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A Few of the Best Weed Songs

Songs about smoking weed have been around since the discovery of cannabis itself. We haven’t done the work to find it but I am sure there is some beautiful campfire song about hemp from thousands of years ago! Music is something that is hardwired into our souls. Whether you can play an instrument or not, chances are your life has been greatly influenced by some song, artist, or album. Well, here we are going to break down 5 of the best stoner anthems to date. Note that this isn’t a fully exhaustive list, but if you give all five of these songs a good listen we are sure that you will agree with us, that they are classics. You are going to want to pull up your biggest bong for this one. In fact, we are going to do something a little different in this breakdown. We are going to be telling you what bong or pipe we think fits perfectly with this song! Enjoy!

Because I got high - Afroman

because i got high

This song is truly an anthem. It is brutally honest. A wonderful self-reflection by Afroman himself. Though it is a self-reflection it rings true in so many of us today! Which is why it exploded as soon as he released it in 2000.

Afroman originally released this song under an independent label, but the popularity of this song got him signed to Universal, who released it again in 2000. This song perfectly encapsulates the whoops I got high attitude that immediately washes over so many of us a few hits into the bong.

Ok, so when it comes to this song we definitely can imagine a large beaker bong being used in conjunction with listening to it. We say this because this bong is absolutely massive. It is unlike most beaker bongs you have seen before. What makes it stand out is how large this piece is. It features a massive neck with an ice catch all the way at the bottom so you don’t have to worry about hot smoke!

Hits From a bong - Cypress Hill

hits from a bong

Insert bong rip sound. (funny because this song starts with the sound of a bong bubbling) Cypress Hill are the kings of weed anthems. They are platinum and multi-platinum selling artists who make awesome beats, with nice flows.

Every single song of theirs will get you bopping your head up and down, and ending with a big smile on your face. This Latin-American group is also a massive advocate for legalizing marijuana!

What better way to start this song than with a rip from one of our classic straight tube bongs? They are absolutely amazing! They are simple, extremely holdable, and provide FAT rips. If you are looking for the perfect piece to go along with all of Cypress Hill’s collection, this might just be the very piece.

The Joker - Steve Miller Band

the joker

For all the midnight tokers out there, playing their music in the sun, we have the joker by none other than the Steve Miller Band. This song has been in a plethora of famous movies and is well understood to be a classic stoner anthem.

This is a huge win for stoners everywhere simply because of this song's popularity! It really just goes to show how there is, and always will be, a large undercurrent of counterculture lovers! So large that I would dare call it simply culture lovers! Not even counterculture. Anyway, this upbeat song puts you in the perfect mood to spark up a joint and lay back in the sunshine. This record came out all the way back in 1973. Which makes perfect sense considering how that was the era of space cowboys if you know what I mean.

For this song, we can easily picture us ripping away at something like the space blazer. The space blazer is well acquainted with space cowboys, jokers, and tokers! It is kind of a mini piece, which makes it great for being on the go. 

James Joint - Rihanna

james joint

This song isn’t as outright a weed anthem, however, when Rihanna talks about smoking weed, we listen. This song will take you through the one minute and twelve seconds of your life. It has such a rich and full sound, with amazing mastering through and through. If you love the current R and B sound that is out there with artists like Robert Glasper, and Terrace Martin, than you are going to love the smooth sounds within this song.

Again we recognize that it isn’t a direct homage to cannabis, but when Rihanna even says the word weed it will help break down the stigma that surrounds it today! We have been fighting to de-stigmatize cannabis use since we began, and we love when someone huge like Rihanna comes around to help us fight the good fight. For this quick song, we think you could use a mini bong.

One like the green planter bong! It has a beautiful marble accent, and even a bent back neck so you don’t burn your face while lighting your flower! Speaking of flowers, the bowl on this piece looks just like a flower! It is a flower, flower bowl! Get it?


In conclusion,there are many amazing stoner anthems that were left off of this list. And what better way to pay homage to them, than by reaching out to us to tell us how much you care about that stoner anthem!

Or just go ahead and leave a comment below, and see who agrees with you. We hope that you had fun picturing yourself with a unique Fat Buddha piece for each individual song. I know we had a lot of fun testing which one would work best.

Also reach out to us if you haven’t heard one of these songs before now! We love to broaden your musical vocabulary, and knowledge of stoner anthem history! You can definitely expect more articles just like this one in the future, so you can stay up to date on what’s out there. But for now, we hope you find the piece you are looking for. 

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