When shopping for a new piece or just browsing the stores you’ve probably seen a water pipe called a recycler. Well what on Earth is a recycler and how does it benefit you?

What is it?

A recycler is a water pipe typically used with concentrates. It differs from your traditional water pipe in that there is an additional chamber that will funnel the water and smoke back into the original chamber and thus “recycling” the smoke and water.

Why bother?

First, with the position of the second chamber close to the mouth piece, a recycler is meant to pop bubbles created from percolation as close to your mouth as possible giving you a more flavorful hit and reducing the amount of time your smoke has to go stale before it reaches your mouth.

Second, because of the recycling action the vapor has more contact with the water in the pipe which gives you a cooler and smoother hit!

We have a couple recyclers on our site, but this Blue Recycler Water Pipe is my favorite!


Happy Smoking!

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