Puffco Peak Pro Review
Puffco Peak Pro Review

Puffco has come up with the new Peak Pro concentrate vaporizer after three long years of testing and trying different features. The Puffco Peak Pro looks almost the same as the previous Puffco Peak at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, you find that it comes with extra modifications and fun new features. As with many other devices, let's see how the new Puffco Peak Pro measures up to the original one.

Is This a High-quality Device? 

Puffco Peak was a good vaporizer when it came out. Making improvements on an already good device can be tricky because people like most of its features. However, Puffco has managed to make this good device even better with regard to quality and function. It has been manufactured in a matte finish, which adds more aesthetic value. It has glass material that is more tapered, allowing it to hold more water. Even the controls are sleek and fun. 

The Pro Version Is Bigger and Better

The previous version had problems handling big loads. The glass piece is longer on the Pro version, which helps to prevent water splashback in the mouth. The best part is that the new glass part is compatible with the previous version for people who want to spruce up their older pieces. Puffco has increased the atomizer's size by 40%, so it handles a much larger load. You can watch your vapor swirl in the atomizer before it gets to your mouth, adding a nice touch to it. 

How About Function?

In terms of function, the Puffco Peak Pro is much like the previous version. When you get it, the first thing is to make sure that the battery is fully charged before the first use. It comes with a USB type C charger. When the device is empty, recharging it to full battery takes two hours. 

Puffco Peak Pro comes with a sleek charging dock. When fully charged, it should last you between 25-30 sessions before you need another recharge. After charging it, press the power button to switch it on. You have an option to choose the preferred temperature settings. 

The Puffco Peak Pro heats up automatically and vibrates once it reaches the required temperature. You can then vape and have fun with it. It is easy to charge, operate, and maintain. This gives it a good score on the function front. 

How About Function

The Puffco Peak Pro App

These days, people judge modern devices with how easy they are to operate online and offline. The Puffco Peak Pro comes with Bluetooth compatibility and a sleek app fitted with functional features. The app gives you dozens of options from temperature settings and custom colors. You can even have a live readout of the dabbing sessions that you have had in a day, as well as the current temperature you are using. Unfortunately for iPhone users, Apple has introduced a policy that led to the ban of nicotine-related- apps and even removed some already existing apps. However, users of the Puffco app can work around this on their website and still use the app's cool features.

What About the Quality of the Vapor?

We have established that the hardware and the software are good. Puffco Peak Pro is packed with quality vapor. The fact that the company increased the capacity by 40% is already a plus. The previous version had a small issue with large loads. The Pro version is good at handling a big load. Puffco has improved the atomizer such that the carb cap has unidirectional flow. The atomizer has heat distribution, and the temperature controls have a wide range. It works well for both cold and hot temperatures. 

A Pro Temperature Range?

The Puffco Peak Pro has a temperature setting with four settings. The low setting, which is blue, starts at 254 degrees Celsius. The next is green for the medium, which is at 266 degrees Celsius. Red is high, and it reads 277 degrees Celsius. The highest setting is white, which peaks at 285 degrees Celsius. You can customize each setting to a range you are comfortable with.

How Portable Is the Device?

Vaporizers should be lowkey and portable. You do not want a device that makes you look like you are hitting a massive bong in public. Puffco Peak Pro is lowkey and portable. An additional advantage is that the vaporizer does not have a lingering smell. It comes in a cool carrying case, which makes it easy to carry and protect from damages. The new case has magnets that snap open and closed, making it simple to retrieve and put back in the case. The app allows you to use a cool stealth mode feature. It dims the lights on the device so that you can be discreet. The Pro version also comes with an actual button, so you do not have to use guesswork on where to press when operating the device. It comes with extra pieces to help with loading, cleaning, and charging.

Is Puffco Peak Pro a Superior Device

Is Puffco Peak Pro a Superior Device?

Compared to the previous version, the Puffco Peak Pro is an improved concentrate vaporizer. It comes with an integrated water filtration system, a powerful battery, a good range of temperature settings, Bluetooth compatibility, and a smart app. It makes dabbing as easy as flipping a switch and enjoying yourself. It comes in a good portable size, carries a reasonably sized load, and is easy to carry around. The matte finish eliminates unsightly fingerprints, the rugged silicone base is of good quality, and it has an impressive 20-second heat-up time.

The Bottomline

In conclusion, the Puffco Peak Pro feels right. It is a premium e-Rig product that has gotten better with time. The manufacturing has improved. The controls are fun and easy. It has improved battery life and a better design, both aesthetically and in terms of function. The Puffco Peak Pro is portable with smart features, making it modern and sleek. It may cost a little bit more than the previous versions, but the higher price can be justified by the many improvements and benefits it comes with. 


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