5 Creative Dab Tools for Your Dabbing Station

5 Creative Dab Tools for Your Dabbing Station

Smoking weed can take you so far, and while smoking with a Bong or Pipe can enhance the experience and give you a stronger high, you might want to upgrade to Dabbing. Dabbing is the best option if you want to feel the effects of THC in full force, especially as it’s a method prime for vaporizing and inhaling some of the strongest cannabis concentrates on the market. However, you’ll need a few tools for your dabbing station first.

Dabbing involves using a Dab Rig- a special kind of device similar to a bong that’s designed specifically for use with cannabis concentrates. While using a Bong or Pipe involves simply putting your weed in the bowl, lighting, and taking a hit, dabbing is a little more complicated. Instead of a bowl, you have a Quartz banger or Dab nail that you need to heat with a blow torch before applying a dab of your chosen cannabis extract.

Since it’s a fairly complex method of consumption, you’ll need some special pieces of equipment. Obviously, a Dab Rig is a must-have, and you’ll also need a blow torch. It also helps to have a Dab Tray for holding all of your equipment together. However, one of the most important things you’ll need is a Dab Tool, the small, handheld tool used to scoop and apply your dabs. Here’s a guide to Dab Tools and some of the best creative Dab Tools for your Dabbing Station.

What Is A Dab Tool?

If you want to use a Dab Rig effectively, you need a few special tools to make the magic happen. Once you have your Dab Rig, Quartz banger (also known as a Dab nail), and a blowtorch, you should also consider grabbing a Dab Tool. A Dab Tool is the thing you use to pick up your cannabis concentrates and carefully apply them to your banger.

A Dab Tool is essential for many reasons. For one, applying a dab of Shatter, Wax, Live Resin or any other kind of concentrate to your banger when it’s piping hot can be dangerous. You won’t be able to do this by hand as it can result in severe burns. Dab Tools are long and heatproof to avoid any issues.

These tools also make it easy to effectively scoop up your chosen cannabis concentrate. You only need a very small amount (a dab) of your chosen cannabis extract for strong effects. A Dab Tool is a bit like a small spoon with a sharp edge- it makes it easy to cut off a piece of your concentrate and carry it over to your dab nail safely and efficiently.

Since it makes it easy to scoop and apply your cannabis concentrates, a Dab nail can come in handy every time you want to try dabbing. It protects you from harm and makes the whole process smoother. Many Dab Rigs come complete with a small Dab Tool, but you may want to buy a new one as an upgrade, especially with some of the cool Dab Tools on the market.

What Is A Dab Tool

Best Dab Tools For Your Dabbing Station

Your Dabbing Station is where you keep all of your dabbing equipment together. It’s best to keep your Dab Rig, blowtorch, and banger together along with a dabbing tray for placing your cannabis concentrates. You may even want some cleaning equipment for afterward. That way, you have everything you need when you need it. Of course, you’ll also need a good Dab Tool.

Some Dab Rigs come complete with a basic Dab Tool for scooping up your cannabis concentrates and placing them on your Dab nail. However, you may want to buy a new Dab Tool. There are plenty of high-quality Dab Tools on the market just as stylish as they are effective. You can even find some cool and creative designs.

At Fat Buddha Glass, we pride ourselves on quality. As such, we have some of the best creative Dab Tools for your Dabbing Station. These handy devices will make your dabbing experiences smoother and more efficient. These tools are great for any dabbing enthusiast, and they’re also affordable without sacrificing quality. Here are five of the best Dab Tools to buy.

1. Dab Tools Bundle

Need a high-quality glass dabber for your dabbing station. This bundle gives you exactly what you need with a Quartz Carb Cap Dabber. This tool makes it exceptionally easy to scoop up any cannabis concentrate you want to use, ready to apply it to your Dab Rig for powerful effects. Plus, not only do you get a Dab Tool, but you also get everything else you need.

This Bundle comes with four top pieces of equipment for your Dabbing Station. Along with the Dab Tool itself, you’ll also get a Male Quartz Banger. This is great for converting compatible Bongs into effective Dab Rigs. You also get a Silicone Container, perfect for storing all your cannabis extracts, and a Silicone Mat or Dab Tray.

All of these tools will make dabbing easy. The Dab Tool has a sharp end that’s ideal for scooping, and it can also stand on its own. Considering everything you get with this quality Dab Tools Bundle, it’s a steal at only $33.49.

Buy Dab Tools Bundle

2. Pencil Dabber

While some Dab Tools take on more of a simple yet effective design, others are designed to stand out. If you’re looking for one of the most creative Dab Tools for your Dabbing Station, then you might want to consider this unique Pencil Dabber. This novel device takes on a different style to other Dab Tools, but it still works just as well.

Naturally, the design of this dabber stands out. It looks just like a Pencil yet it’s one of the best Dab Tools you can use. The sharp end makes it easy to cut and scoop your cannabis concentrates, and the long design means you can easily apply your dabs to your Dab Nail without any risk of harm.

On top of looking fancy, this tool is also designed with durable materials. It’s made of high-quality borosilicate glass, perfect for handling high temperatures without cracking under the pressure. The Pencil Dabber costs $17.99 and is available in four colors- Yellow, Blue, Green, and Red.

