Blunt Wraps A Complete Guide

how to roll a blunt

Blunt Wraps A Complete Guide  

Given the number of stoners and weed smokers out there, it's surprising that there are so many people who can't roll a blunt. And while bongs, pipes, and other devices are great, everyone should experience what it's like to smoke a nice juicy blunt 

What is a Blunt 

A blunt is essentially a cigar that has been hallowed and filled with cannabis. They typically use papers like these blunt wraps. Don't confuse a blunt with a joint either, while they're both similar, a blunt is the only one that uses tobacco rolling paper. Blunts also tend to be a little longer and therefore might give you more of a high. To really understand what a blunt is, it’s best to get hand on experience and smoke it. And if you're up for the challenge of learning how to roll a blunt, you won't be disappointed. This guide will go over exactly how to roll a blunt as well as other general information about blunts you might be interested in knowing. 

Why Blunts are so Popular 

Blunts are polarizing, people either love them or hate them. People who love blunts tend to smoke them almost religiously, so blunts often appear very popular because they have essentially what is a cult following. The main reason some people fall in love with blunts is their taste and smell. Specifically, people love the mix of the tobacco wrap with the marijuana filling, it creates a very distinct and enjoyable feeling. Along similar lines, the tobacco wrap adds a type of buzz to your session that is energizing and can change your high. Other reasons people love blunts include their portability and that they’re slow burning. These advantages aren't unique to blunts but they nonetheless are very important qualities in any smoking method. Their portability means you can take a blunt anywhere you go, and their slow burning effect means they are great for sharing and passing around a smoke circle. 

How Much Weed is in a Blunt? 

In general, somewhere in the vicinity of one to two grams of weed is appropriate for a blunt. Remember that blunts are a little bit bigger than joints so don't be surprised by this number if you are used to rolling Js. It's also possible that you will need more than two grams of weed, you will have to assess how much weed to pack in based on the size of the blunt wrap. Another factor to consider is if you are sharing this blunt with a group of friends. If you are, then you probably will want to pack a bit more in and make it fatter than if you were smoking it by yourself. How much weed is in a blunt is variable, as long as you can still adequately roll your blunt, put however much weed in your blunt as you desire. 

Smoking a Blunt isn't for Everyone 

Like we said earlier, people either love or hate blunts and it's pretty split in terms of where people align. This is mostly because for the same reason some people love blunts, other people hate them (the added smell and taste that comes from the tobacco wrap). Some people simply do not enjoy the added buzz and others similarly despise the taste of tobacco. Furthermore, people often cite a blunt as being a much harsher smoke than the very similar Joint. The bottom line is that blunts aren't for everyone, if you like the mix of weed and tobacco then they're perfect for you, but if not then stick to Joints. 

How to Roll a Blunt in Six Easy Steps 

Grind your Cannabis 

The first step is to grind your cannabis up into what's known as shake. Having large buds of cannabis in your blunt won't make for a good smoke, so make sure that you grind your herb down to a somewhat fine consistency. If it’s an even burn you want, then you should be using a grinder. On the flip side, if you want more of a slow burn consider the traditional method of using your hands. 

Get your Blunt Wrap Ready 

There are two ways to prepare a blunt wrap to be filled with your precious herb. The first method consists of hollowing out swishers or backwoods. This is the more traditional method and can make for a fun experience if it's your first time. If you are preparing your own wrap, you need to prepare it by splitting it. Take a blade or something sharp and cut into the blunt lengthwise. After you have split the blunt just empty all the tobacco. Nowadays though, there are plenty of pre-hallowed cigarillos that you can buy at the corner store.  

Wet your Blunt Wrap 

Wetting your blunt might seem like a peculiar step in the process but it is a necessary one. Adding some moisture to your wrap can seal up any accidental tears that might happen during the emptying or rolling process. On top of this, adding water to your blunt wrap will make it easier to handle. If you are rolling a blunt just for yourself, then a bit of saliva will work fine. If you are rolling a blunt to share or for someone else then you should probably just dip your fingers into some tap water instead. 

Add your Cannabis 

After you have split and wet your wrap it's time to pack it full of the good stuff. Remember that the standard amount of marijuana in a blunt is between one to two grams, but feel free to adjust accordingly and add more if you're smoking with a group. 

Roll your Blunt 

Here's the tricky part that you will likely need some practice with, rolling the blunt. Using both hands, bring one edge of the wrap over the other edge and tuck in it, completely encasing all the marijuana. Keep in mind that if your wrap isn't wet enough it will be susceptible to cracking and potentially breaking. 

Seal it up and Start Smoking 

To seal your blunt simply lick the edge of the wrap that is over top of the other and then press it down. This is similar to sealing a letter, the moisture will make the wrap on the top stick to the one beneath it. Make sure that the blunt is completely sealed the entire length of the wrap so that you don't have any spillage. 


Blunts are a must-try smoking method, and while they aren't quite as iconic as a joint, they are certainly a worthwhile experience. Ultimately though, whether you love or hate blunts will likely come down to how you feel about the mix of tobacco paper and marijuana, whether you like the added flavor, smell, and buzz or not. If you do want to try it, know that rolling a blunt is a simple process, after a few blunts you will be a pro, so don't let the rolling process deter you. And now that you have read this guide, you should know exactly how to roll a blunt, so get out there and get to it! 


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