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is weed legal in

Is Weed Legal in…

Weed is now more legal and publicly celebrated than ever before, and while that’s an excellent thing for stoners everywhere, there is also now more confusion than ever regarding where exactly weed is legal or illegal. There are also multiple types of legal and illegal marijuana which further adds to the chaos. Currently, 19 states have legalized recreational marijuana (fully legal) while only 4 states still have strict marijuana laws that declare it fully illegal. Every other state is somewhere in between allowing recreational use and it is fully illegal. With that in mind, here is a list of every state and the legality of weed there. 

Alabama weed


Alabama is a mixed bag when it comes to weed laws. Marijuana is not decriminalized, meaning it’s not just a misdemeanor and you can still get more than just a small fine if you’re caught with it. On the other hand, though, weed is legal for medicinal use. The catch here is that it will be harder to get a medical card in Alabama than say, on the west coast. 

Alaska weed


Alaska is a great place for fellow stoners, as weed is fully legal. Interestingly, Alaska is the first state to legalize Marijuana usage in private businesses. So just like you can go to a bar and drink, you may now also be able to go there and smoke weed (as long as the business allows that and they have a permit). 

Arizona Weed Laws


Arizona is another state where weed is fully legal. A cool and needed program that is present in Arizona is their expungement program, which allows people who were previously convicted on a marijuana charge to have that charge expunged from their record. 

Arkansas Weed Laws


Arkansas is another mixed bag state; its laws are essentially identical to Alabama’s. Weed is not decriminalized nor available for recreational use but you can still qualify for a medical card. 

California Weed Laws


You probably already know this, but California is very weed-friendly. In fact, California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, all the way back in 1996.

Colorado Weed Laws


The only place more weed friendly than California is Colorado. While California was the first state to legalize medicinal use, Colorado beat California to recreational legalization.  

Connecticut Weed Laws


On a roll here as Connecticut is another weed-friendly state. Weed is decriminalized and legal for medicinal and recreational purposes. Connecticut is also unique in instilling programs to help give financial assistance to disproportionately impacted cultivators. 

Delaware Weed Laws


This might surprise some, but Delaware is pretty mixed on its marijuana laws. Like almost all states, marijuana is legalized for medicinal purposes. What’s interesting about Delaware however, is that while recreational use is still illegal, it is decriminalized (unlike the other mixed bag states so far). 

Florida Weed Laws


As of right now Florida has only legalized weed for medicinal purposes, but there are already several cannabis-related proposals for changes in the law here that are in motion and to be voted on soon. 

Georgia Weed Laws


Georgia is not where you want to go to smoke weed, as it is one of the strictest states. Weed isn’t fully illegal, since they permit CBD oil for medical use… but that’s it. Weed is not decriminalized and it is highly relegated to medicinal usage (and even then it’s stringy).

hawaii Weed Laws


Hawaii has similar marijuana laws as Delaware. Weed is both decriminalized and legal for medicinal purposes but not technically permissible for recreational use. 

Idaho Weed Laws


The first of our four “fully illegal” states, Idaho does not allow marijuana usage in any regard. No medical or recreational use is allowed and being caught with marijuana can still lead to jail time. Steer clear of Idaho if you’re a smoker. 

Illinois Weed Laws


Illinois has fully legalized weed. Both recreational use and medicinal use are approved of and owning weed is not punishable. Purchasing weed is taxed similarly to alcohol.

Indiana Weed Laws


Unfortunately, Indiana only allows CBD oil, and even that requires a medical card. Even worse, the 2022 legislative session does not feature any cannabis legalization bills, so the marijuana laws aren’t changing anytime soon. 

Iowa Weed Laws


Iowa, like Indiana, is not a weed-friendly state. Again only CBD oil is allowed. First-time offenses in Iowa are punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine. This is one of the most severe first-time cannabis offense punishments in the Nation. 

Kansas Weed Laws


Kansas is the second of our four “fully illegal” states. Not even CBD oil is allowed and cannabis possession is punishable with jail time. This is also another state that will not have its laws regarding cannabis change anytime soon. 

Kentucky Weed Laws


Kentucky is a mixed bag state leaning towards not being weed-friendly. Only CBD oil is legal. The good thing about Kentucky is that there is a good chance that the weed laws change soon. Recently the Kentucky House of Representatives voted to pass a medical marijuana provision, though senate leadership refused to sign it into action. Still, there is a clear push to become more relaxed with the marijuana laws. 

Louisiana Weed Laws


Louisiana has decriminalized marijuana and fully legalized medicinal use but still does not condone recreational use. 

Maine Weed Laws


Finally, another fully legal state, Maine allows both recreational and medicinal usage of marijuana. Maine is another state where there are retail businesses that allow smoking weed on the premises. 

Maryland Weed Laws


In Maryland, you can take comfort knowing that marijuana is decriminalized and only a small fine (plus available with a medical card). Additionally, if you happen to live near DC you can simply drive into the capital where weed is completely legal to buy or smoke. 

Massachusets Weed Laws


Massachusetts allows all types of marijuana usage, weed is fully legal. Somewhat recently Massachusetts surpassed 1 billion dollars in retail cannabis sales. 

Michigan Weed Laws


Michigan is another state where weed is fully legal for adults and operates similarly to alcohol. 

Minnesota Weed Laws


Minnesota is possibly the state with the strangest marijuana laws. Weed is decriminalized and fully legal for medicinal purposes only but… here’s where it gets weird… it is legal to consume, distribute, or produce edibles containing up to 50 milligrams of THC. So if edibles are your thing, Minnesota will work just fine for you. 

