The Ultimate Guide to Bongs

how to use a bong

Every self-respecting marijuana lover needs their perfect bong. A bong is a device, usually made out of glass or ceramic, which purifies your cannabis so you get a nice, smooth hit every time. Bongs give you a stronger and longer-lasting high and, on top of that, they often look amazing. However, you will know how to use one, where to get it, and what to expect. That’s where our ultimate guide to bongs can help. 

Using a bong is a little different than other methods of consumption, and first-time users might be a little confused about how to work them correctly. There are also many different types of bongs. Not only can they come in various different materials, but there are huge differences in the designs of different bongs. Plus, with related products like pipes and dab rigs, users might have a hard time choosing the right device to buy.

However, there’s a bong for everyone and we offer bongs in every size, design, and price range. If you haven’t tried using a bong yet or simply need an upgrade, there are many high-quality products to pick from. Here’s the ultimate guide to bongs with everything you need to know. 

What is a Bong?

A bong is a smoking device that’s stylish, easy-to-use, and makes your marijuana hit you much harder. Some cannabis connoisseurs use bongs to get the best effects out of their bud. Others collect them simply because they can be a piece of art in themselves, with many incredible designs made out of materials such as glass and ceramic.

They’re often known as water bongs due to their similarity to water pipes. Bongs filtrate your dry herb through a water chamber to give you a much purer and cleaner hit. That’s why you’ll feel stronger effects when you smoke out of a bong. It’s one of the cleanest ways to consume cannabis. It also makes things much more convenient for smokers since you can pack a bowl and take a hit within seconds.

Bongs come in various different designs, but you can usually recognize them by a few main parts. A bong has a small bowl where you apply your product, a downstem where your smoke travels through, a water chamber where it’s filtered, and a mouthpiece which you inhale from. To those who aren’t familiar with bongs, they might look like a beaker or fancy vase.

Bongs are one of the most popular ways to smoke cannabis. They offer stronger and cleaner effects than smoking from a joint or blunt and are a step up from a pipe. They can also be used with other dry herbs, and you can even pack in other kinds of products on top of it.

How to Use a Bong

How to Use a Bong

One of the main benefits of having a bong is how easy it is to use. Unlike rolling a joint, a bong makes it simple to pack your weed and take a potent hit within seconds. All you need is your product and a lighter.

Start by packing your product into the bowl. People usually use dry cannabis flower, but it can also work with hemp, tobacco, and other kinds of dry herbs. If you want to use cannabis concentrates, put them on top of flower- concentrates on their own can damage the bowl and won’t work well.

Make sure your water chamber is full of clean water (you’ll need to empty it between uses). Now, all you have to do is light your product with a lighter and inhale through the mouthpiece. Your smoke will be purified by the water chamber and you’ll be left with a nice, clean hit.

You don’t have to smoke all of your product at once. It’ll burn out fast, and using a bong allows you to take things hit by hit. Because of this, it’s perfect for controlling your high and you can take as many or as few as you need.

What’s a Percolator?

Bongs can also come with other customizations and features. One of the most common you’ll notice is a percolator. A percolator is a feature found in many bongs which helps to cool down and purify your smoke. Percolators contain water, so the smoke actually goes through water twice, resulting in an extremely smooth and clean hit.

Although a percolator isn’t essential, many bong users find it to be an important feature. The benefit of having a percolator is that every hit will feel better- you won’t cough as much and you’ll be able to enjoy a clean, cool, and flavorful hit every time you smoke. It doesn’t add to the potency of your hit, but many users simply enjoy the silky smooth smoke that percolators produce.

Percolators come in many different forms, such as honeycomb percolators, matrix percolators, and spiral or coil percolators. If you want smoother hits, then look for a bong with a percolator when you buy.

What’s a Percolator?

What Can You Smoke in a Bong

Bongs are fairly versatile in what you can use them for. Although they’re made for smoking dry herbs, there are a lot of different ways you can use them. Most commonly, people use bongs to smoke marijuana flower. You only need to add a small chunk of bud to your bowl to light up and start enjoying the effects.

Of course, marijuana isn’t all you can smoke. It can work with any herbal product. For instance, you may want to use a bong to smoke hemp flower, which contains the benefits of CBD without any psychoactive effects.

You shouldn’t use a bong to try and smoke oils or concentrates- these won’t work well and can get stuck to the bowl. However, for a stronger hit, you can apply some concentrates or oils on top of your flower product, light up, and inhale to enjoy the potent effects.

Why Should You Use a Bong?

