8 Best Glass Smoking Pipes Of 2019

Glass Smoking Pipes are perfect for smokers who want a portable device to use on the go. Although bongs will give you heftier hits and dab rigs are the best choice for cannabis concentrates, pipes make sense for those times when you need something small that’s quick and easy to use.

There are all kinds of pipes available nowadays in various designs. Maybe you want something tiny and discreet to keep in your pocket or maybe you want something with an awesome design. Whichever way, there’s a glass smoking pipe to suit your needs, and we provide all kinds of them for countrywide delivery. Here are some of the best Glass Smoking Pipes of 2019 to buy.

Glow in the Dark Scorpion Pipe

This simple, 4-inch spoon pipe is portable, affordable, and looks incredible. On the outset, it’s just a simple pipe with a scorpion design. But when you use it in the dark, it lights up, revealing some amazing colors and looking amazing. It’s also available in various colors so you can choose based on your personal preference.

In addition to the great design, you get a nice thick pipe made of high-quality borosilicate glass and offering steady airflow for some great hits. If you need a solid portable smoking device, it’s one of the best choices.

Buy Glow in the Dark Scorpion Pipe

Color Changing Glass Pipe Twist

For another eye-catching design, check out this Color Changing Glass Pipe Twist. It’s made with high-quality, durable glass and fumed with .999 silver. While it looks good enough by default, it’ll change color the more you use it, so it’ll get more interesting the more you get high.

Color Changing Glass Pipe Twist

The high-quality components also make it a handy tool to smoke out of. It’s only 4 inches, meaning it’s small enough to put in your pocket and take it anywhere. It’s another one of the best glass smoking pipes of 2019 with a lot to offer.

Buy Color Changing Glass Pipe Twist

Color Changing Glass Pipe with Dichroic 

Another color-changing pipe which offers more amazing colors the more you take hits out of it. Plus, you’re going to want to take plenty of hits out of it- the thick mouthpiece and generous bowl size make for a quality smoking experience.

It’s nice and portable and made with solid components, including .999 fine silver fuming. It’ll last you for a long time and it’s small enough to use on-the-go. At just $20, it’s a fantastic smoking device for any user.

Buy Color Changing Glass Pipe with Dichroic

Spiral Pipe with Slyme

If you want a spoon pipe with a difference, you’ll want to take a look at this 5.5in Spiral Pipe with Slyme. The design alone makes it interesting with its spiral colors and Slyme dots making it stand out against other pipes.

More importantly, it’s amazing for smoking. With a little extra length and a narrow stem, you’ll get some long, smooth hits when you use this pipe. It’s made of high-quality components and has also been annealed for extra durability, so you can rely on this device forever.

Spiral Pipe with Slyme

4.5in Heavy Honeycomb Glass Pipe

The Heavy Honeycomb Glass Pipe with Earth Stone Inspired Glass Bowl is another one of the best glass smoking pipes of 2019. This handmade pipe is small and simple, yet its design makes for highly-effective hits and the extra heavywall borosilicate glass means it’s sturdy enough to last you for a lifetime.

Heavy Honeycomb Glass Pipe

It also offers a slick design with beautiful shades of blue and purple. The size can range from 4 to 4.75in, offering slightly more size while still being portable enough to pack in your pocket. It’s a great pipe with sensational handmade quality.

Heavy Honeycomb Glass Pipe - Earth Stone Inspired Glass Bowl 

Purple Haze Glass Sherlock Pipe

Want a pipe with a unique and attention-grabbing design? Look no further than the Purple Haze Glass Sherlock Pipe. It’s a pipe that stands up on its own, but you can easily pack a nice hefty bowl and take a long hit out of the curved neck.

It stands at 6 inches, and while the curvy design might not be as pocket-friendly, it’s still small enough to carry around in a bag. It’s fumed with .999 fine silver and features a sensational design full of all kinds of colors. If you like glass art and Sherlock Pipes, it’s the perfect piece for you.

Buy Purple Haze Glass Sherlock Pipe

Elephant Glass Pipe

An expertly crafted pipe with a clever design. It takes the form of an Elephant. Not only does it stand on four glass legs, but you can pack your weed into the body and take a nice, smooth hit out of the trunk.

It’s one of the most unique and interesting designs you’ll find in a glass pipe. And beyond the awesome design, it also gives you some amazing hits. With sturdy materials, it’s nice and sturdy and will look amazing up on a shelf or mantlepiece. If you like artistic pipes, this is a steal at $24.99.

Buy Elephant Glass Pipe

Fish Chillum 24k Gold Fumed One-Hitter

Another awesome animal-themed chillum pipe that works well and looks amazing. At just 3 inches, this is an extra portable pipe that you’ll be able to take anywhere easily. It’s fumed with 24k gold and changes colors the more you use it, making it even more interesting to look at the more you smoke.

Fish Chillum 24k Gold Fumed One-Hitter

It may be small, but it still packs a punch as a one-hitter. Plus, the design makes it perfect for collectors of unique smoking devices and glass art. At just $13.99, it’s hard to go wrong with this cool glass pipe.

Fish Chillum 24k Gold Fumed One-Hitter  


These are 8 of the best glass smoking pipes of 2019, but there are plenty of others on offer. You can find a wide range of Spoon Pipes, Sherlock Pipes, Color Changing Pipes, and Unique Pipes all available for delivery. Alternatively, you can also check out a selection of high-quality Bongs and Accessories for a prime smoking experience.

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