Mississippi Weed Laws


Just recently, Mississippi became a mixed state as they just passed a bill this year to allow medical marijuana and decriminalize recreational use. 

Missouri Weed Laws


Missouri like many other mixed states has decriminalized the herb and allows full usage with a medical card. Missouri may soon become a fully legal state though as there is an adult-use legalization proposal on the 2022 ballot. 

Montana Weed Laws


Weed is fully legal in Montana. This is particularly great if you love to smoke in nature as there are plenty of good hiking trails and mountains in Montana that would make for an ideal smoke session spot. 

Nebraska Weed Laws


Nebraska does not allow weed of any kind. The difference, however, between Nebraska and other fully illegal states is that Nebraska has at least decriminalized the herb. This means even though it’s illegal to smoke or possess marijuna you will simply have to pay a fine. 

Nevada Weed Laws


If you couldn’t guess that Nevada has fully legalized weed I don’t know what to tell you. Nevada is home to las vegas and anything goes in Vegas, so with that said, enjoy your weed however you want in Nevada. 

new hampshire Weed Laws

New Hampshire:

New Hampshire has decriminalized the herb and allows medical use but has not fully legalized recreational use. A recent poll has shown that 74% of New Hampshire residents prefer legalizing the herb completely but the Senate continues to ignore the wishes of the people. 

New Jersey Weed Laws

New Jersey:

What some regard as the most hated state in America, New Jersey, truly deserves some credit as they have fully legalized marijuana. Let's hear it for New Jersey.

New Mexico

New Mexico:

As of April 2022 adults in New Mexico can begin to make retail purchases of cannabis. Weed is fully legalized here. 

New York Weed Laws

New York:

New York has not only fully legalized weed, but it is also passing bills to help cannabis cultivators produce the herb quicker to meet the demand of the people. Additionally, NY doctors can recommend marijuana as a treatment for literally any condition. 

North Carolina Weed Laws

North Carolina:

Unfortunately the run on fully legal states comes to an end with North Carolina. Weed is illegal throughout and there is no medical marijuana availability either. Like Nebraska though, weed is decriminalized. 

North Dakota Weed Laws

North Dakota:

North Dakota allows medicinal use and has decriminalized weed. At the same time, there is a signature drive going on currently with hopes to put recreational adult cannabis use on the ballot. 

Ohio Weed Laws


Ohio is much in the same as North Dakota as it allows medicinal use only but punishes weed offenses with only a fine. They too hope to get recreational use approved soon as there is a bill in cycle right now that would legalize weed in 2023. 

Oklahoma Weed Laws


Oklahoma is a mixed bag state on the worse end of things. They allow medical marijuana and it isn’t too hard to get a card but it’s still an obstacle. In addition, they have not decriminalized the herb, meaning jail time is possible.

Oregon Weed Laws


Finally back to the fully legal states, Oregon allows adult consumption of marijuana for any purpose. 

Pennsylvania Weed Laws


Pennsylvania’s weed laws are the same as Oklahoma’s- weed is not decriminalized but you are able to get a medical marijuana card. 

Rhode Island Weed Laws

Rhode Island:

The country's smallest state, Rhode Island, just recently became the 19th state to fully legalize weed. This is the most recent state to legalize weed. 

South Carolina Weed Laws

South Carolina:

South Carolina is the third of our four fully illegal states. Weed is not allowed recreationally nor for medicinal purposes and it is also not decriminalized. 

South Dakota Weed Laws

South Dakota:

A mixed bag state, South Dakota allows medicinal usage of marijuana but that’s it. That said though, there is a vote this November to allow for adult recreational use. 

Tennessee Weed Laws


Tennessee is practically a fully illegal state but it is technically not because it allows CBD oil for medicinal purposes. Other than that any use of weed is punishable with jail time. 

Texas Weed Laws


The same goes for Texas as it does in Tennessee- only CBD oil is allowed and only if you have a medical card for it. 

Utah Weed Laws


Utah is a little better than the previous two states as it allows medicinal use beyond just CBD oil. Still, Utah lags behind much of the country and has yet to fully legalize or decriminalize marijuana. Given the religious nature of Utah, don’t be surprised if the rules here don’t change anytime soon. 

Vermont Weed Laws


Vermont was the 11th state to fully legalize weed but only recently did they start distributing retail cannabis licenses. 

Virginia Weed Laws


Virginia was the first state in the south (17 in the country) to fully legalize weed. If you want to experience southern culture but still be able to safely smoke weed Virginia is your only option.

Washinton Weed Laws


Washington, tied with Colorado, was the first state to fully legalize weed back in 2012. 

West Virginia Weed Laws

West Virginia:

West Virginia isn’t quite as progressive as its neighbor Virginia, it merely allows the medicinal use of marijuana. 

Wisconsin Weed Laws


In Wisconsin, only CBD oil is legal and only if you have a medical card. This is a little surprising as Wisconsin is one of the heaviest drinking states, but nonetheless, it is not very weed-friendly. 



Unfortunately we have to round out our list with the last of our four fully illegal states. In Wyoming, not even CBD oil is allowed and marijuana charges are punishable by jail time. 


In the United States, almost all the weed policy is handled on a state to state basis. These policies vary greatly as some states allow just about anything including recreational use while some states still punish weed offenses with jail time. There are also some oddball rules out there like Minnesota allowing only edibles. 19 states allow full recreational usage of marijuana while only 4 still have marijuana as completely illegal— every other state is somewhere in between. Things seem to be trending in the right direction though, and hopefully with a little time weed will be fully legal everywhere. 


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