Although you can opt for other methods of smoking such as rolling a joint or using a pipe, there are many benefits to using a bong. Many users choose to smoke through a bong due to the clean hits they produce. The smoke is filtered through water to produce pure and cool smoke that makes it easier to take large hits comfortably without coughing.

It’s also healthier. When your smoke is filtered through water, it gets rid of a lot of the toxins that you usually get from smoking a joint or blunt. As such, you end up with smoke that’s much easier on your lungs and respiratory system.

Using a bong is also very convenient for any smoker. You don’t need to go through the hassle of getting papers and rolling a joint. All you need is your weed and your lighter and you can start lighting up and enjoying weed instantly.

Many users also prefer bongs as it gives them a much better high. The clean smoke and ability to take big hits at once usually results in effects that last longer and feel better. Although there isn’t much scientific research to assess the differences between smoking through a bong or joint, many users will tell you a bong high is stronger and better.

What’s more, buying a bong is a small investment that you can get tons of usage out of. There are bongs available in all price ranges, and a high-quality bong can last you a lifetime. Bongs can also look amazing- some users even end up collecting different types of bongs as a hobby.

Where to Buy a Bong

Where to Buy a Bong

There are many places you can buy a bong. You may be able to find bongs and other accessories in some marijuana stores. However, you can also find plenty of head shops which focus exclusively on smoking accessories and legal smoking equipment.

It’s also easy to buy a bong online. Fat Buddha Glass offers a selection of bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and anything else a keen smoker could ask for. There are bongs available in various types and all price ranges, so no matter what kind of bong you’re looking for, you can order it for delivery.

Bongs are legal to buy all across the United States. Even in states where marijuana is illegal, there’s no way to prove you’re using a bong for marijuana as opposed to other products. However, be wary that some states have laws against the public possession of smoking paraphernalia. For this reason, it’s better to order your bong online and have it sent straight to your home.

Different Types of Bongs

When you’re looking for a bong to buy, you have plenty of choices. Bongs can differ in many factors such as their shape, size, the material they’re made out of, how much they cost, and the features they include. For instance, some users might want a simple and cheap mini bong whereas others will want a high-quality scientific bong complete with a percolator. Here are some of the common types of bongs you can buy.

Mini Bongs - If you want something small and convenient, check out these mini bongs. Every user can benefit from a mini bong. They’re convenient and portable, making them easy to travel with and smoke on the go. Of course, you can also use them right at home and they can easily be stashed away. Mini bongs are also cheap, so whether you’re a beginner or need an extra bong, it’s well worth getting one.

Big Bongs - In contrast to the typical Mini Bong, Big Hitter Bongs are made to give you the biggest hits possible. They’re ideal for experienced users who want something that’ll give them heavy, potent hits every time. They cost a bit more and take up more space, but it’s worth it if you’re serious about your smoking.

Scientific Bongs - If your main concern is quality and functionality, Scientific Bongs are perfect. These are bongs designed to make your smoking experience even better. These often have extra features such as percolators. They’re available in various designs and price ranges.

Colorful Bongs - Want a bong that looks cool as well as giving you some great, clean hits? Check out these colorful bongs. Some are regular bongs with funky styles, some are more discreet and unique, and some take bong design to the next level.

Different Types of Bongs

Alternatives to Bongs

Although every smoker should have a bong, it’s far from your only choice. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy marijuana and other herbal products, including other similar smoking devices. Here are some of the best alternatives to bongs to consider.

Dab Rigs - Dab Rigs are devices similar to bongs that are designed for use with cannabis concentrates. You use these by applying a small amount of concentrated product such as shatter, wax, live resin or budder to a ‘dab nail’ and heating it up with a blow torch. These give you a super strong hit of concentrated THC products for intense effects.

Pipes - If you want something more portable than a bong, then it’s worth buying a pipe. These are small smoking devices which you use simply by packing a bowl, lighting up, and inhaling. They generally won’t filter your product through water like a bong will, but they’re fantastic for those who need something small and convenient to smoke out of. They also come in various different styles and types.

Bubblers - Bubblers are like hybrids between bongs and pipes. You can use these devices with or without water to enjoy quality hits of cannabis. They come in all kinds of cool styles and make a nice alternative option to a regular bong or pipe.


Whether you’re a beginner user or an experienced user who wants a better way to smoke, everyone who enjoys marijuana, hemp or other dry herbs should invest in a bong. They make the whole smoking experience more enjoyable with cleaner, purer, and harder-hitting smoke. Plus, they’re affordable, convenient, and easy to use with friends. You can now buy all kinds of bongs online so whether you need a small and handy mini bong or a big hitter, there are tons of options to choose from.


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