10 Best Munchie Foods to Eat When High
Munchies to eat while high

Great Munchies For Being Stoned 

Pretty much every stoner has gotten the munchies at some point in their life. If you live under a rock though and have somehow not experienced this phenomenon, then know that munchies are an intense hunger (mostly for snack foods) that many people get when they're high. Because getting the munchies is so common, it's a good idea to plan for what you're going to eat before you rip your bong, bubbler, or pipe. And while some people good at this, others scrounge the fridge and are left in disappointment not knowing what to eat. This guide will go over all the best foods to eat when you have the munchies so that you know what to stock up on ahead of time. 

Why do you get hungry when you're high? 

Before talking about what foods are best to stuff your face with, you might be interested in knowing why it is that you get high when you're hungry. There are multiple different explanations as to why weed causes munchies, one dealing with the brain and the other with the stomach. Without getting too technical, THC interacts with the area of your brain associated with taste and smell. This makes everything taste better and will make you want to keep eating once you start. Plus, your sense of smell is more sensitive too, so if you happen to smell any food it'll surely spark your appetite. 

The stomach explanation has to do with the fact that THC activates a hormone called ghrelin; ghrelin is the hormone in charge of regulating appetite. Ghrelin is a naturally occurring and necessary hormone but THC over activates it. When we get high, our body feels like it's starving… couple that with a more robust sense of smell/taste and boom the munchies. 

10 best foods to eat when stoned 

Pizza: You can't go wrong with pizza, whether this means throwing a pizza in the oven or ordering out, pizza is going to hit the spot. When you're high you want greasy, extra tasty foods and pizza provides just that. Plus, pizza is a safe option if you are blazing with friends, everyone likes pizza. 

Tacos: If you want to still play it safe but don't want to get something as basic as pizza then tacos are the option for you. Most people still really love tacos, but they don't have them as much as pizza. Plus, bonus points if you're getting stoned on a Tuesday. 

Loaded fries: Loaded fries are one of gods greatest creations, it's as simple as that. Loaded fries are the perfect mix of a bunch of great stoner snack foods (fries, bacon, sour cream, and cheese). If you have the energy, making your own can be a good time. 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Grilled cheese is quick and easy, which is exactly why it's a great thing to whip up once you're high. Grilled cheese was many people's first food they learned to cook, so there's no better way to get nostalgic. 

Mozzarella sticks: The king of appetizers, mozzarella sticks make for an amazing stoner snack. Admittedly, mozzarella sticks probably won't satisfy your munchies all the way unless you eat a lot. But still, if you're just looking for a snack or maybe even a second meal, mozzarella sticks are a stoner's best friend.  

Chicken wings: If you haven't noticed the trend before, it should now be getting apparent that appetizers are great stoner foods. Chicken wings are another great sharable stoner snack because they're easy to just throw in a big bowl for the whole table. 

Cheese Quesadilla: This one is for all you hippie vegetarian stoners out there. Cheese quesadillas are a simple and tasty meal that doesn't involve meat. If you want you can add extras like sour cream, tomatoes, onions, or peppers to make it a more filling meal. 

Brownies: Brownies are not a replacement for these other options, they're merely supplementary and let's face it when you've got the munchies it's tough to just choose one food. After you're done with your pizza or whatever else you choose to eat, eat a few brownies to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Cookies: If you're not a brownie person but still fiending for a dessert, cookies are the way to go. There are tons of good store-bought options for cookies (not so much for brownies) so if you don't feel like baking that’s no problem with cookies. 

Rice Krispies: Last but not least on the list is rice Krispies. Specifically, homemade rice Krispies. Now this will take some time and effort to make but trust us when we say it will be well worth it. Digging into a dish of warm homemade rice Krispie cake when you're high is a top-tier feeling. 

Best Fast-Food Options 

If you didn't get a chance to go shopping or you just simply don't want to have to cook/bake anything, ordering fast food can be a great option. Luckily for you, modern delivery apps can get you pretty much any fast-food option you can think of in a matter of minutes. What are the best fast-food options for when you're high? Here are our top three: 

Taco Bell: Taco Bell is known as great drunk food, but it is great stoner food as well! Taco Bell knows its customer base (a bunch of stoners and drunk people) and they cater to them well. Opt for whatever their box deal at present is, that way it's cheap and you'll get multiple foods (hope for the nacho fry box). 

Popeyes: Fried chicken is arguably the best stoner dish out there, and Popeyes offers grade A fried chicken. There's a reason Louisiana is touted as having great food, so serve your soul some Popeyes and reap the tasty reward. 


Cookout: This one is only for folks who live in the south. If you do happen to live near a cookout though, it is a great stoner restaurant. They have just about every type of fast food item you can think of on their menu, so you can confidently get whatever it is your craving and all on the cheap too.  


Munchies are the most common side effect of smoking. Munchies are the result of THC interacting with the part of our brain responsible for taste/smell as well as activating the hormone in our gut that manages our appetite. When you get the munchies, salty greasy food is going to be what you want most, it's what tastes the best after all. Hopefully, now you have a good idea of specifically what these best munchie foods are. As long as you have something on the list (or something similar), no matter what you choose you will be on the right path to satisfy your munchies and enjoy your high. 


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