Whether you’re brand new to the smoking game or a seasoned veteran odds are you’ve heard the phrases scientific glass or heady glass used to describe glass pieces before, so today we’ll be explaining what the two terms are!

Scientific Glass:

Scientific glass refers to glass pipes designed to (you guessed it) look like they could be used in a science lab. In scientific glass you typically see:

Water pipes

Complex percolation or many different percolators

(honeycomb, tree, showrhead, etc.)

Generally, a smoother/cleaner smoking experience because of the percolation

Beaker bases or straight tubes (looks like lab equipment)

Heady Glass:

Heady glass while not sacrificing in quality tends to lend itself more to the visual aspect of glass over the functionality. Typically, you’ll find that heady glass has:

Complex color schemes

Not mass produced or even custom one of a kind pieces

Very advanced glass blowing techniques

(fuming, accents, wigwag, etc.)

While heady glass focuses on the artistic, scientific glass focuses on the function. Both have their benefits and which piece you decide to get is really up to your own preference. I personally have a mix of both kinds of pieces, mostly scientific for everyday use and some heady pieces to show off to friends and for special occasions.

Here at Fat Buddha Glass, we have a selection of both scientific glass and heady glass, so pick yourself up some glass and do your own research!


Happy smoking!

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