Differences in Dank, Mids and Reggie weed

Difference in types of weed

All dank weed was NOT created equal. If you have been somebody who has been purchasing the devil's lettuce for a while now, you are probably very familiar with the inconsistencies that come with ordering different types of weed. This is a universal truth across the cannabis community. So much so that names have been created for the different levels of weed! In this article, we are going to be going through everything you need to know to determine what level of weed you have! As well as the general terminology, so the next time that you re-up, you can do so with a level of confidence you have not yet had. 

What do Low-shelf, Mid-shelf & Top-shelf Mean? 

When it comes to classifying weed there’s an infinite number of different strains that you can choose from. However, all of those strains can be classified under three separate strains fall under three different groupings. Low-shelf which may also be known as Reggie Weed, mid-shelf or Mids Weed, and top-shelf or Dank weed. Pretty simple right? Correct! It really is that easy. We know that when you are first looking at all of these different types of weed you can easily be overwhelmed. You're thinking about price, strains, what type of flower it is, there are just so many things that come into play when choosing your devils lettuce. But don’t worry we will break it all down for you. We are going to go over what each tier means, so you can confidently walk into your next dispensary. One key thing to remember however is that every persons tolerance is different. If you are an absolute beginner, you can treat low-shelf weed like mid, and mid like top. Simply as a little buffer to protect yourself! THC can deliver an intense experience to some users, so just remember to keep your personal tolerance level 

Low-shelf / Reggie Weed

Most of the time, people are only looking to low-shelf for one of two reasons. You simply want to save a lot of money on your pickup, or you want to buy a lot of greenery for edibles. Whatever brings you to the low-shelf weed or reggie weed, you should know that low-shelf means that the weed is the worst quality in that particular store. In all reality, we can’t actually test each individual strain every time we feel like something is wrong. We have to just take it. If you know the defining features of good and bad weed, that will enable you to find the best of the worst! When we get low-shelf weed reggies, we try to smoke it out of something nice, like this. So remember, if you have some low-shelf weed, demand better! (Unless you wanted that type of weed) Here is a list of some of the physical attributes of this level of weed, so you know how to differentiate all of the different greenery!

What is reggie weed or low-shelf weed. Usually, it’s not as potent smelling, a lot of stems and seeds, little to know crystals (kief) on the end of the flower and can tend to not be as fresh. Also, Reggie weed strains could potentially be dry and brittle.

Mid-shelf / Mids Weed

Ahh, mids weed. Mid grade weed is the most widely purchased type of weed out there. Mid-shelf weed is the stuff that will definitely get you high, but it won’t take you all the way to the moon. You will stay comfortably on earth, set to enjoy your mids experience. The word mids actually originates from the weed world. It has since been commandeered for the use of defining any semi-decent quality item! For example, We’ve been waiting for the album for a year, but in the end, it was mids. Typically when you enter a dispensary, the weed mids can be physically found on the mid-shelf. The weed you will find there won’t necessarily impress, but it will get the job done! Here is a list of some of the physical attributes of this level of weed, so you know how to differentiate all of the different greenery!

What are mids weed? Typically, mid weed has a semi potent smell, more flower per stem, some crystals and a higher potency than a low grade weed.

Top-shelf / Dank Weed

Top-shelf is the top tier of the weed. There can be many different names for top-shelf weed, but it can all be classified under top-shelf. Some of those names include premium, exotic, freshest, dankest, or one of many other aliases. Know that when you find top-shelf weed. You will know it. When we think of top-shelf weed we think of loading bowls in bongs like this. Top-shelf weed is some of the most expensive weed out there, and for good reason. The nugs are bigger. The smell is more potent, and the experience is… elevated. If you have the money for this tier of weed, we highly suggest it. A great part about getting even a small amount of top-tier weed is that it lasts you for a lot longer than either of the lower qualities. This is definitely worth considering when purchasing your weed. But we will get more into that in our effects of the top-shelf weed portion of this article. Right now, here is a list of some of the physical attributes of this level of weed, so you know how to differentiate all of the different greenery!

Dank weed usually has a very strong smell, very large nugs, coated in THC crystals (kief), deep vibrant colors and amazing taste. They’re by far the most potent herb available.

What Are The Effects Of - Low-shelf, Mid-shelf & Top-shelf Flowers

Ok, so now that we know what low-shelf, mid-shelf, and top-shelf are. We realize that it is important to have some sort of gauge as to how your smoking experience is going to go. Especially for your first time. No one wants to smoke weed that doesn’t even get them baked. Now on the opposite end of that, no one wants to be surprised by weed that was so good that it turns your good experience into a bad one. However, this all is fairly subjective because everybody experiences it differently. So remember to take into account your own tolerance level when it comes to choosing weed. 

Low-shelf / Reggie Weed

The effects of low-shelf weed is exactly what you think they might be. The experience is a little duller than it would be with fresher dank. The time that you will be blazed for won’t be as long. In some cases, lower-quality weed can make you feel more burnt out after. Typically we suggest staying away from the low-shelf weed. However, a good use for low-shelf weed is making edibles! When you make edibles you are able to use the maximum amount of THC from the flower. So if you purchase a higher amount of weed for less money you are able to use that green for edibles! 

Mid-shelf / Mids Weed

Mids are our personal go-to for our daily smokers. The effects of mid-shelf weed last a lot longer than lower-quality stuff. There is a wider range of quality within the mids range. Meaning sometimes when you order mids, it’ll be good, and others not so good. But it always makes for a safer bet than lower-shelf weed. And is a lot more cost-efficient than top-shelf. 

Top-shelf / Dank Weed

The effects of top-shelf weed can be very intense. For this reason, we typically use top-shelf weed as a special occasion type of plant. We don’t want to be traveling to the moon and stars every single Wednesday night. But maybe we do with a solid group of friends that we haven’t seen in a while. You catch what we are trying to say. Top-shelf weed is the most expensive option you can get. In terms of duration, the effects of top-shelf weed can last quite a long time! Which can be a good or bad thing. We will leave it up to you to decide. 

Now that you know the differences between the different tiers of weed classification, you will be able to walk into a dispensary and know for sure if you are getting a deal, or getting ripped off. You won’t be able to do anything about it really, but at least you will know what type of dank you are getting. If you have any questions about anything you have read here, feel free to reach out to us. We love hearing from you. And our mission is to provide you with an all-around great smoking experience, and the best way to do this is by educating you around the world of cannabis. We hope you have enjoyed your experience! If you are looking for a solid bong to pair with your greenery, we have a massive collection of brand new bongs for you to look through. However, that isn’t your only option. We boast a wide range of pipes, smoking accessories, and rolling papers, so you can find what works best for you specifically!

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