8 Reasons Cheap Bongs Aren’t Always the Best
8 Reasons Cheap Bongs Aren’t Always the Best

Bongs are known to users by many slang words, such as bingers, billies, or bubblers, among others. They are basically water pipes that you use to smoke your CBD product. It has been said that bongs have been around for centuries and the name itself comes from the Thai word baung. This is a bamboo tube used for smoking your concentrates. Bongs today are far more sophisticated than a piece of the bamboo tube, yet they all serve the same purpose and work similarly.

How Do Bongs Work?

To understand why cheap bongs are not always the best, you have to understand the workings of this device. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are quite complicated, while others simply have a chamber and a bowl. No matter how they may look, they all perform the same task. They filter and cool the smoke from your burnt CBD concentrates.

A typical bong features a small bowl whose main purpose is to hold your dried concentrate. Lighting this concentrate makes it combust. At this point, water at the bottom of your bong percolates (bubbles) as you inhale. This causes the smoke to rise, passing through the water and into the chamber. As you continue inhaling, the filtered and cooled smoke will get into your mouth and lungs to give you the high you are seeking.

Some bongs also have ice catchers. By adding ice cubes to them, you attain maximum cooling. Other bongs have a higher number of percolators that ensure you get better filtering and cooling. The water in the bong also helps to filter larger particles that could have otherwise ended up in your lungs if you were using conventional glass pipes. Experienced users refer to these particles as happy meals or Scooby snacks. Though these terms may seem goofy, these particles contain butane, tar, and ash from the smoke. Have you seen how the water in your bong gets dirty? It is because all these nasty compounds are trapped there.

For this reason, you should go for bongs that are of good quality. Some may argue that cheap bongs are never good quality. Here are some reasons why cheap bongs are not the best idea.

They Have Durability Issues

They Have Durability Issues

Not all bongs are created equally. There are a lot of sub-quality bongs available in the market today. These bongs cannot hold up the same way a top-quality bong would. This is particularly true for products that are sold by vendors who boast of lower prices but do not have quality assurance. As they say, cheap is expensive. Spare a few bucks and buy a good quality bong that will last for a long time. These bongs can withstand being dropped because they have thicker glass than their cheaper versions. As a shopper and a user, this is something that you should keep in mind before making a purchase.

It has been said that cheap bongs are made from glass that has a thickness of about 2-3mm. This makes it easier for them to break even after falling from relatively short distances. On the other hand, high-quality bubblers are made from glass with a thickness of at least 4mm. This means they can better withstand impact upon a fall. Some bongs are built with glass that is up to 9mm thick. To avoid replacing your bubbler every time it breaks, do not buy cheap. Go for a durable piece. Although it will be slightly more expensive, it will last longer.

They Need Extra Cleaning

Due to the nature of cheap bongs, you will have to go the extra mile to ensure they are fit for use. The materials that they are made from are less resistant to CBD smoke residue that forms when using your bong. Experienced users will attest to the fact that cleanliness is the most important thing if you own a bong. A dirty bong can create a myriad of health issues for you, not to mention that the bong will not function optimally.

Unlike cheap bubblers that are made from cheap materials, high-quality bongs are made from materials that allow easy cleaning of residue. Naturally, they cost just a bit higher. Additionally, you do not have to worry about breaking your bong during cleaning. With the thorough cleaning that is necessary for bongs, bongs made from cheap materials might disintegrate during cleaning if you apply pressure, even if it is just the right amount.

They Pose Portability Issues

Many CBD products users are social and love smoking together. This may require some traveling at times. It might be difficult to bring along your cheap bong that is made from fragile material because it just might break on the way. Furthermore, most bongs are large-sized and can be quite difficult to transport. However, this does not mean it is impossible. It means you will have to go the extra mile to pack it well and ensure it is not damaged during your travels. As an alternative, various smaller cheap bongs can solve this issue, although all the other issues will remain.

They Are Harmful to Your Health

They Are Harmful to Your Health

Bongs made from acrylic not only weigh less but are also durable because they do not easily break. They are arguably the cheapest bong available in the market and can seem quite appealing if you are strapped for cash. However, of all the materials that are commonly used to create bongs, acrylic or plastic pose the greatest health risks. Additionally, they will diminish your smoking experience by giving off unpleasant odors. It is one of the most wrong ways to smoke, even if you have the best CBD concentrate in the market. Here are few reasons why:

  • Can Cause Cancer – According to the Society of Plastics Industry (SPI), there are seven kinds of plastics, each harboring a certain level of toxicity to humans. Most of them can cause cancer. According to researchers, when plastic is heated to a temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius, it releases toxic chemicals. Compounds such as BPA are similar to synthetic estrogen. Since it is a hormone, it can alter the hormone levels in your body. This makes you more vulnerable to cancer. This is especially true for breast cancer.
  • Causes Respiratory Issues – Bongs that have bowls made from plastic materials can be dangerous to your health as a smoker. It has been suggested that heat from the smoke causes the plastic to release toxic chemicals. When inhaled into your lungs, they can cause severe respiratory issues. Apart from respiratory problems, it is said that the toxins can cause severe headaches and pains, disrupt your central nervous system, and increase the risk of heart disease.

