5 Different Types of Pipes

A Pipe is a cannabis lover’s best friend. Although you may want to smoke your weed out of something more advanced like a big-hitter bong or a vaporizer at times, a pipe comes in clutch for those situations where you want a hassle-free way to simply pack a bowl, light up, and smoke. Pipes are usually small, convenient, and often much more discreet than alternative accessories. They’re also affordable, making them a must-have gadget for any pot smoker.

As basic as pipes can be, they can also come in all kinds of materials, shapes, and sizes. For instance, while one user might prefer a well-built glass pipe for smoking their weed, another might use a foldable one-hitter pipe to get a good hit on the go. Many marijuana enthusiasts end up buying multiple pipes as they can often come in handy for different situations. Plus, some are simply great to look at and make for nifty collector’s items.

The benefit of pipes is that once you have a good one, all you need is your pipe, a lighter, and some weed to get a hit wherever you are. However, with so many choices, which pipe should you buy? Here’s a guide to five different types of pipes you might want to try out for yourself.

1. Spoon Pipes

Spoon Pipes are one of the most popular types of pipes. They come in the form of small, handheld, glass pipes shaped like a wide-handled spoon. The design of spoon pipes makes it easy to pack a nice big bowl and light it up, with plenty of space to fill with cannabis flower and get a potent hit.

Spoon Pipes are made up of four key parts- the bowl, mouthpiece, neck, and carb. The bowl is the large area where you pack your weed (or other smokable product). The carb is the small hole to the side of the bowl which makes it easy to control the airflow of each hit. The stem is the area in which the smoke travels through while the mouthpiece is where you inhale to take your hit.

Best Spoon Pipes to Buy

These types of pipes are perfect for those who want something small, convenient, and effective. They’re easy enough to carry around and take a quick hit from anywhere you like. The glass structure also makes it easy to clean, and they come in all kinds of cool and colorful glass-art designs. 

You’ll want to be careful with them as they are prone to cracking if you drop them, but they make for great smoking companions and you can get a high-quality Spoon Pipe for cheap.

Best Spoon Pipes to Buy

Spoon Pipes are very common and you won’t have a hard time finding one you like in a smoke shop or head shop. There’s also a wide range of high-quality Spoon Pipes to buy online in all kinds of styles. These pipes are available for delivery all over the United States. Here are a few worth checking out.

Glass Pipe Blue Inside Smoking Pipe Bowl KS28 - This nifty portable spoon pipe is only 3.5 inches in length, so it’s easy to carry around if you want to smoke with a friend or take a hit on the go. With an ocean-like design and .999 fine silver accents, it looks great and works just as well.

Dichroic Glass Pipe KS12 - The red and yellow dichroic design makes this one of the coolest glass pipes to buy. Along with its eye-catching colors, it’s also well-built with a nice wide bowl to take some nice, smooth hits.

Glow in the Dark Pipe - If you want something extra fancy, then check out this Glow in the Dark Pipe. At 6 inches, it provides a little extra length than many Spoon Pipes while still being portable giving you some nice long hits. However, the main attraction is its neon green glow, making it extra fun to smoke in the dark.

2. Sherlock Pipes

Another one of the best types of pipes to buy is a Sherlock Pipe. These are usually also made of glass, although you can also find wooden or ceramic Sherlock Pipes. They’re known for their unique style, mimicking old-fashioned English smoking pipes, much like the type you’d see in the hands of Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Pipes can differ quite a bit in style, but usually have an elongated, curved neck making the mouthpiece higher than the bowl. As such, it’s easy to light them up and take a nice, long hit without feeling too cramped. You can also find Sherlock Pipes in all kinds of cool and unique designs, so there’s one to suit everybody.

Best Sherlock Pipes to Buy

Some Sherlock Pipes are portable enough to carry around, although the curved shape might make them a little awkward to put in your pocket. Some are longer and make for great pipes to use at home. Whichever way, Sherlock Pipes are very popular for smokers and make for great smoking tools.

Best Sherlock Pipes to Buy

Whether you want a portable Sherlock Pipe or a standing Sherlock Pipe, they’re available in all kinds of great designs. There are many Sherlock Pipes to buy online, but here are a few worth checking out.

Purple Haze Glass Sherlock Pipe - This Sherlock Pipe stands out thanks to its colorful, psychedelic design. The standing style makes it easy to light the bowl and take a nice, long hit. Due to the larger design, it’s best for use as a handy home pipe. It’s great to look at and great to smoke with.

Cobalt Sherlock Glass Pipe - Another brilliant Sherlock Pipe with a beautiful blue and white translucent design. It’s another standing pipe that makes for some smooth and silky hits. Fumed with .999 fine and white cane, this is a quality Sherlock Pipe for any user.

Glass Sherlock Smoking Pipe - If you want something nice and basic, this portable Glass Sherlock Smoking Pipe is perfect for taking a quick hit on the go. It’s available in various colors of transparent glass. Although it isn’t the biggest, you’ll get some fantastic hits from this fancy Sherlock Pipe.

3. Color Changing Pipes

Color Changing Pipes are ideal for pot smokers who want a funky and psychedelic pipe that also provides a great smoking experience. They’re usually made of glass, but come in all kinds of unique and quirky designs with changing colors.

