What are Hemp Wicks and Why You Should Use Them
What are Hemp Wicks and Why You Should Use Them

If you’ve ever walked through a head shop, you’ve likely noticed Hemp Wicks and wondered what exactly they are and why you should use them. The truth is, once you’ve tried lighting your bowl with a Hemp Wick, you’ll likely never want to go back to the old-fashioned method of trying to stuff the end of your lighter in your bowl while inhaling.

Hemp Wicks are essentially threads of hemp coated with beeswax. They’re dry and highly flammable, making them perfect for lighting and using to light the bowl of your Bong, Pipe, or Bubbler. The interesting thing is that using Hemp Wicks has so many advantages over other methods of lighting your bowl. Here’s a guide on what are Hemp Wicks and why you should use them.

What Are Hemp Wicks?

While many stoners stick to the old-fashioned methods of lighting their bowl, such as stuffing their lighter in the end or even using matches, Hemp Wicks provide a natural and highly satisfying alternative. Many stoners now use Hemp Wicks to light their bowl easily while also reaping various benefits.

Hemp Wicks are essentially strings of hemp that have been coated in beeswax. Once you light the end of your Hemp Wick, it’ll burn slowly and evenly, making it perfect for applying to the bowl of your Bong, Glass Pipe, Bubbler, or other smoking devices. You can then inhale without having to breathe in any butane from your lighter.

You can buy Hemp Wicks in various lengths. Some look similar to a ball of yarn whereas others come in small coils. Whichever way, it’s well worth buying some as you’ll get a lot of use out of them. You can also use them in multiple ways to burn your weed exactly how you want to.

Many people now use Hemp Wicks purely to avoid the experience of inhaling butane when they light their weed. However, they also have various other perks that make them highly preferable to simply using a lighter or matches.

Why Should You Use Hemp Wicks?

Why Should You Use Hemp Wicks?

If you’ve never used Hemp Wicks before, you might think that they’d add a layer of inconvenience when it comes to lighting your bowl. However, after using them, you’ll likely find that using Hemp Wicks to light your weed is more convenient and even enhances your overall smoking experience.

One of the main perks of using Hemp Wicks is that they create a slow and even burn. Lighting your bowl with a lighter usually overheats your weed, leading to harsh burns that often taste unpleasant and hit your lungs hard. Hemp wick burns your weed slowly and smoothly, leading to more satisfying hits.

Hemp Wicks are completely natural and organic, made using nothing but hemp and beeswax. Not only is this great for those who want to live a more organic lifestyle, but it also adds a little extra flavor to your hits. What’s more, since you won’t be scorching your weed with a lighter, you’ll also taste more of the terpenoid profiles of your favorite strains of weed.

Using Hemp Wicks also gives you much more control over exactly how you burn your weed. For instance, many users find it hard to burn the corner of their bowl using a lighter as the flame often covers a large surface area. Instead, you can burn the end of your Hemp Wick and accurately place it in the corner of your bowl, leading to less weed wastage.

How To Use Hemp Wicks

Hemp Wicks can be used in various ways, and the method you choose will largely depend on your personal preferences and how you like to burn your weed. Whichever way, they’re very easy to use and will enhance your smoking experience significantly.

The best way to use your Hemp Wick is to light one end using your lighter or matches. You can then slowly apply the lit end of your Hemp Wick to the bowl of your smoking device. It’ll light your weed and you can then inhale from the mouthpiece for a smooth and flavorful hit.

It’s best to cut off a piece of your Hemp Wick before you light it. After all, this will lead to less waste as well as making it easier to use. Alternatively, you might even want to cut off a smaller piece of Hemp Wick and use it to slowly ignite your weed.

If you want to burn your weed slowly, take a small string of Hemp Wick and place one end in your bowl. You can then light the other end using a lighter or matches and wait for it to slowly burn down to your weed. This might take a little longer, but watching it burn down to the inside of your bowl and smoothly burn your weed can also be highly satisfying.

Where To Buy Hemp Wicks

Where To Buy Hemp Wicks

You can often see Hemp Wicks in head shops and cannabis stores. However, the best way to get Hemp Wicks is to buy them online. That way, you can get high-quality Hemp Wicks at great prices and even have them delivered to your home.

The Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick 5-pack is perfect for all kinds of smokers. These Hemp Wicks are made using 100% organic hemp string expertly cured with 100% natural organic beeswax. For just $8.99, you’ll get five packs of these Hemp Wicks and each pack will last you for multiple smoking sessions.

You might also want to grab some other Smoking Accessories when you order. You can find a range of Lighters, Grinders, and a massive range of premium smoking devices including Bongs, Pipes, and Bubblers.


Using Hemp Wicks is an excellent way to enhance your smoking sessions. Instead of blasting your bowl with a lighter and accidentally breathing in butane, simply light a string of Hemp Wick, carefully apply it to the edge of your bowl, and enjoy the smooth and tasty hits that it provides.

It’s safe, natural, and leads to better-tasting hits and less wastage than lighting your bowl with a lighter or matches. Once you try using Hemp Wicks, you likely won’t want to go back to your old methods. Fortunately, you can buy Hemp Wicks online for cheap as well as plenty of other smoking accessories and devices at Fat Buddha Glass.



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