15 Top Choices For Spoon Pipes

15 Top Choices For Spoon Pipes

Pipes are one of the best tools for smoking cannabis, tobacco, and all kinds of other herbs. Pipes are portable devices with a bowl and a mouthpiece which make it extremely easy to smoke. Just pack your product into the bowl, light up, and inhale. It’s quick, convenient, and there are all kinds of pipes to choose from. While some might prefer Sherlock Pipes or Water Pipes, Spoon Pipes are another fantastic option.

Spoon Pipes are pipes which are spoon-like in their design, with a wide bowl at one end and a thinner stem leading to the mouthpiece. While they’re small and slim enough to fit in your pocket, they also give you great airflow allowing for smooth and powerful hits. Plus, with a nice wide bowl, you can pack plenty of weed for a great smoking experience.

There are all kinds of fun and quirky Spoon Pipes to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something colorful, something with a unique design or even a color-changing spoon pipe, there are tons to check out. Here are 15 top choices for Spoon Pipes worth considering.

1. Color Changing Glass Pipe with Dichroic

If you’re looking for a cool and colorful Glass Pipe then you’ll want to check this one out. It’s one of the most popular Spoon Pipes available for its sturdy construction, great airflow, and perhaps most importantly, its ability to change color.

The Color Changing Glass Pipe with Dichroic is made with heavy borosilicate glass and fumed with .999 fine silver. While its initially colorful enough, more color will come out each time you use it, making it even more fun to take hits from. Its 4 inches in length gives you supreme portability while also giving you plenty of room for long, smooth hits.

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2. Honeycomb Gold & Silver Fumed Glass Pipe

The Honeycomb Gold & Silver Fumed Glass Pipe is one of the fanciest looking Spoon Pipes you can find. It’s 4.5 inches in length with a weight of around 120 grams, making it portable yet durable. However, the main draw is the eye-catching 24k gold and .999 fine silver fuming, making for an incredible looking pipe.

Honeycomb Gold & Silver Fumed Glass Pipe

Beyond the shiny colors, it’s also an awesome little tool to smoke with. The bowl gives you enough room for a solid hit of weed, and each hit you take will feel smooth and potent. If you want a handy glass pipe that works well and looks even better, this is one of the best picks.

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3. 4.5 inch Heavy Honeycomb Glass Pipe

Another outstanding Spoon Pipe with a great Honeycomb design. The style is inspired by natural elements and stone and the blue coloring looks fantastic. It’s also a highly durable pipe thanks to its extra heavy wall borosilicate glass construction, so you can rely on this pipe lasting you for a long time.

The pipe can vary from 4 to 4.75 in length. But whichever way, you’ll get a quality pipe that’s built to last. The wide bowl gives you plenty of room to pack your products, and the wide stem gives you plenty of airflow for smooth hits. At just $19.99, it’s a worthwhile investment that can fulfill your smoking needs for years.

Heavy Honeycomb Glass Pipe

4. 5 inch Heavy Glass Pipe Dichroic Glass Smoking Pipe

If you want an awesome design along with a heavy build, then check out the 5 inch Heavy Glass Pipe Dichroic Glass Smoking Pipe. You’ll instantly notice the unique glass art, with shades of blue and gold lines making it stand out. It’s also a great device for smoking.

This pipe is 5 inches in length making it slightly larger than many Spoon Pipes while still being portable. It gives you powerful hits and the heavy construction makes it feel strong and sturdy in your hands. It’s fumed with .999 fine silver which gives it its luxurious look. At just $19.99, it’s another top choice for a Spoon Pipe.

Heavy Glass Pipe Dichroic Glass Smoking Pipe

5. Red Dichroic Glass Pipe

Fans of the color red will love this stylish Red Dichroic Glass Pipe. The sharp scarlet coloring is complemented by the black accenting with sparkling glass inside. The incredible design gives off Deadpool vibes, making it one of the coolest-looking Spoon Pipes you can choose.

Red Dichroic Glass Pipe

As for the smoking experience, there’s nothing to complain about with this handy Spoon Pipe. If you’re looking for something portable and functional, you’ll enjoy the perfectly-sized bowl and smooth airflow. It’s only 4 inches in length making it perfect to take anywhere you go, and although it’s not the biggest pipe, you’ll get quick and potent hits when you use it.

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6. 4 inch 3D Inside Out Glass Smoking Pipe

If you like unique and quirky designs, then you’ll want to see the 4 inch 3D Inside Out Glass Smoking Pipe. This nifty little tool instantly grabs your attention with its mish-mash of colors and lines and 3D design. Plus, with .999 fine silver fuming and changing colors, the pipe will only look more interesting the more you smoke from it.

It’s another solid 4-inch pipe that you can keep in your pocket and take hits from whenever you feel like it. The bowl gives you enough room for a nice dose of weed and you’ll get satisfying hits from the mouthpiece. It’s easily one of the top choices for Spoon Pipes.

3D Inside Out Glass Smoking Pipe

7. Dichroic Glass Pipe KS12

This Dichroic Glass Pipe has an amazing mix of fiery colors making it look like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Behind the mesh of red and yellow, you’ll see sparkly undertones which make it truly stand out. It’s another awesome looking Spoon Pipe which also offers solid hits.

