want to take it elsewhere. It’s an amazing choice for those who want a simple yet highly effective bong, and it’ll only cost you $29.99.

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13. 16in Black & White Bong

If you want a more advanced bong with some extra features that’s still friendly for beginners, check out this 16in Black & White Bong. The design looks simple yet elegant, with clean black and white accents which complement one another well. It’s made with high-quality components making it perfectly durable and it produces some incredible hits.

16 Black and White Bong

At 16 inches in length, it’s a huge bong which you’ll have to keep at home. However, you’ll always be able to rely on it for an amazing session. With a twist percolator and an ice catcher to cool your smoke down, you’ll get some of the coolest and smoothest hits possible. It’ll cost more than a basic bong, but it has all the features necessary for those who want extra cool and potent hits.

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14. 12in Lava Lamp Bong

The 12in Lava Lamp Bong looks great and works even better. At 12 inches in length, it’s not too small and not too big for a handy home bong. The design is stunning, and it also has a built-in screen which keeps your bong cleaner for longer.

As for the hits, the wide stem and mouthpiece allow for tons of airflow, giving you clean and potent hits each time. At $69.99 it’s not the cheapest bong, but it’s made of high-quality materials and offers high-quality smoking sessions every time you use it. If you want something strong and powerful, it’s a solid choice for a smoking device.

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15. 7in Blue Bong With Wrap

The awesome 7in Blue Bong With Wrap is amazingly designed with all kinds of cool little features. With a nice, wide base, you can fill it with plenty of water for extra smooth hits. It also has a wide stem with a wrap, meaning you’ll get amazing airflow and powerful smoke when it reaches your mouth.

The blue and white design looks great, although you can also find this bong in other colors if you prefer something a little different. Whichever way, it’s one of the best glass water pipes for beginners- simple enough for anyone to use while still packing some powerful features. At $49.99, it’s a great choice.

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We’ve covered 15 of the best Glass Pipes and products perfect for cannabis beginners, but if you want something different, there are plenty of others on offer. We stock an enormous range of Bongs, Pipes, and Accessories for smoking, so there truly is something for everyone. All of these are available for countrywide delivery in discreet packaging.


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