hiking high

hiking high

Why Hike and Get High

So often we smoke weed on the couch or in the backyard at home. And while this is always a good time, it’s even more fun to try different locations now and then. Specifically, it’s a great idea to find new spaces in nature, as pretty scenery can be extremely enhancing to a smoke session. One way to find both gorgeous and secluded sceneries is by hiking. Hiking will allow you to find waterfalls, cliffs, streams, caves, boulders, and tons more of nature that you don’t see in your day-to-day life. Plus, hiking is fun in and of itself and also great for your health. When you get to the top of the hill you not only have a beautiful peak to look out of while you smoke, but you also don’t need to feel bad about all the food you’re going to eat due to the munchies since you just worked off a ton of calories. If hiking and getting high sounds like a good mix to you then keep reading; this guide will clue you in on how to have a stoner hiking day.

Types of Trails

What Types of Trails Should You Go On

The first thing you need to figure out once you decide you want to hike and get high is to decide where you want to hike. The two most important factors that determine if a hiking spot is viable are privacy and beauty.

You need privacy so that you don’t feel paranoid while you smoke or while you’re high. You also don’t want to have to worry about anyone complaining about the odor. And it’s pretty (no pun intended) obvious as to why you want your view to be beautiful while you are high.

In addition to these two factors, you should also consider if there is a place to sit down and relax at the top and if there is a place to camp. Camping can be really fun, and it will allow you to get way higher than if you have to trek back down on the same day. It’s super fun to grab a bunch of friends and bring backpacks with food, tons of weed to smoke (or edibles), and set up camp for the night.

 There are a few ways to find these trails, but just make sure that you don’t simply google trails near you. Google is going to show you the most popular trails, and these will not have much privacy. Instead, the best way to find good stoner hiking trails is through word of mouth. Ask around to see if any of your stoner friends know any good spots. Other than this there are plenty of hiking forums or apps and you can also search Reddit. Lastly, you can just hike a bunch of local trails sober until you find one you want to come back to and get high at.

best travel bongs

Best Smoking Devices for Hiking

When considering what smoking device you bring hiking think about what is easy to carry with you. You don’t want something heavy since hiking is already going to be hard enough (especially on the way down when you’re high). You also don’t want something that is easily breakable since it may be rattling around in your backpack. One good option is bringing a pipe. Pipes are small enough to not add much weight and you can wrap them in a small hand towel to keep them safe. If pipes aren’t your thing then blunts/joints are a good option, though they can be hard to roll at the peak if there isn’t a flat surface. For this reason, consider pre-rolling them or bringing an ashtray. And lastly, edibles are great to bring because they are light and work like a charm. Just be sure not to mix them up with your other snacks in your bag or you will risk getting too high. Edibles are great though because you can even enjoy them in less private areas since visually it will just look like you are eating a snack; nobody will know that what you’re eating contains THC.

best strains for hiking

Best Weed Strains for Hiking

As for what strain of weed you should bring with you, that depends on what type of stoner hiking experience you want. In general, you should probably opt for a Sativa strain, as these tend to be more energizing.

This will be helpful in getting you down the mountain… if you smoke an Indica strain that makes you more tired and sleepy then going down the trail will be a lot harder and less fun.

On the other hand, if you plan on staying at the peak for a while or even camping then Indica strains can be great because they mesh well with all the relaxing nature you’ll be around.

This is especially the case if you’re camping. Camping at a mountain peak while high smoking an Indica strain is almost guaranteed to give you the best sleep of your life.

With all that said, these are just general guidelines, and everyone has their own preferences. The only way to know what strain you will enjoy smoking while hiking is to try them for yourself. 

Other Dos and Don’t

  • Don’t litter joints or blunt. Keep the scenery beautiful so you can enjoy another high there.
  • Do eat before you go and bring food with you. The workout from the hike plus the munchies from getting high will make you need a lot of food.
  • Don’t smoke before you get to the top. You might lose motivation to continue, and you’ll enjoy it more if you go to the top.
  • Do go in the morning so you have plenty of time to hang out and get high before you need to trek back down (unless you’re camping).


Stoner hiking is a great way to spend your weekend or any day of the week. The combination of stunning nature and the vibes of getting high is impeccable, they are like twin flames.

If you decide to partake in getting high while hiking then looks for more private trails with a good place to sit and hang out at the peak. In addition, make sure to bring a smoking device such as a pipe or blunts/joints as these are easy to carry and not super breakable.

Edibles can also be a good idea if you want to avoid smoking altogether. Lastly, remember that Sativa strains will help you finish the back half of your journey while India stains will help you to embrace nature and relax at the top. Have fun hiking and getting high.

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