At 4 inches in length, it’s just the right size to be portable while still giving you quality hits. The bowl has plenty of space to fill with your weed and tobacco and the stem gives you great airflow. Made with heavy borosilicate glass, it’s a well-built pipe that won’t break on you any time soon.

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8. Color Changing Double Maria Glass Pipe

If you love finely-detailed Glass Pipes then the Color Changing Double Maria Glass Pipe is one of the top choices for Spoon Pipes. At first look, the rose-colored glass and black and white accents make it look incredible. But as a bonus, the pipe changes colors the more you smoke from it.

Color Changing Double Maria Glass Pipe

It’s fumed with 24K gold, and each hit you take from this stylish Spoon Pipe will bring out a range of colors including blue, green, amber, and purple. Plus, with smooth airflow and a flat mouthpiece, it’s built to give you quality hits every time you use it.

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9. Slyme Glass Pipe

While it’s not too over-the-top or fancy, the Slyme Glass Pipe has one of the best low-key designs as far as Spoon Pipes go. It’s extra portable, ranging from as small as 3.5 inches to 4 inches, so it’s the perfect pipe for taking with you on the go for quick and satisfying hits.

With its solid coloring throughout the stem and bowl and contrasting color accents, it stands out without being too crazy. It’s also available in various color combinations such as pink and white or green and black, so you can choose whichever is your favorite. At $19.99, you’ll get plenty of value from this simple and affordable pipe.

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10. 3 Color Slyme Glass Pipe

For some extra color, check out the 3 Color Slyme Glass Pipe. It’s a nifty looking pipe with purple, pink, and green colors flowing throughout. It’s handmade with quality borosilicate glass, so it’ll feel strong and durable when you use it as well as providing incredible hits.

The 3 Color Slyme Glass Pipe gives you a wide bowl you can fill with plenty of marijuana, tobacco or any other kind of herbs you want. It also has a carb hole on the left, allowing you to control the airflow and control the strength of each hit. It’s another solid choice for anyone looking for a Spoon Pipe.

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11. Morning Star Pipe

If you’re looking for the most awesome and unique Spoon Pipe, then look no further than the Morning Star Pipe. It’s based on the Morning Star, a Medieval weapon with spikes jutting out of the end of it. As such, the pipe has a stone-like design with detailed glass spikes, yet you can still hold it and sit it down comfortably.

Morning Star Pipe

The Morning Star Pipe is also amazing to smoke with. With a wide bowl, 5-inch length, and carb hole on the side to control your airflow, you can rely on this nifty little device to give you killer hits. It’s both great to look at and great to use, making it well worth it for $24.99.

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12. Color Changing Gold Glass Pipe

The Color Changing Gold Glass Pipe is a Spoon Pipe that only gets more insanely colorful the more you use it. It’s made with high-quality heavy borosilicate glass and fumed with 24k gold, hence its shiny and eye-catching design.

While it already looks pretty snazzy from the outset, each hit you take will bring out a little more color, with all kinds of blue, green, red, and purple shades spreading across the pipe. Plus, with steady airflow, you’ll enjoy each hit and want to take more and more. It’s a great choice for a Spoon Pipe and only costs $22.99.

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13. Twilight Zone Infinity Pipe

When you look at this pipe, you’ll see exactly where it gets its name from. The dark, spacey, spiral design gives off Twilight Zone vibes. Plus, when you smoke from this pipe, you can rely on smooth, flowy hits which will transport you to another dimension.

The Twilight Zone Infinity Pipe is about 4.5 inches in length and stands out thanks to its black and white spiral design. With plenty of space in the bowl and smooth airflow, you’ll also enjoy smoking all kinds of products from it. It’s available at just $17.99, making it perfect for those who want an affordable yet eye-catching Spoon Pipe for all their smoking needs.

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14. Metamorphosis Pipe

The Metamorphosis Pipe is a uniquely-designed Spoon Pipe with a shape like no other. The pipe twists round at the end, adding to the style and making it a little different from the usual straight Spoon Pipes. Despite this, it’s still just as easy to use and the hits are just as great.

Metamorphosis Pipe

Beyond the incredible inside-out design of the Metamorphosis Pipe, it also feels sturdy and hits nicely. It’s a great piece to have both for fans of quirky glass art and keen marijuana smokers. Plus, it’ll only cost you $19.99, making it a great value Spoon Pipe for all kinds of users.

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15. 6 inch Glow in the Dark Pipe

Another one of the top choices for Spoon Pipes is this brilliant 6 inch Glow in the Dark Pipe. If you use it during the daytime, the transparent glass and light green accents still look awesome. However, it’s even better when you use it in the dark, giving off a neon green glow that looks even cooler when you get high.

At 6 inches in length, it’s a little longer than the average Spoon Pipe which means you’ll get long, powerful hits. It also offers great airflow and a well-sized bowl. Made using high-quality borosilicate glass, it’s also a strong and sturdy pipe that will last you a while, making it an incredibly valuable pipe for its low price.

Glow in the Dark Pipe


These are some of the top Spoon Pipes you can buy, but if you want something different, there are many other Pipes to check out. Between Sherlock Pipes, Unique Pipes, and even a massive selection of Bongs, you can find all the smoking tools you need at FatBuddhaGlass.com.


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