How to Smoke from a Bong

How to Smoke from a Bong

For many cannabis smokers, using a bong is the ultimate way to cherish their herbs — even though there are lots of different ways to smoke cannabis.

Some weed purists even think that nothing can beat the taste, smoothness, and quality of a decent bong rip.

On the one hand, smoking from a bong couldn’t be any easier. You just pack the bowl, light it up, place your lips over the mouthpiece, and inhale.

But on the other hand, not everyone may know how to properly inhale with a bong.

Yes! There are good bong hits, and there are some very, very bad bong hits — including everything in between.

This guide will help you become a real pro in ripping the greens from the bong — not just a one-hit-wonder.

We’ll also show you how to prepare for the job so that you don’t make any newbie mistakes and have a top-notch experience from the first time.

The Anatomy of a Bong

In essence, a bong is just a large water pipe that filters your smoke by sending it through the water to make it cooler and easier on your throat and lungs. Bongs are typically made out of extremely durable borosilicate glass, but you may also come across acrylic, wood, and metal bongs.

These devices are crafted into many sizes, shapes, designs, and functions — from simple large tubes to scientific bongs with multiple percolators and ice catchers.

In this guide, we’ll just stick to a basic bong, because that’s where most people get started.

If you want to have a top-notch experience with the bong, you need to know your tool roots and branches.

The Anatomy of a Bong

A bong will normally consist of:

  • Bowl: the bowl is the part of your bong where you pack your weed. Bongs are typically made entirely from glass, but you can also find metal and steel ones.
  • Stem: this is the long tube that holds the bowl. The stem extends into the base of the bong through a hole inside the bong. A part of the stem is always submerged in water.
  • Base: the base is the body of the bong that holds the water. The base is also where the smoke gathers as it gets filtered through the water.
  • Chamber: the smoke chamber is the large cylinder tube that travels up from the base through the mouthpiece.
  • Mouthpiece: that’s the large opening at the top of the chamber where you place your mouth to pull the smoke from the base.

  • Preparing Your Bong for the Sesh

    The cannabis smoke doesn’t come out of the blue. There’s the whole prep stage you need to complete if you want to enjoy thick and flavorful clouds of smoke.

    We won’t tell you to clean your bong beforehand because that’s what you should do every time you finish smoking from your piece. Regular maintenance will save you from spending long hours on deep cleaning and scrubbing the bong from the resin.

    Here’s how to prepare your bong before smoking:

    Fill the Bog with Water

    That’s the first thing you should do for the prep work. If this is your first time using a bong, make sure to add enough water so that only a part of the stem is submerged — up to 7 cm depending on the size of the bong.

    Fill the Bog with Water

    Some people like to experiment with the liquid they add to their bongs instead of water. If you feel like trying new things with your bong, you may add ice tea, water infused with essential oils, or spice your bong water up with lime or orange peels.

    Pack it Tight

    Some people like to pack the bowl with the stem kept in the bong, while others fill it before putting the stem into the piece. The way you will pack it boils down to your personal preferences, so try each method for yourself to see what is more convenient for you.

    Before packing the bowl with your herbs, break them up with a grinder into small pieces. Pack the ground material into the bowl, and if you know you’ll be smoking with others, load it more generously so that everyone can enjoy their share of the green cake.

    How to Smoke from a Bong Like You Were Born With It

    How you use the bong depends on whether or not your bong is equipped with a carb hole. The carb hole is a small spot that’s normally located on one side of the bong. If your piece has a carb hole, close it with your thumb, this will allow the smoke to accumulate inside your bong before you inhale.

    1. Light Up!

    Ready to light the bud in your bowl? Great! 

    Take the bong, place your lips over the mouthpiece and get ready to draw the smoke. For lighting your cannabis up, take a good lighter or a hemp wick, but make sure you don’t scorch the entire content of your bowl at once. Instead, be polite on the bud, treating it with only a small flame.

    2. Fill the Chamber With Smoke

    At this stage, you need to seal the carb hole with your thumb and start drawing in through the mouthpiece. As the chamber is filling with smoke, observe it until you know it’s just the right amount to handle for you. 

    3. Rip the Bong

    Once you’ve filled the chamber with the smoke, clear it and inhale the smoke. Keep in mind to remove your thumb from the carb hole.

    Rip the Bong

    If you can’t finish all the smoke that’s in the bong at once, just put the thumb over the carb hole again, exhale, and draw a second time.

    Are You Ready to Take Your First Bong Rip?

    Let’s be honest, taking hits from the bong doesn’t require a degree in rocket science. It’s a fairly simple process that calls for following a few easy steps. Now that you’re familiar with the anatomy of the bong, know how to prepare it before smoking, and how to inhale properly — you may close your browser, grab that beautiful bong, and make your debut!

    Do you have any tips on how to make your bong hits smoother and tastier? Share them with us in the comments below!

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