Puff Puff Pass, What You Need to Know About Joints

Puff Puff Pass

Puff Puff Pass, Essential Joint Information

Even if you are new to smoking you have surely heard the phrase “puff puff pass”. Puff puff pass is as sacred a smoking ritual as there is, proving how tried and true it is. In fact, it’s more than just a ritual as it has become an important piece of joint smoking etiquette. 

This is important to note because proper weed smoking etiquette is essential if you wish to have a good smoking session (especially when smoking joints). Nobody wants to eat dinner next to someone with no manners, and similarly, nobody wants to smoke with someone who doesn’t have proper smoking etiquette. This guide will tell you all about joint etiquette as well as some tips and tricks to roll better joints. 

What Does Puff Puff Pass Mean? 

As most could probably infer, puff puff pass is a smoking rule that means you can take two hits from the joint before you pass it to the next person in the circle. When the next person receives the joint they too will take two hits from it and then pass it to the next person. The joint will eventually make its way back to you where you will again take two puffs from it and then pass it in the same direction to the next person in the circle. Worth noting that this rule doesn't typically apply to smoking bongs, or pipes

This continues until the whole joint is smoked or until everyone reaches their desired level of high. Puff puff pass is extremely simple and it will become second nature to you in only a few smoke sessions. 

Now that you know what puff puff pass is, you might be wondering why it’s important. That too is quite simple, it gives everybody a somewhat equal amount of tokes of the joint and allows everyone in the group to get high. 

Without joint etiquette, someone may smoke half the joint before passing it off to the next person, leaving the rest of the group unable to get as high as they wanted to. The point of puff puff pass is to create a good and fair sociable environment, and it works great at doing that. 

One last thing to note here is that some groups slightly alter the rule to fit their needs. For example, some groups might do puff pass instead of puff puff pass and other groups might allow three puffs before a pass. You’ll have to feel out the group you’re with to determine how many puffs are appropriate. Just remember that the main point of this guideline is to give everyone a somewhat equal amount of the joint and get everyone high. If you’re in doubt about how long/how many hits to take with a new group, stick to puff puff pass.

Weed Etiquette

Proper Joint Smoking Etiquette

While puff puff pass is the most known and pivotal piece of joint smoking etiquette, there are actually a few other rules as well. 

Don’t Stash and Dash: When a joint gets near its end some people view it as dead before others. Don’t be the person that throws out the last quarter-inch of the joint before asking everyone else if they’re done with it. Some people even do this unconsciously, as they are at a good high for themselves and are used to throwing out the joint at a certain length. Don’t stash and dash, always remember to ask others if they want the rest of the joint. 

Don’t Smoke When Sick: Do your friends and your lungs a favor by sitting out of the smoke circle when you’re sick. Partaking in the smoke circle when you’re sick is an easy way to get all of your friends sick since you will all be putting your mouth on the same area. Smoking while sick could also prolong your sickness and/or cause some discomfort in your mouth and throat. At the very least, if you really want to smoke with your friends you should alert them that you are sick and bring your own joint that only you smoke. 

Roller Sparks First: If you weren’t the one to roll the joint then don’t be the first person to pick it up and smoke it. Rolling a joint is a practice and an art, so let the creator of that joint be the first one to take a toke from it. They did the hard work so it’s only fair that they get to get high first. 

good joint

What Makes a Good Joint? 

There are three factors that determine what makes a good joint, those are: having good flower, using good rolling paper, and proper construction of the joint. Having good flower is the most important factor, after all, the quality of the weed is going to determine the type and strength of your high. Other than making sure you have a good fresh strand of weed, you also need to make sure that it’s ground well. 

Once you have the right weed to smoke you need to choose good rolling paper. Rolling papers are a bit more preference-sensitive than good weed, there’s usually no right or wrong answer. You’ll need to just try them all to determine which one works best for you. If you are unsure of what rolling paper works well with your weed and are going to be sharing with a group then just opt for a simple white rolling paper. 

Don’t get fancy with rice-based papers or any other flavored ones until you have tried them. Lastly, good joint construction entails that the joint has an appropriate amount of weed in it and is sturdy enough to be held firmly without breaking. This requires practice but eventually rolling a good joint will be easy. 

Tricks for a joint

Tips and Tricks for Rolling the Perfect Joint

  1. Use a Crutch- This will make the joint easier to handle while also increasing airflow
  2. Use a grinder- Having evenly ground weed makes for a better smoke session
  3. Pick a smaller-sized rolling paper- This will make rolling it easier, once you get the hang of it you can start increasing the size of your paper 


Puff puff pass is an important part of joint smoking etiquette that dictates that each person gets two tokes of the joint before they should pass it to the next person. 

This rule ensures that each person can smoke enough of the joint and get high. Other parts of proper joint smoking etiquette include: not throwing away the joint before everyone else is done, not smoking while sick, and allowing the person who rolled the joint to smoke first. 

Aside from everyone having good smoking etiquette, a good joint is the next most important piece of a fun smoke circle. A good joint will be filled with fresh, potent, and evenly ground weed. On top of that, it will be made with good rolling paper and be sturdy enough to be handled firmly. Some tips that will help you roll a good joint are: use a crutch, use a grinder, and use a smaller-sized rolling paper. 

That’s about all you need to know about joint etiquette. Get out there and find a smoke circle to showcase your newly learned manners.


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