Best Foods for the Munchies

Best Foods for the Munchies

Whether you smoke your favorite strains of weed using a Bong, a Glass Pipe, or even by rolling a joint every time you want to get high, every stoner will be hit by the munchies at some point. “The munchies” is the term used to refer to the distinct spike in hunger that’s often induced by consuming marijuana. 

Not only does cannabis stimulate hunger hormones in your body, but it can also enhance your senses to make food look, smell, and taste better. As such, you’ll want to stock up on some foods for when the munchies hit.

When you’re high and hungry, pretty much anything will taste good. However, certain types of meals and snacks are particularly popular choices for when the munchies hit. Some smokers opt for quick and easy snacks such as chips or a bowl of cereal. Others like to order their favorite takeout foods for delivery. You can even prepare a meal before you get high if you feel like it.

Some users even match their favorite foods for the munchies with the strains they smoke. For instance, sweet and fruity strains often go well with a delicious dessert whereas savory snacks make for great palate cleansers when you’re smoking dank and earthy strains. Whichever way, there are tons of delicious foods to choose from when the munchies attack. Here are some of the best foods for the munchies.

Ice Cream

If you’re high, hungry, and have a sweet tooth, nothing hits the spot quite like a bowl of ice cream. As if this sweet and delicious dessert wasn’t already good enough, eating ice cream is even more enjoyable after a few hits of your favorite weed strains. Every bite will taste succulently sweet and refreshing.

The great thing about eating ice cream when you’re high and hungry is that there are tons of flavors to choose from. Whether you prefer something simple like Chocolate Ice Cream or something more exciting like Cookie Dough Ice Cream, eating it while high is one of life’s simple pleasures and it’s hard to go wrong with any flavor.

If you want to enhance the experience further, you can even add some sauces and toppings. Chopped nuts, chocolate sauce, or honey go great with ice cream and you’ll experience the flavors in full force when you’re under the influence of marijuana.

Ice Cream

A Bowl of Cereal

Cereal is pretty much a staple food for stoners. When you’re high and want something that’s both filling and delicious, pouring yourself a bowl of cereal is one of the easiest things you can do. Not to mention that the experience of munching on your favorite childhood cereals is exceptionally enjoyable while you’re high.

Some users like to combine their weed with a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch whereas others prefer a stacked bowl of Froot Loops. Whichever way, this is by far one of the best foods for when you have the munchies. Of course, there are also plenty of healthy cereals out there if you want to avoid loading your body with sugar.

If you’re having a hard time choosing, you might even want to mix two or more of your favorite cereals in a single bowl. This will make for one of the most memorable and enjoyable snacks when you’re trying to tackle the munchies.

A Loaded Sub

Sandwiches are always a good bet when you’re looking for something to deal with the munchies. They don’t take long to make and you can load them with whatever fillings and toppings you enjoy.

While you could make a simple PB&J or a chicken salad sandwich, a stacked subway sandwich is one of the most enjoyable savory treats to eat while you’re stoned. After all, they’re easy to pack with plenty of toppings and less likely to fall apart when you’re eating them in your hazy marijuana-induced state.

Another perk of eating a sub while you’re high is that you have plenty of options when it comes to getting one. You can either buy some subway rolls and all your favorite toppings and prepare one before you’re high or simply order one from your favorite local chain to save yourself some hassle.


For many stoners, pizza and getting high go hand-in-hand. After you’ve had a few tokes the last thing you want to do is put any effort into preparing food. That’s why many users simply turn to their phones to order a delicious pizza from their favorite local chain for quick and easy delivery.

On top of being easy to order, pizzas also make perfect sense for eating when you’re high. You can grab your joint in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other and handle the munchies pretty much instantly. Plus, you can eat as many or as few slices as you want until your hunger is satiated.

Plenty of pizza chains offer late-night delivery and you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to toppings. However, make sure you have plenty of water with you. Gobbling down a doughy pizza while you’re dealing with dry mouth can be a struggle, so you’ll want something to help the food go down.


Chips and Dip

One of the classic snacks that pretty much every smoker has turned to at some point is chips and dip. This requires no preparation whatsoever- all you have to do is pop open a bag of chips and grab a tub of your favorite dip.

No matter how high you are, idly snacking away at a bag of chips can help you counteract the extreme hunger that often comes with smoking marijuana. Adding some dip to the mix simply helps add to the flavor while also helping with cottonmouth somewhat.

Like many other classic snacks for the munchies, one of the good things about opting for chips is that you’ll have plenty of types and flavors to choose from. There’s also plenty of dips to choose from.

Fresh Fruit

Sometimes when you’re high you just want to binge on comfort foods such as cereal, ice cream, and potato chips. However, just because you’re stoned doesn’t mean you have to eat unhealthily. Health-conscious marijuana users might want to opt for something nutritious yet still delicious such as fresh fruit.

