Everything 420 - The Best Stoner Gifts for Him & Her (Or You!)

Everything 420

We are going to cover everything for 420 fans in this article, so you are prepared for every and any canna-situation. If you are diving into the world of everything 420 you may ask yourself, “Where do I start?”. Well, dear newbie, you start by coming here. Look through this list of gift ideas, and read our explanation of why each gift is a great idea. And after that, you will have a pretty solid understanding of what types of products exist in the cannabis world. Fat Buddha Glass is an ONLINE HEAD SHOP! This means you do not have to leave the safety of your home to be able to find the best stoner gifts and products in the market!

Finding the perfect gift for your stoner friend has always been a tedious task. You don’t want to get them something that they won’t use or be excited about. You want to get them something that brings a smile to their face, every time that they use it. You want to see that joy radiate from their soul as they open an amazing heartfelt gift, from a close friend, you. OR maybe you are trying to find the perfect gift for YOURSELF?! Perfect! You deserve gifts too! This is where we come in. 

We have already done all of the dirty work for you! We have spent hours and hours researching the best bongs and accessories. Here at Fat Buddha, we have worked towards building a collection that has something for everyone. For this specific guide, we took the extra step of distilling our massive collection into a simple list of twenty gift ideas! Our goal here is a whole world full of happy stoners. Alright, enough about us. Now we will get into the good stuff. The best bongs. The dopest designs. The dirtiest deals! Right below.

Top 10 Stoner Gifts For Him

Stoner Gifts for Him

Like we mentioned before, we have already done the hard work of distilling our massive collection down to a few easy gift ideas. So if you are searching for the perfect gift for your fine fella, start reading. Because we have quite the list for you! Enjoy.

Bubble Bong

The 10” Bubble Base Bong

Starting out simple. And beautiful. Simply Beautiful. We have the 10 inch Bubble Base Bong. This piece is the perfect stoner gift! It is from the Fall 2021 season of our Bodhi collection. We definitely recommend checking out all of the cool bongs in the Bodhi collection. They have the best colors. The best designs. And are some of the thickest pieces you will ever hold!! If you are looking for an instant pleaser for any guy (or anybody) this is the one!

Rocket Bong


Fly me to the moon, let me smoke among the stars! Let me know what weed is like on Jupiter or Mars! Here is the perfect gift for any stoner/rocket enthusiast! If your man is always talking about reaching for the stars, this might just be the piece for him. It is SO unique. This rocket-shaped bong will have any cannabis user smiling from ear to ear! 

If you want your friend to have something that stands out in this glass-filled world, get him this bong that can take the two of them out of the world! It comes with everything you need besides the product you are smoking and a lighter. Then, just add water. And your off! Isn’t that crazy? Water-powered fuel? Welcome to the future.

Big Beaker Bong

The 18” FBG Beaker Bong

Are you shopping for someone who likes a challenge? Someone who has always talked about summiting the highest peaks. Who, when faced with extreme danger and challenges, stands tall and overcomes?! Do you yourself aspire to be the person we are describing?! Well, then we have just the bong. 

  • Not For New Comers.
  • This Bong is MASSIVE bong!
  • Minimalistic Design Makes It Easy To Clean

This bong is massive. Our Fat Buddha 18 inch Beaker bong is the best way to put anyone’s smoking abilities to the test. Newcomers beware. That being said, this would also make a funny first bong gift, for someone who has never owned one a day in their life! Or maybe we just have a poor sense of humor. Either way, this product is 18 inches of absolute craftsmanship. 

Rolling papers

Rolling Papers!

TIME TO ROLL! Our rolling paper collection here at Fat Buddha should have everything that you need to be able to toke up on the go, or at home. Rolling papers are essential for any stoner’s cannabis accessories kit. 

  • Convenient.
  • Essential.
  • Feels amazing to use!

We do our best to bring you the best names in the rolling paper game. Names like Raw Rolling Papers. The famous flavored Juicy Jay’s. And products like the massive True Hemp blunt wraps. Check them all out and see if you can find something that matches the personality of whoever you are getting them for! If you really want to spice up this gift, add an ashtray and a roller to make their life a lot cleaner and easier!

Gravity Bong

The Gravitron

This piece is a classic. Grav knocked it out of the park with this beautiful invention. Many at-home DIY stoner engineers have created versions of this bong at home, but none hold a candle to the OG glass gravity bong creator. We believe this is one of the more efficient ways to smoke your material as well. In our experience, you can use a small amount of smoking material while producing a large yield. 

  • A must try smoking experience
  • Using the powers of physics, you get to have a little fun
  • High Quality

You can also use a large amount of smoking material, and experience something different entirely. In the world of everything for 420, this is definitely a fun way to say I know you! Because everyone loves a gravity bong. It’s kind of like hockey. How does the saying go? Everyone is a hockey fan, they just don’t know it yet. Here, we believe, everyone is a gravity bong fan. They just don’t know it yet.

