10 Best Glass Pipes of 2019

A good pipe is every traveler’s best friend. It’s portable, you can take a casual sesh on the go, and once you’re done, you can easily conceal the pipe in a pocket.

Some of the best pipes on the market offer not only portability and convenience but also flavorful smoke that can get you the most of your favorite strains.

Pipes can be made with several different materials, from wood to silicone to glass. In this article, we’ll cover the top 10 glass pipes of 2019 according to our community.

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to get a high-quality glass pipe without breaking the bank, the answer is a sound yes — don’t take our word for it, check the prices of our glass pipes yourself.

Let’s choose the next beauty for your upcoming sesh!

1. Glow in the Dark Scorpion Pipe

Considered by our customers as “best glass possible”, this pipe is not only made of sturdy glass but it will also sting everyone with its unique design.

This isn’t an ordinary pipe, although you won’t be able to tell that unless you switch the lights off in your room before a little puff-puff-pass. As the name suggests, the pipe glows in the dark, highlighting the scorpion shape while keeping the base away from everyone’s sight.

The pipe’s base is available in three different colors, with four options of the scorpion color. It’s also handmade using borosilicate glass and you can easily conceal it in your pocket — the pipe is only 4” inches long.

2. Color Changing Glass Pipe Twist KS19

If you’ve been considering adding a touch of luxury to your collection of pipes, this model will be your best bet. Our color changing glass pipe is fumed with .999 silver, featuring the perfect bowl size with much airflow for powerful and smooth hits.

Color Changing Glass Pipe Twist

The piece has a classic glass spoon twist design and uses borosilicate glass to ensure a high degree of sturdiness. Like most glass pipes i this ranking, this color changing glass pipe is 4” inches long, allowing for enjoyable travels with your favorite strains.

3. Color Changing Glass Pipe with Dichroic KS21

Some people get easily bored with their smoking accessories and they’re always on the lookout for new pieces that will bring that short-term satisfaction back. 

Are you that type of smoker?

Then this pipe is exactly what you’re looking for. The more you use this piece, the more it will change colors. You’re going to experience an array of blues, greens, and even purples. The pipe also features a beautiful dichroic accent that only adds to its already amazing appeal.

This unit has a thick condensed mouthpiece, so be prepared for potent hits.

4. Color Changing Coral Reef Glass Pipe

This is hands down the best pipe of 2019 when it comes to design. Inspired by the coral reef, this pipe has so many beautiful colors throughout it that you could stare at it forever. Better yet, the colors will change as the glass is used.

The Coral Reef Glass Pipe is made of thick borosilicate glass, so you don’t have to worry about it falling down on the ground and shattering into bits and pieces. If you remember about proper maintenance, this piece will serve you for years to come — making your friends envious of its unique style.

5. Honeycomb Gold & Silver Fumed Glass Pipe KS31

We all have that friend who tends to break every piece they come in contact with. At Fat Buddha Glass, we have something special for that type of smokers, too. 

Color Changing Coral Reef Glass Pipe

This glass is made with heavy borosilicate glass, weighing 120 grams. You’d need to be extremely talented to damage this piece. Not only that, but the pipe also comes with a spacey design, fumed with 24k gold and .999 fine silver — something you’ll definitely appreciate during your next sesh with a heavy-hitting indica.

6. 4” Glass Pipe Inside Out Gold Fumed (Tornado Glass Bowl) KS42

This piece is an amazing device that combines portability with a smooth experience and gorgeous design. Gold fumed inside-out, the pipe changes colors when you use it, from royal green to pale copper. You can tell by the look at this unit that it has been crafted by a true artisan.

Besides the mouthwatering look, the pipe offers a great smoking experience. It comes with a nice bowl and good-sized carb which facilitates airflow and produces smooth hits that can still pack a punch.

7. 5.5” Spiral Pipe with Slyme (Staff Choice)

This glass pipe is one of our favorites. It features a classy style and, at the same time, it’s very comfortable to hold. While the pipe is slightly larger than those we’ve already mentioned in our ranking — it’s 5,5” long — you can still easily hide it in your jacket or backpack.

On top of that, the pipe has a cool spiral design with some Slyme dots, which only adds to its overall appeal. It was annealed in a kiln for high quality and unmatched durability.

8. Dichroic Blue Bomber Glass Pipe

Another piece from our selection of silver-fumed pipes, this piece has been made using quality borosilicate glass and .999 fine silver. It changes colors with use, allowing you to explore a wide range of amber, blue, green, and purple shades.

Dichroic Blue Bomber Glass Pipe

The pipe is 4” long and it also has a dichroic glass that gives it unique styling.

9. Inside Out Frog Glass Pipe KS40

Looking for a unique pattern inside your pipe? Then you may want to consider giving this frog pipe a try. 

Two frogs are leaping from the mouthpiece to the bowl as if they were trying to steal your green goodies and take it away through the mouthpiece. The pipe is made from two different high-quality tubes and hits as good as it looks.

With the 4.5” length, this piece will be a good companion for your on-the-go sessions.

10. Purple Dichroic Glass Pipe KS34

Featuring a classic spoon design, this pipe uses sparkling dichroic glass to add extra shine to your collection. Despite its inconspicuous appearance, the piece isn’t your average lightweight pipe. In fact, it weighs over 100 grams, which is pretty much for a 4.5” unit. 

On top of the sturdiness, the pipe offers a dee bowl and decent size carb, which allows for packing more herbs inside and creates great airflow for smooth hits.

What’s your favorite pipe from our list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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