When you’re high, fruits taste even fresher and juicier. You might want to indulge yourself with some fresh strawberries, blueberries, or grapes. After all, these are perfect for snacking on. Alternatively, you might want to treat yourself to some slices of melon, apple, or pineapple.

Interestingly, certain fruits may even enhance your marijuana high. For instance, mangoes are packed with myrcene- a terpene that’s known for intensifying the effects of THC. Not to mention that they go incredibly well with citrus-flavored strains.


Another one of the best healthy snacks to eat when you’re high is a bowl of nuts. Not only are nuts surprisingly filling, but they’re packed with healthy components such as protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, making them ideal for those who want something to complement the health perks of cannabis.

Peanuts are a common choice of snack for many stoners, but you might want to consider other options. Cashews make for an especially delicious snack and walnuts, almonds, and pine nuts are all worth considering as well. You might even want to grab a bowl of mixed nuts to munch on when you get the munchies.

The fatty acids in nuts can help cannabinoids pass the blood-brain barrier faster and research suggests that nuts can even improve cognitive function. As such, you might want to snack on some nuts while you’re smoking one of your favorite sativa strains to enhance the mental benefits.



When you’re high and looking for something sweet, chewy, and delicious, it’s hard to beat cookies. Cookies are widely considered one of the best foods for the munchies as, in addition to being mouth-wateringly appetizing, they’re also easy to snack on.

One of the best ways to enjoy cookies while you’re high is to bake a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies before you start smoking. That way, you’ll have some warm, gooey, choc-chip cookies to snack on when you’re struck by the munchies. 

Of course, you can always just buy some from your local bakery or grocery store if you’d rather save yourself some hassle. Whether you prefer double chocolate cookies or Oreos, they’re sure to hit the spot when you’re high.

French Fries

Sometimes nothing tackles your cravings like a salty, savory, snack, and in these situations, french fries are a perfect choice. You can enjoy these whether you’re in between Bong hits or you’re simply laying back on the couch stoned out of your mind and need some finger food to keep your hunger at bay.

If you’re planning on cooking french fries, it’s best to prepare some before you get high so they’re ready to eat. However, pretty much every kind of takeout place offers fries for delivery, so it’s not hard to get some sent straight to your door when you’re high. You might even want to combine them with a burger or a pizza.

To enjoy your french fries more, make sure you have some of your favorite dips ready. The saltiness of your fries mixed with the flavor of ketchup or BBQ sauce will taste incredible after you’ve taken a few hits, and fries are great for filling you up when you’re hungry as well.


Chocolate is, by far, one of the best snacks for when you’re high and you start to experience the munchies. No matter whether you prefer white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or even something fancier, letting some of your favorite chocolate melt in your mouth while you’re high is one of the best food experiences you can get.

You’re never short on choice when it comes to buying chocolate. Some users prefer to buy whole bars of chocolate and snack on them square by square. Others might prefer to go through a box of assorted chocolates when they’re high. Whichever way, you’re bound to have an enjoyable experience.

Interestingly, chocolate might even enhance your high. Studies suggest that the flavonoids in cocoa can enhance your brain function- hence why eating chocolate often has a feel-good effect. Combine this with the uplifting effects of THC and you have the perfect combination for a blissful high.



Before you hit the Bong, melt into the couch, and watch some of your favorite movies and TV shows, you might want to grab a bowl of popcorn. Popcorn is one of the best foods for snacking and the taste and texture will be even more enjoyable when you’re under the influence of marijuana.

Everyone has their own ideal way of preparing popcorn. For instance, you can buy a bag of kernels and pop them in the microwave. You can also simply buy a big bag of popcorn from the store and empty it into a bowl.

Another perk of this filling snack is that you can enhance your popcorn however you’d like. Fans of savory snacks can add some butter, salt, and maybe even some garlic to their popcorn. If you’d prefer a sweet snack, add some sugar and cinnamon.

Fried Chicken

Whether you’re into wings, thighs, or boneless chicken bites, fried chicken is a heavenly snack when you’re high. The crunchiness of the exterior combined with the delicious chicken inside feels amazing after a few tokes.

It’s no surprise that many stoners opt for fried chicken when they’re high, especially as it’s one of the easiest foods to eat with your fingers. You can sit back after a few hits from your Pipe and simply chew on a fried chicken drumstick to counteract the munchies.

Add some ketchup, honey mustard, or BBQ sauce and this snack becomes even tastier. Fried chicken is easy to find pretty much anywhere so you shouldn’t have a hard time getting some delivered to your doorstep during your next smoking session.


Whether you’re a fan of savory snacks or sweet treats, these foods will make your smoking session divine and help you tackle the munchies. You should also remember that a good high starts with the right device- if you’re looking for a high-quality Bong, Pipe, Bubbler, or Vaporizer, you can find everything you need at Fat Buddha Glass.

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