Invincibowl 14mm bowl


Butterfingers. Bad Luck. An overly eager pet. However it happens, it happens to everybody. Breaking your glass bowl is the number one way to put a damper on a good night. But worry not my friends. There is a solution to prevent these silly little mistakes from making a massive negative impact on your life. 

  • Can’t Be Broken! (only lost, so don’t lose it.)
  • Comes in cute colors!
  • Has a screen that will help keep your pieces clean.

That solution is… the INVINCIBOWL! The invincibowl is a bowl that is made out of surgical stainless steel so you can rest easy knowing you aren’t inhaling any toxic materials. It has a removable screen in the base to keep the ash of bowls past from dirtying up your bong! They really did think of everything with this creation, and now you can as well. Check them out now!

Dinosaur Bong

Mini Dina-Bong

It’s got a big head and tiny arms! And it has never looked cuter. This amazing little dina bong will make for the perfect character piece in anyone's glass collection. If you know someone who smokes alone often, or even if you do, know that that does not have to be the case! 

  • Never be alone in a session again.
  • Spark Conversations about dinosaurs and how crazy old they are

You can order our small little friend to keep you company for literally every session you choose to have! The best part? Dinabong would never talk back to you. It comes in multiple colors so whoever you are choosing to get this amazing little mini bong for, they are guaranteed to be happy!

Weed Grinder

The Classic Grinder

Ok. Now we are talking necessity. You can not have a complete session without a herb grinder! We know that there are other options such as pulling your material apart by hand, or using scissors, but let us be the first to tell you. None of those work. At least nowhere near as well as a grinder. A weed grinder will take your material and break it up into an even grind. 

  • Grinders work better than you hands
  • They are essential in any stoners toolkit
  • Grinders are fun to use!

Having your material an even grind helps your bowls burn evenly, and efficiently. This herb grinder is great because it is very minimalistic in its nature. It grinds well and has a keef catch. This sturdy little grinder would make for a perfect travel grinder, or even to have on hand as your everyday machine!

T-rex Putter Pipe

T-rex Putter Pipe

The t-rex putter pipe is such a cool pipe. This glass piece stands up on an angle and has one of the coolest textures in glass that we have seen. Making a pipe like this can take a lot of time and a meticulous sense of attention to detail. If you were looking for a piece that can fit in your hand but is still bold enough to stand out in a crowd, you are in the right place. We have other t-rex textured items, that when paired with this pipe, complete the look. Having a cool pipe, with intricate designs is really what takes you from being someone who likes cannabis to being a sophisticated cannabis enthusiast.

Smoke Buddy

The Smoke Buddy

This is the perfect gift to tell someone that they stink, without having to actually say it. This little device takes all of the smoke from your hits, and captures with its magic force. (It actually is carbon that captures and holds the smoke, getting rid of the smoke and smell as you blow through it) We really love magic like this. The smoke buddy is useful for many situations.

  • If you are smoking on the go. 
  • If you are smoking indoors
  • If you want to minimize the smell. 
  • If you just want to witness the magic that is the smoke buddy.

So again, if you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who tends to carry around those everything 420 smells around with them wherever they go. The smoke buddy is going to be your best bet in ensuring that this happens. Happy Smoking!

Top 10 Stoner Gifts For Her

Stoner Gifts for Her

Getting that special lady a present fit for the way she makes you feel is no easy task. Luckily, if she is someone who likes glass art, or is a fan of everything 420. You are in the right place to find a gift. But again, even if you are here for just you. You are welcome. This is a place to learn. To grow. And to find really dope pieces of glass that you can flaunt. Now go, learn, grow and find your new pieces. 

Rainbow Bong

The Rainbow Bong

This is one of the most popular bongs in Fat Buddha’s history. This glass bong brings all the fun and beauty of the rainbow to each session. Not only that but it will have you feeling like you are floating on a cloud? Why? Because it has cute little cloud features and a rainbow in between them! It is the perfect way to bring the outside, inside. The vibes while you (Or whoever you are getting this for) use this, will always be on cloud 9.

However. Don’t expect to find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. Maybe just a nice cloud bowl, full of green! This unique piece has a slim neck that is perfect for pulling. The rainbow bong is only 9” tall so you know that it will fit anywhere, and be easy for transporting! Bring the power of the rainbow home today!

Rose Bong

Glass Rose Bong

Are you tired of getting the one you love beautiful roses, that do nothing but sit in a vase and then die quickly? How is that the universal sign of love and appreciation? We at Fat Buddha think that we have a much better solution. This gorgeous glass rose bong! 

This glass rose bong is massive, and its most notable feature is its intricate glass rose in the main chamber. This glass bit of flora will never wilt nor fade away. Much like the love that you have to share! So show the one you love what they mean to you. Or show yourself what you are worth by treating yourself to a nice work of glass art. As they say in the reality television world, will you accept this rose?