In contrast, high-quality bongs are a tad expensive but do not pose the risk of the above-named complications. Materials such as glass are very clean and do not release any toxic compounds when heated. The same case applies to ceramic bongs. The only thing you have to worry about with glass or ceramic bongs is breaking, which is hardly a health issue. Bongs made from plastic materials are considerably cheap but could cost you a fortune in dealing with health problems.

They Give a Low-Quality Hit

Most newbies may think that the bong does not affect the quality of the smoke as long as you get high. But what makes a bong more expensive than the other? Could it be all the accessories, ash catchers, additional diffusers, and ice catchers? The answer is probably yes, up to a point. All these accessories cannot give you the hit you deserve if the quality of your bong is poor. Some of the factors that determine the difference between bong prices, hence affecting the quality of the smoke, include:

  • Type of material used to make the bong
  • Size of the joint
  • Basic volume of the bong
  • Shape of the bong 
  • Glass-on-glass factors
  • Type of glass used
  • Effectiveness of joint connections

These and other factors play a big role in determining the functionality of a bong. For cheap bongs, these factors may not have been integrated during their manufacture. This might lead to a lower-quality hit. Moreover, you may experience a huge drag amount. This simply means that you will require a great amount of effort just to get a hit. This can be discouraging, uncomfortable, and could ruin your buzzing experience.

It is a fact that quality bongs can be a little expensive and may not be ideal for some users. This is especially true if they are light smokers and making such an investment may seem counterproductive. 

If you aim to get high on occasion, you can opt for a cheaper bong, but one that is safe for your health. However, for experienced smokers or for those who seek to get the best out of their smoking experience, this is the optimal option. A costly but high-quality bong is precisely manufactured and durable. It also has low drag, top-quality glass, and unequaled smoothness. There is simply no comparison between the quality of a hit from a cheap and an elegant bong.

They Are Not Visually Appealing

They Are Not Visually Appealing

While functionality is the main factor when choosing the right bong for your CBD use, visual appeal is also a worthy consideration. Naturally, a cheap bong is usually very basic in its design. Not much effort or resources are put into its aesthetics because they aim to keep the cost of producing it as low as possible. This results in a model that may be functional but lacks attractiveness. It does not hurt to have a bubbler that is a work of art and can add to the aura of your home.

On the other hand, most pricey bongs offer different styles, shapes, and designs that you can choose from. You can opt for one that goes with your personality or matches your furniture. For instance, if you and your smoker buddies are big fans of spooky stuff, there are hand-crafted bongs such as the venom beaker bong that capture just that. Also, it is always cool to have the best bong in your gang. Cheap bongs do not give you many options to make your smoking experiences memorable.

Do Not Have a Good Resale Value

There are hundreds of thousands of cheap non-branded bongs available in the market today. It is fair to say that some have decent quality and basic functionality. If you decide to buy one of these, do not plan on making a profit from them one day. You might even sell yours at a loss. On the other hand, pricey bongs are high-quality and are branded. When you buy one from a reputable firm, you may resell it in the future at a good price, just like vintage products.  

They Are Too Basic

Cheap bongs are built with little room left for imagination. They are so basic that what you see is what you get. There are no wowing features that improve their performance or make them stand out from the rest. They are all the same and lack a sense of adventure and originality. On the other hand, pricier high-quality bongs are a thing of beauty. It has been said that most professional growers use them to test their buds. Some of them even have coil percolators containing nitrogen to aid with the cooling of the smoke. Talk about functionality and beyond.

They Are Too Basic

The Final Hit

After all has been said and done, both cheap and expensive bongs perform the same function: filtering and cooling smoke from your CBD concentrate and delivering it to you. However, the difference is in how the process is done, health implications, and quality of the hit delivered. To this end, many will agree that if you purchase a cheap bong, you are kind of setting yourself up for a raw deal.

For the best high-quality bongs that are also branded, visit Fat Buddha Glass and find yourself a memorable work of art.

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