Best Cleaning Solutions for Pipes & Bongs
Best Cleaning Solutions for Pipes & Bongs

You can never appreciate the true flavor of your favorite cannabis strain until you smoke from a clean bong. Using dirty rigs results in a nasty-tasting cloud that can ruin your smoking experience. But when you regularly clean your smoking piece, you will always get the best flavor out of your flower. When you wash out that awful residue from your pipe, you can finally enjoy your pot just the way you did when you first brought it home. 

However, most people deem cleaning their pipes and bongs as quite tedious. This is not necessarily true. When you get the right cleaning solution for your pipe or bong, cleaning can be quite a breeze. You do not have to scrub all day using all your strength to get them clean; a good cleaning solution requires only a gentle scrub. 

Additionally, you need a reliable bong cleaner that not only cleans but also preserves the quality of your bongs and pipes. Here are a few cleaning solutions that do just that.

Salt Rox and ISO Pure

Created by Higher Standards, Salt Rox is a perfect solution for washing and polishing filthy smoking pieces. It is a rock salt made of versatile coarse granules. When cleaning, it does not damage your smoking pieces or leave behind any residue. 

According to experienced bong users, combining Salt Rox and ISO pure alcohol has amazing results. The cleaning power of this combination ensures there will not be a speck of resin left on your device. These products are perfect for your bong, e-nail, and hand pipes, to name just a few.

Piece Water Solution

This is one of the best cleaning solutions for your bongs and pipes. This is because it cleans your bong as you use it. Additionally, this ingenious cleaning solution is a combination of all-natural food-grade minerals, fruit, and vegetable extracts. 

Piece Water Solution is also non-toxic, making it perfect for use with smoking devices that use water like bubblers, bongs, and water pipes. Additionally, it also works well with vaporizers and e-rigs. So, whether you are smoking, vaping, or dabbing, this solution prevents clogging and resin buildup. As a big plus, it also filters your smoke, protecting your lungs from harmful compounds. 

This culminates in one of the smoothest hits you will ever get. The biggest advantage, however, is that all you need is Piece Water Solution and tap water to rinse. You will not need to use cleaning solutions that contain harsh chemicals. For these reasons, this is a must-have solution if you need an easier and convenient bong-cleaning experience.

Piece Water Solution

Res Gel and Caps

If you are looking to rehabilitate your neglected smoking pieces back to their pristine condition, your best bet is this kit made by Resolution. Their renowned Res Caps and Res Gel are perfect for cleaning your ceramic, metal, and glass smoking pieces of all sizes. Using this solution, wiping down your bong to remove built-up resin is quite effortless. All you have to do is:

  • Fill up your rig with the Res Gel solution. Plug all the open parts of the rig with the Res Caps.
  • Give the rig a few shakes.
  • Let it sit for a few minutes.
  • After a reasonable period, remove the caps, pour out the solution, and rinse your rig with water.

That is all there is to it. However, if your bong is super dirty, you might need to let the solution sit for a bit longer, and a couple more rinses might be necessary. After this, your bong will be pretty and spotless once more.

It is worth mentioning that the Res Caps can be quite handy even if you do not prefer the Res Gel. This is because you can use them while cleaning with other solutions. It makes the process less messy and easier. Moreover, they can be convenient while traveling to ensure your bong does not leak all over your car.

Formula 420

This is one of the fastest yet effective cleaning solutions for your bongs and pipes. According to the manufacturer, it takes about a minute for the whole cleaning process. It eliminates the need for soaking and scrubbing because of its proprietary abrasive-action technology.

If you do not like the smell of weed residue on your hands after cleaning your smoking piece, this solution is perfect for you. It is a hands-free solution suitable for cleaning glass, metal, and ceramic bongs.

It is so powerful that it thoroughly cleans everything, including the stubborn bowl. All you have to do is add the solution to a Ziploc baggie, put your bong in, and shake. In just a minute, your bong will be as clean as a whistle.

Klear Kryptonite

Klear Kryptonite

What makes this original cleaning formula stand out from the rest is that even the Colorado Health and Safety Board approves its use. It is an all-around cleaning solution for not only most smoking devices but also for use by dispensaries all over the US. Klear Kryptonite is 3 percent VOC (volatile organic compound), unlike alcohol, which is 100 percent VOC.

This means when cleaning, it does not leave any residue or chemical odors. Amazingly, you can also use this cleaning solution to lift stains from your clothes. This includes ash and pen marks, among others. Also, it comes in a bong-shaped container, which is quite cool.

The Takeaway

According to a research paper published in 2020, marijuana smoke contains more than 110 known toxins. During your smoking session, they could build up on the surface of your bong. It is not clear to scientists what happens when these compounds get reheated, but do not make yourself a lab rat on the matter. Get a good cleaning solution and keep your smoking pieces clean.

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