Pineapple Bong

Golden Pineapple Bong

Few glass creations can top the beauty of this piece. This truly is one of the more popular pieces we have ever had in our shop. Which is what this guide is all about. Bringing you the best of the best, so you don’t have to search! 

Its intricately textured body is not only amazing to look at, but it is amazing to hold. The delicate glass craftsmanship that went into creating the leaves around the mouthpiece is what really stands out to us here. If you want to give someone a piece with as much depth and beauty as they have, this gorgeous pineapple bong might just be the one. 

Diamond Beaker Bong

Diamond Beaker Bong

When we think of glass art, normally we think about smooth features. Rounded edges. The straight glass that stretches forever. And a sense of smoothness all around. While this diamond beaker base bong may have some of the classic stylings of a glass bong, it is anything but ordinary. 

Its thick base has been shaped to have edges like a diamond, giving a beautiful look to a beautiful piece. The design of this bong is so interesting to look at. Not to mention the function of this piece! It has a percolator that makes the rips feel as amazing as this piece looks! Overall this piece really is a gem.

Rolling Bundle

Rolling Bundle!

Are you not sure what they may like? Are you questioning if they even would want what you are choosing? Still don’t know everything 420? Well, we are here to tell you that rolling papers are the best option for you. Every stoner loves rolling papers. They can be used in every situation. They are easy to travel with. You do not need anything else besides the papers themselves to use them. 

This rolling accessories bundle pack is a compilation of the best papers, and blunt wraps that a stoner needs. Not to mention that it is a great deal, for how much you are getting. 

Cobra Dab Rig Bong

Cobra Bong/Rig

Are you looking to gift a glass piece that is out of this world? This cobra bong feels like it came from a different planet. It is so cool looking. Because of the way light hits this bong, every angle you look at it from, looks a little different. The Cobra bong also makes for a nice smoking companion. 

Now you or whoever you are purchasing this for never have to smoke alone again! This cobra looks like it is wrapping itself tightly around its prey. Now you just have to pray, that you aren’t next!

Infinity Glass Pipe

The Infinity Pipe

This is the most intricately created glass piece on this entire list. It is also the smallest. This beauty is called the infinity pipe. The infinity pipes glass was blown with .999 fine silver, so it is going to change color and look different the more that you use it. The body of the pipe is twisted in a way that represents infinity. Which is part of the reason this pipe is so beautiful. If you are looking for something that is sure to please look nor further than our classic, infinity pipe. 

Devil Pipe

Devil Pipe

The world of everything 420 designs would not be complete without a little bit of spookiness! In comes the Devil Pipe! This pipe is perfect for someone who appreciates the yin and the yang. You can not have good without evil, and this pipe can be a good symbol of remembering that. The good is the cannabis that you are using, aka the good good. And the bad is the devil horns and spooky tail that wraps around the pipe. This pipe is also simply a cool pipe. When you hold it you feel like you have harnessed the powers of the underworld! 

Juicy Jay's Rolling Papers

Juicy Jays

It is time to spice up this list with a little bit of flavor! The Juicy Jay Variety pack comes with 6 different flavors of rolling papers! There are so many options that you will definitely find one that you love. Smoking with flavored rolling papers is a completely different experience than using regular papers such as Raw. 

If you are looking to mix it up, and maybe even try something new. These are the papers for you. This option is also perfect if you are unsure about what to gift someone. With a variety of different flavors, no stoner will leave unhappy after seeing this pack! 

Heart Bong

Heart Bong

What better gift to show your love and appreciation, than the actual symbol of love itself! Meet the heart bong! This thing is the cutest bong you will ever find. It is 9” tall so you do not have to worry about it taking up too much counter space. 

This bong is simple, easy to clean, and did we mention how cute it is already? Watch as the person's eyes light up as they open this beautiful little piece of glass art. If you want a cool bong to gift, or for yourself look no further. At the crossroads of form and function, you have this beautiful little pink heart bong. No bong would be better at finishing out our list of stoner gift ideas. 

Time to Wrap it up (Or Roll it)

So now that you have been through the full list, hopefully, you have a deeper insight into the world of everything 420 deals. As you can tell we are huge fans of everything 420 and want the stigma that surrounds the world to come crashing down. The only way we can do this is by slowly teaching everyone from a grassroots level up to about the cannabis world! Highlighting that amazing people work in this industry and the many talented artists and creators alike that are the backbone of this community! Not only are the creators a large part of the community, but YOU are as well! Yes, you! Without you searching for articles like this one, we wouldn’t want to do this work in the first place. You keep us going, and you are what helps drive this community to a better and brighter future. 

If you have any questions at all about anything you read above or anything regarding the world of cannabis, or you just want to say hello to someone. Please, reach out! We love hearing from this amazing community. Feel free to tell us how you think we can better serve you! But for now, we just want you to know that we are very grateful for you. Good luck, and happy gift searching!