Buy Pencil Dabber

Pencil Dabber

3. Empire Glassworks Castle & Sword Dish Set

As far as Dab Tools go, it doesn’t get more creative than this awesome piece. The Empire Glassworks Castle & Sword Dish Set looks incredible. Not only is it one of the best-looking dabbers you can find, but it also comes complete with a dish and is just as functional as it is stylish.

The sword-shaped dab tool is perfect for scooping up all of your favorite cannabis concentrates. It’s 8cm long and shaped perfectly for scooping purposes so you can get your dabs to your banger effectively. It also comes along with a castle-shaped tray, keeping up the medieval theme and giving you somewhere to store your concentrates before dabbing.

Both the Castle and Sword are expertly handcrafted using American-made glass, resulting in a high-quality kit to suit your dabbing needs. The colors and the detailing on these tools are sensational, and they’re just as great to use as they are to look at. It’s by far one of the most unique Dab Tools you can buy.

Buy Empire Glassworks Castle & Sword Dish Set 

4. Stylish Glass Dabbers

Looking for something stylish and fun to use with your dabbing station? Buy one of these Stylish Glass Dabbers. Each one is colorful and unique, from a toadstool-shaped black and white dabber to the stylish pink dabber. They’re made using high-quality glass, meaning they’ll feel great in your hands and work extremely well.

Each one of these dab tools is optimized for a fantastic dabbing experience. They’re shaped to make scooping up your dabs of Wax, Shatter, and other concentrates easily and effectively. The durable glass won’t crack under pressure, and their long, slender shape makes it easy to apply your dabs without hurting yourself.

These Stylish Glass Dabbers come in a variety of cool and stylish designs, each one unique in its own way. Plus, when you buy one, you’ll receive one of these dabbers at random, adding a little mystery and fun. However, you don’t need to worry, all of these work exceptionally well and are built-to-last.

Buy Stylish Glass Dabbers

5. Quartz Banger Cap With Dabber

If you’re not concerned with the style of your dabber and want something simple and effective, you’ll love this Quartz Banger Cap with Dabber. It features a high-quality glass Dab Tool that’s shaped for perfect scooping. The glass is durable and won’t crack under the pressure of high heat, so this tool will last you for a long time.

Not only do you get a fancy Dab Tool, but it also has a Quartz Banger Cap on top. That means that, after using the dabber to apply your dab, you can cover your Dab Nail using the cap for smooth and powerful hits. It makes for one of the best two-in-one tools for anyone who enjoys dabbing.

Although it’s not particularly creative or colorful, it stands out in its practicality. This tool makes dabbing a breeze. Not only will you be able to scoop and apply your concentrates effectively, but the cap will make your dab hits feel even better. Plus, this handy little tool costs only $14.99 making it a top choice for users on a budget.

Buy Quartz Banger Cap With Dabber

Best Dab Rigs To Buy Online

Best Dab Rigs To Buy Online

All of these Dab Tools are fantastic and will work well with any Dab Rig. However, whether you haven’t got a Dab Rig yet or simply want an upgrade, we have you covered. At Fat Buddha Glass, we offer some of the greatest Dab Rigs on the market, all available for free delivery across the United States. Here are a few of our best Dab Rigs that you can buy right now.

Octopus Glass Bong With Banger - Want an exceptionally creative rig to match your creative dab tool? Check out this Octopus Glass Bong. Not only does this incredible glass device include a 14mm bowl for all of your weed smoking needs, but it also includes an interchangeable Quartz banger for ideal dabbing.

Black Coil Dual Function Oil Rig Glass Bong - This is another one of the best devices you can buy for dabbing. It’s built with high-quality borosilicate glass and gives you some of the smoothest, purest hits. With a matching 18mm bowl and dab nail, this glass piece can be used for smoking both weed and concentrates. The simple yet stylish design adds to its appeal.

Mini Dab Rig - Need something small and handy for enjoying your favorite cannabis concentrates? Check out this Mini Dab Rig. At just 6 inches tall, it’s small enough to fit in a bag yet packs plenty of power. You’ll get some great hits thanks to the smooth airflow it provides. It includes both a bowl and a banger so you can enjoy weed as well as dabs.

Lifesaver Rig and Banger - If you want something with a little more color, the Lifesaver Rig and Banger is the perfect device for you. The colorful base looks awesome, but more importantly, it works like a charm. You get a 14mm bowl for weed, a Thermal Banger for dabbing, and a Carb Cap for improving your hits. It also features a percolator, making your hits even more satisfying.


A quality Dab Tool is a must-have device for any Dabbing Station. These handy devices will make it easy to scoop up dabs of your favorite concentrates and apply them to your heated dab nail without any hassle. These are some of the most creative Dab Tools you can find, but you can also find plenty of other Dab Tools and other accessories in our online store.

Along with Dab Tools and Dab Rigs, we also offer a range of high-quality Glass Pipes, Bongs, Bubblers, Vaporizers, and everything else you need for the best smoking experience. Plus, we offer free shipping across the United States on all orders. You can see our full range of products at FatBuddhaGlass.com.



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