These pipes are fumed with precious metals which change colors when the resin from your marijuana interacts with them. As such, they can end up transforming into all kinds of colors but will go back to their default form as soon as you clean them. The best thing about Color Changing Pipes is that they only get more interesting the more you smoke.

Best Color Changing Pipes to Buy

These are some of the craziest and most colorful pipes you can buy. They’re great collector’s items for any weed enthusiast, as well as being super useful whenever you need a good hit of weed. Many of these are portable Spoon Pipes, but Color Changing Pipes can come in all kinds of unique designs.

Best Color Changing Pipes to Buy

If you want a pipe that stands out and only gets better the more you use it, Color Changing Pipes are ideal. They come in all kinds of cool designs and there are many Color Changing Pipes to buy online. Here are some of the best Color Changing Pipes to buy.

Color Changing Glass Pipe with Dichroic - This pipe instantly catches your eye thanks to its cool design and range of colors. But the more you use it, the better it’ll get, with all kinds of different hues and shades coming out of the portable device. Plus, with a wide bowl and thick mouthpiece, you’ll get some top-notch hits out of this nifty Color Changing Pipe.

Honeycomb Gold & Silver Fumed Glass Pipe - This thick and heavy glass pipe is fumed with 24k gold and .999 fine silver, making for some incredible color changes as you smoke it. The design is great for smooth hits, and the more hits you take, the more color will come out of the unique honeycomb design.

3D Inside Out Glass Smoking Pipe - Another beautiful glass pipe with an awesome 3D design. It’s fumed with .999 fine silver and the thick, wide design provides great airflow for some heavy hits.

4. Unique Pipes

Unique Pipes are pipes that go against the grain. As fun as Color Changing Pipes and Sherlock Pipes can be, Unique Pipes suit users who want something even more out there. They can come in all kinds of different materials and the designs can take the form of anything from animals to vegetables.

Despite their strange shapes and styles, Unique Pipes are still designed with the same high-quality materials you’d find in other pipes. They’re also tailored for great airflow, allowing for some amazing hits of weed.

Best Unique Pipes to Buy

Some of these pipes are small enough to carry in your pocket, whereas some you’ll want to keep at home. Either way, they make for great collector’s pieces and will look amazing on a shelf, mantlepiece or anywhere else if you choose to display your smoking accessories.

Best Unique Pipes to Buy

Unique Pipes can describe all kinds of pipes with weird and wonderful designs. There are plenty of Unique Pipes to buy online and in many stores, but here are some of the most outlandish ones to check out.

Fish Chillum 24k Gold Fumed One-hitter - At just 3 inches, this pipe is small, portable, and has one of the most unique designs out there. You’ll be taking your hits out of a small, glass fish, and while it’s not the biggest pipe, it’s fantastic for use as a one-hitter. The 24k gold fuming adds to the appeal.

Pickle Pipe - This Pickle Pipe isn’t shaped too differently from regular glass pipes, but it has a lot more character. At around 6 inches in length, you can get some great hits from the pickle-like design. It’s also one of the most fun pipes to look at, especially after a few hits.

Rasta Gandalf Pipe - Like a Sherlock Pipe taken to the next level. This nifty smoking pool mimics Gandalf’s pipe, only with Rastafarian colors to make for an awesome and unique design. At 10 inches in length, you’ll get some long, smooth hits from this uniquely styled pipe.

5. Bongs (Water Pipes)

Bongs are very similar to pipes, only with the added benefit of being able to filter your smoke through water for a cleaner, purer hit. They work in a very similar way to pipes with a mouthpiece, stem, bowl, and carb, and they’re often referred to as Water Pipes.

Although pipes are usually best for portable smoking, bongs are usually better for those who want the best hits possible. They’re usually larger and have longer necks, plus the added benefit of filtering your smoke through water makes some amazing hits.

Best Bongs/Water Pipes to Buy

Bongs can come in all kinds of styles, from portable Mini Bongs to complex Scientific Bongs. They’re some of the best smoking tools out there and are usually a step up from pipes if you want something simple yet powerful.

Best Bongs/Water Pipes to Buy

Whether you want a simple bong for quick and easy smoking or something with added features for the best hits possible, there are many bongs/water pipes to buy online. Here are some of the best bongs to check out.

Beaker Bong - If you want a simple and effective water pipe, you can’t go wrong with this 10-inch beaker bong. With a wide mouthpiece and plenty of room in the bowl, you can get some amazing hits with this. Just add some water to the stem, light up, and enjoy.

Glass Bong with 4 percolators E3 - This 14-inch glass bong features 4 percolators which cool down the smoke as it travels through the stem. As such, you’ll get some refreshingly cool and pure hits with this advanced water pipe.

Purple Twist Bong - With a twist percolator and ice catcher, this bong provides you with some of the best hits possible. If you want a handy home bong that looks great and works a treat, this is a solid choice.


Whether you need a simple portable pipe, something that looks cool or something advanced, there are many different types of pipes to choose from. You can find all of these and more at FatBuddhaGlass.com, and every item is available for delivery all across the United States.


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