Electric Dab Rigs vs Classic Dab Rigs

 erigs vs classic dab rigs

The E-rig Versus the Dab Rig

Since the beginning of cannabis culture, stoners have been looking for a way to revolutionize how cannabis is consumed. One of the more significant moments in that revolution was the invention of concentrates. As we developed strains to have higher amounts of thc, we also expanded our harvesting methods. 

One of those methods is heat pressing the flower! When you add a significant amount of heat, and pressure to the flower, you can extract a concentrate from the flower that comes out in a sticky honey-like texture. From there, it can be cooled and changed in significant ways which is what creates what we now know as shatter, crumble, and resin.  

Now you would think that you would be able to just use that extracted honey like dab immediately, by eating it, or putting it in some edibles. However, it still needs to be activated. The way we do this is with heat. That’s right. More heat. 

This requires a specific set of tools like dab rigs, and dab accessories, as well as the electronic dab rigs that we will be talking about today. So, if it is such an intricate process to use your dab, what is the best way to do it? That is exactly the question we are here to answer today. Keep reading and find out. First let's break down the more recent, electronic dab rig.

Electronic Dab Rig Breakdown

e rig dab rigs

Vaporizers have been around for a long time now. This means that the ones that we have around today are the real deal. They have been tried and tested and proved efficient. There are multiple different types of electronic vaporizers and dab rigs, but what makes them different from each other is their chosen method of combustion. 

Some use metal coils that heat up to the high temperatures needed to vaporize the sticky dabs all around them. Others have ceramic heating chambers that keep your concentrate in one small place while heating everything very evenly. There are versions of these dab rigs that have water filtration, just like a bong, and others that don’t. So really, it is up to you to choose what you want to prioritize. And trust us this is no small decision. 

So the first thing to go over when talking about electronic dab rigs, is how clean they can be. If you maintain even a minimal amount of cleaning when it comes to your equipment, it is easy to prolong the life of your piece. 

The good thing about the electronic dab rig is that it makes it easy for you to maintain it! Because your dab is being burned at an even temperature, you know that your dab won’t risk being overly heated, and burnt. When your dab burns, it can harden into a tough-to-clean black type residue, that can’t take some extra effort to clean. 

But hey, don’t worry, we have the cleaners that you are going to need to make this happen. They also offer a solid amount of speed! Because it is all internal heating, it can heat up your concentrate a lot quicker. They also offer you a bit of portability, which is hard to find in a regular dab rig. Speaking of regular dab rigs, let's break them down as well!

Classic Dab Rig Breakdown

Dab rig reviews

The classic dab rig is one of the best parts of stoner culture. They have provided for some of the most intense sessions in our personal smoking experience.

There is a quality about them that is hard to define. Something that draws us towards them. With the classic dab rig you need a few things to get yourself started. The rig itself. A dab nail, or banger. A container for your concentrate, a dab tool, and most importantly the fire. What you have to do to use this setup is, make sure you have your nail secure in the rig, and away from anything flammable.

Then, you would take your concentrate on your dab tool, getting the specific amount that you want to inhale. Once you have your concentrate ready apply heat to the nail. Once the nail is red hot, remove the heat. Now you will let it cool off for about 20-30 seconds. After this, you will take your dab tool, and insert it into the banger/nail while inhaling through the mouthpiece.

Once your concentrate has made it in the bucket, you cover it with a carb! This will create all of the vapor that you will be inhaling. Only inhale as much as you feel comfortable, and then you are good to go. This experience is one you will always remember, or maybe forget. Jokes aside, we love the classic dab rig, but here is what you need to know before seshing with one!

What you need to know

What to know

The dab rig has a few pros and a few cons when it comes to being compared with it’s electronic counterpart. Without getting into what is better, let's focus on what the dab rig brings to the table. The dab rig is more of a stationary item, so you will need to have some devoted countertop space ready to use. More than that you will need to make sure you have a quality banger. Cheap bangers don’t distribute the heat evenly, and they tend to cool off way quicker than you would typically want to get the most out of your banger. Dab rigs also are not limited when it comes to their design. They can be as elaborate as they want, without having to worry about the electrical component weighing them down. 

Summary of Both


So let's  go over what we think the pros and cons of each one are, so you have a clear picture of what you are getting yourself into if you are a first-time buyer. If you are getting an electronic dab rig then you are getting the ability to heat your concentrate to a specific temperature. Getting a lot out of your dab. They can be easier to clean. But sadly you can only use it if you have a charge. If it’s out, no dab for you. So as you can see, both have their pros, and both have their cons. It's about what is finding what is right for YOU! Happy searching, and let us know if you have any questions!


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