How to Make a Homemade Bong

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation when you’d indulge in that freshly bought bag of Strawberry Zkittlez, but you have nothing to smoke out of.

That’s a smoker’s biggest nightmare.

But don’t worry, your household is probably full of bongs — and you might not even be aware of that fact. The wealth of objects perfectly suited for you to make your own bong or pipe is amazing, and in this article, we’ll teach you how to use everyday items to make a homemade smoking device.

Of course, you can't expect them to be some crazy elaborate bongs featuring four chambers and two percolators, but in a hopeless situation like that, you’re not in a position to complain.

Okay, so before we show you how to make a homemade bong with your daily drivers, we’d like to share some handy tips with you.

Below we get into details.

Opt for Sturdy Produce and Plastic Containers

1. Opt for Sturdy Produce and Plastic Containers

The best items for making a homemade bong are sturdy items. Some of the most popular picks include carrots, apples, bell peppers, and water bottles. Their shape is quite reminiscent of the bong, but the best part about these products is that they are sturdy enough to carve a bowl into them to create a steamroller.

2. Gather as Many Pieces as Possible

Making a homemade bong can take some trial and error — especially if you’ve already smoked that day — so it’s important to get as many bong-like pieces as possible. You can go seasonal and make a bong out of pretty much everything in your surroundings. Use watermelon bongs in the summer, or pumpkin bongs in the fall — just get creative.

3. Don’t Use Juicy or Mushy Produce

While apples and peppers are perfect if you want to make a homemade bong, you can’t say the same about bananas, oranges and the like. What these types of produce lacks is cleanliness, particularly if you want to poke a hole for the bowl in your piece. Instead, you can choose fruits such as strawberries — they work well as natural one-hitters.

4. There Are Certain Must-haves for the Job

Want to poke a hole in your homemade bong? Then a pen with ink removed will be necessary for the job.

Aluminum foil is another decent material for connecting separate elements of your device. Just don’t try to make a bowl out of it; the heat from your lighter can trigger oxidation and release dangerous compounds — unless you have nothing else to make a bowl out of.

Last but not least, you may want to use a toothpick to create a makeshift screen on a fruit bong.

There Are Certain Must-haves for the Job

5. Mind the Air Filter

Grab a toilet paper tube and wrap a dryer sheet over its end. Secure it with a rubber hand, then exhale smoke through it to mask any smell and keep your sesh low-profile

5 Surefire Ideas for Making a Homemade Bong

Now it’s time to elaborate on how to make a homemade bong using the aforementioned everyday items.

Off we go!

1. Two-liter Gravity Bong

This one is reserved for seasoned smokers because it can hit users heavily if they come unprepared.

To make a homemade gravity bong, you’ll need a plastic two-liter bottle, aluminum foil, a sharp object, and some water.

To begin with, cut a small bowl out of tin foil and poke a few holes in it with a sharp knife. Then, fill the bottle with water and secure the foil on the mouthpiece.

Finally, light the bowl and poke a small hole in the bottom side of the bottle over a sink. As the water drains out of the bottle, the smoke will start to fill your bong. This is when you should unscrew the cap and inhale until the bong is clear.

2. An Apple

This item is perfect for those who remember getting high in highschool when there were no bongs or pipes around. This method involves using a pen and an apple.

Start by taking off the apple’s stem and using a hollow pen to dig into the center of the fruit, no further than the middle.

Now, use the pen to create a mouthpiece on one side of the apple — the one connecting to the now hollow core. You can keep the pen inside and use it as a stem, or you can inhale directly from the fruit.

An Apple Bong

3. A Pringles Can

This homemade bong requires some extra hardware aside from a Pringles can — ideally, you should gather a stem, a sharp object, and duct tape.

Start by emptying the Pringles can, and transfer the chips somewhere safe for when the munchies kick in. Then fashion a small hole for the removable bowl to drop into the bottom of your can. Once safe, tape the bowl down to secure it and create a perfect mouthpiece. 


4. A Honey Bear

This will be a sweet experience. For this job, you’ll need an empty honey bear container, a sharp knife, and a removable bowl with a stem.

Cut a small hole in the honey bear’s belly and place your bowl into it. You can tape the bowl for extra safety. If there’s some honey left in your container, draw from the yellow tip where the honey comes out and enjoy sweet yet powerful rips.

5. Toilet Paper Roll Steamroller

While not technically a bong, saying that you’ve just smoked some good shit sounds totally legit with this homemade pipe. For this method, you’ll need a toilet paper roll, aluminum foil, and a sharp pen.

Poke a pen-sized hole about two inches from the end of the roll. Then work some tin foil into the bowl and place it within the hole. Cover the end near the bowl with your hand and draw from the opposite side of roll — you can use more tin foil to create an end cap for greater convenience.

How to

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