How to Find the Perfect Smoke Spot
Find the perfect smoke spot

Finding good places to smoke is a super important step towards having a good smoke session. Whether you are new in town, new to smoking, or just unhappy with your current smoke spots, finding the right location should be your top priority. Although it may not seem like something that's important to think about in advance, a good place to smoke your weed will make it an infinitely better experience.  And while everybody has different preferences, there are some common themes and strategies when it comes to searching for a place.  

Ask around for the perfect smoke spot

There's no better way to go about finding a good smoke spot than to ask friends where they smoke. Since you likely can’t just google the top smoke spots near you, word of mouth is going to be king in this venture. Just like your favorite tv shows are often given to you by friends and family, the same is true for smoke spots. Nobody knows better than the seasoned veteran, they’ve already gone through the process of finding a good spot, so take advantage of that!  

Look in nature for the perfect smoke spot

The best places to smoke are in nature, plain and simple. Pretty scenery can turn an average session into an unforgettable one. Particularly if you can find a spot with running water, that would make for quite a memorable occasion. Remember that you are smoking an herb, what better way to enjoy an herb than to be in nature. The goal is to be surrounded by green while you smoke your green. Take a stroll through the woods if you want, as long as you are safe about it this can be a fun way to search for a pretty spot. If you do go down this route, make sure to pack some snacks as you’ll be a long way away from the kitchen. When thinking about where to smoke weed, nature should first come to mind, there’s nothing more relaxing than the views and sounds of mother nature.   

Finder the perfect smoking spot near me

Everyone loves a game, so why not make finding a good smoke spot into one. Gather up some buddies you want to smoke with and get a little competitive. Everyone gets a few days to find what they think is the perfect spot and then you all reconvene. You’ll try each and everyone’s spot and at the end, you will all vote for which one you think is best (excluding yours). You and your friends then go back to the winning spot where the person with the least votes must smoke out the winner. By turning the search for a smoke spot into a game you get to experience multiple spots while doing less work, and maybe you'll even get some free cannabis.  

Privacy exit smoking spot

People ruin everything! Strangers can often throw off the vibe whether it's on purpose or incidental. People can be loud or rude and that is something that could dampen your session. Whatever the case, it’s generally better to get away from the world while you smoke and enjoy the calmness. Obviously, you won't want to be by a highway or busy intersection. You also probably won’t want to be near passing cars in general, or even anywhere with consistent foot traffic for that matter. It’s important for you and your group to feel safe, a great way to do this is to go somewhere secluded. On the off chance you do encounter a vibe killer, make sure you have a few ways you can leave the area. Don’t get yourself into a situation where the only way out is past the people you are trying to avoid. You will have more fun and feel safer if you have privacy, so make sure that’s an important element of your smoke spot checklist.  

 write down the perfect smoking spot near me

Finding the best place to smoke doesn’t have to be a detailed research project, just write down good spots as you find them. Who knows, maybe while you’re hiking, you’ll find the holy grail of smoke spots. Driving home is another great opportunity to find a place. Best of all, when you go somewhere out of the ordinary (not work or that coffee shop you go to daily) make sure to be on the lookout for a nice area to enjoy your cannabis. Just make sure to write these spots down in your notes so you don’t forget, you may even come up with a hit list of all the spots you have to try, this only adds to the adventure.  

build your perfect smoking spot

Maybe you've tried everything and you're thinking there's no place to smoke near me that would make for a good smoke spot. If that's the case, you'll have to make your own spot, but this can be just as fun of an adventure. A good place to start is a back porch or deck, at the very least you'll want to pick a spot with good ventilation. After you pick the base for your spot, add some decorations! This is the time for you to put up led lights or a poster from your favorite tv show (who doesn't want Dwight Schutte staring at you while you smoke). Now that the aura is right, make sure you have a comfy place to sit and some entertainment. A good chair and some music are vital parts of your do-it-yourself smoke spot. Just because you can't find a good smoke spot doesn't mean you can't make one!  

Enjoy the perfect smoking spot near me

Once you have found a spot that you think will do the trick, let it rip and have some fun. Bonus tip, you can invite your friends and charge them a finder’s fee, it’s only fair, a little free herb for all the work of finding a nice smoking spot.  Whatever the case, enjoy your newfound and awesome place to smoke. 

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