If you’ve had your glass pipe or bong for a little while you may have noticed that it’s not quite functioning as well as it once was. Usually this is caused by the buildup of resin and burnt material on the inside of your pipe.  

Luckily with a quick clean you’ll able to get your piece smoking like it's brand new again, just follow the super quick and easy steps in this blog post.

You’ll just need the following supplies:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (iso)- (preferably 91% but doesn’t need to be, the higher percentage the better though)
  • Epsom Salt
  • Ziploc Sandwich bags
  • Toothpicks or paper clips
  • Paper towels


Once you have all of these things grab your piece and follow these quick steps:

  1.  Scrap Out All The Resin & Burnt Material Buildup Using A Toothpick
  • If you’re cleaning a glass bowl first you’ll need to take your toothpick or paperclip and stick it inside your piece and try and scrape out any of the buildup on the inside walls of the pipe.
  • Make sure to wipe off the toothpick on the paper towels as what you scrape out is usually sticky and gets everywhere!


  1. Put Your Piece Into A Sandwich Bag With Isopropyl Alcohol
  • After you’ve finished doing step #1 of getting all the resin out, stick the bowl into one of your sandwich bags and then fill it will Isopropyl alcohol until the whole piece is covered.
  • After that pour in some Epsom salt and zip up the bag.
  • Finally, just shake! Make sure that the bag is sealed all the way and shake it until you can’t shake anymore! The iso helps to dissolve the resin buildup, and the salt adds abrasiveness while you’re shaking to get the tough stuck on material.  
  • After a little while your piece should look as good as new and ready to be used!
  • If you’re having trouble getting a few spots clean try soaking the piece in Iso overnight and then shaking it around again.


  • Please note:  For bongs and bubblers the process is essentially the same except you aren’t sticking the whole piece inside a sandwich bag. Pour Iso into the piece making sure that there is some in each of the chambers if the bong has percolators and then pour a little bit of Epsom salt in both the downstem as well as the mouthpiece. We then like to take some paper towels and fold them up and use them to help cover the holes with our hands so nothing leaks out while you’re shaking,


  • For the downstem/bowl pieces you can do the same thing you would with a glass pipe and put them in sandwich bags, just be sure to have one sandwich bag for each thing, you don’t want your glass clinking around together while it’s being shaken around!


Once everything is as clean as you want it, be sure to rinse off all of your pieces with hot water thoroughly before using to make sure that all of the salt and iso are removed from the glass, and there you have it! Sparkly, like new, glass pipes for your enjoyment!

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