Why Do Pipes, Bongs, Joints, and Blunts Give Different Highs

Why Do Pipes, Bongs, Joints, and Blunts Give Different Highs

Dried, ground cannabis can be used in all kinds of ways, with some of the most popular being Pipes, Bongs, Joints, and Blunts. Each of these methods has its pros and cons. For instance, smoking joints can be fantastic for social situations whereas bongs are great for when you want a powerful high at home. What’s more, each method of consumption provides a slightly different high.

Many factors can impact your smoking experience. For instance, each strain has unique effects and your tolerance and how much you use will naturally also have an impact. However, even when you’re using the same strain of weed in the same quantity, Pipes, Bongs, Joints, and Blunts can all offer a unique high.

Many users choose their method of consumption based on the kind of experience they provide. For instance, some users enjoy the added effects of tobacco you get from using a blunt whereas some find that pipes offer one of the quickest and most effective highs. But why do Pipes, Bongs, Joints, and Blunts give different highs? Here’s a guide.

Why Do Pipes Give A Different High?

One of the most popular ways to smoke weed or tobacco is by using a Pipe. Pipes come in various shapes and sizes, from basic and handy Spoon Pipes to fancy Sherlock Pipes. These can be found in most smoke shops and you can even buy Pipes online. Even if you enjoy using joints or blunts, it’s worth having a Pipe due to how convenient they are.

The benefit of using a Pipe is that you can carry it anywhere and get a quick hit of weed easily and efficiently. They save you the hassle of rolling a joint while still offering maximum convenience. However, when compared to smoking a joint, the high from smoking a Pipe feels a little different.

There’s not much scientific research into why different methods of smoking provide different highs, but smoking from a Pipe likely feels different due to how much THC you take in at once. When you smoke a joint, your herb burns slowly and the hits aren’t as big. Pipes can give you a smooth, unfiltered hit of THC that reaches your lungs instantly, giving you powerful effects within seconds.

It’s easy to pack the bowl of your pipe full of weed and take a huge hit, so Pipes will likely get you high quicker. Of course, you can space out your hits or add less weed for milder effects. It also helps that there’s no burning paper when you smoke a Pipe. Some users may feel like Pipe smoke is smoother and gives you less of a hazy high.

Tips For Getting High With A Pipe

Tips For Getting High With A Pipe

Pipes offer one of the easiest ways to get high, and it’s also easy to enhance your high with a Pipe if you want stronger effects. No matter what kind of Pipe you use, they generally work the same and are simple enough for anyone to operate.

To use a Pipe, simply load your bowl with as much weed as you want. Now, all you have to do is light your weed and inhale from the mouthpiece. You can inhale as much as you want, but it only takes a small hit to feel the effects. The effects will hit you instantly and you can relight and smoke more if you wish.

If you want to make the effects even more powerful, you can also add cannabis concentrates to your bowl. These don’t burn well on their own, but you can mix them with some weed or other dry herbs to ensure you get the potent high-THC effects. 

Alternatively, you might want to mix your weed with tobacco. This makes the effects of THC a little milder, but the nicotine will add some effects of its own.

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Why Do Bongs Give A Different High?

Bongs are often referred to as Water Pipes. They work in much the same ways as Pipes, but with the added benefit of filtering your smoke through water. They’re easy to set up and can get you high within minutes. What’s more, many users find that Bongs provide one of the best highs possible- especially as they include various features to enhance your smoking experience.

One of the main advantages of Bongs is that they’re usually larger than Pipes. Big Hitter Bongs feature huge stems. This allows you to take a massive hit of THC each time, leading to a fast-acting and powerful high. While Mini Bongs are much smaller and designed for portability, they still allow you to take in more smoke than a Pipe or Joint.

The high you get from a Bong is also different due to its ability to filter your smoke through water. Research shows that various unwanted toxins are released when you burn weed. However, studies show that water filtration traps some of these compounds and toxins leading to healthier smoke.

Users may find that the high they get from a Bong is stronger and better. By reducing toxins, you’ll feel less hazy, and the huge hits you can take from Bongs can lead to intense psychoactive effects. Plus, the water filtration gives you smoother and purer smoke which is less harsh on your lungs, making it easier to smoke more. Some Bongs even feature ash catchers and percolators to make your smoke even more satisfying.

Tips For Getting High With A Bong

Tips For Getting High With A Bong

Using a Bong is just as easy as using a Pipe. The bowls are usually even bigger, so you can load them up with plenty of weed. You’ll also need to fill your water chamber with water to filter the smoke. Once you’re ready, simply light your weed and take a hit from the mouthpiece.

It’s easy to control how high you get when you use a Bong, and you don’t have to go all out. Bongs allow for huge rips, so you can take in plenty of THC at once if you want to get very high very fast. Alternatively, you can take small hits if you want a fast-acting yet milder high.

You can also enhance your Bong high by adding cannabis concentrates to your bowl along with your herbs. You can even mix different strains together or add some tobacco and other herbs for a unique smoking mix.

Interestingly, you can also enhance your Bong smoking experience by replacing your bong water with other liquids. Using ice leads to even smoother smoke whereas juice or wine can give your smoke some extra flavor. These liquids won’t change your high much, but they can make it more enjoyable to use your Bong.

Why Do Joints Give A Different High?

While there are arguably many more convenient ways to get high, many users prefer to stick to the traditional simplicity of joints. Rolling a joint is ideal for social situations where you want to share with friends. Plus, joints do a good job of getting you high and rolling the perfect joint can feel very rewarding.

One of the benefits of using joints is that it’s easy to control how high you get. Simply take as many tokes as you want and stop when you’re satisfied. The effects of joints act fast so it’s easy to get high, although the high might not be as satisfying as other methods of smoking.

Compared to Bongs, Pipes, and Blunts, Joints might be the worst method of consumption. It’s harder to take big hits like you can with a Bong, and the smoke often feels harsher on your lungs as well. You’re likely to take in more toxins when you smoke a joint, which can make you feel hazier and also make you cough more.

Without the purifying effects that Bongs offer or the no-nonsense THC hits that Pipes offer, Joints usually give you a weaker high. With that said, you can still get as high as you want with joints and there are many ways to enhance them.

Tips For Getting High With A Joint

Tips For Getting High With A Joint

Rolling a good joint requires a few important accessories. Along with your weed, you’ll also need rolling papers, a grinder, and a lighter. You can even enhance the experience by using different types of rolling papers. Using natural, unbleached rolling papers is best, but if you want something unique you can also use hemp rolling papers or even flavored rolling papers.

While the puffs you get from joints might not be as smooth and satisfying as Bong hits, you can still take as many hits as you want and get high fairly quickly. You can also make the effects stronger by adding concentrates to your joint. It’s easy to sprinkle some kief into your weed or even add dabs of Shatter, Wax or Hash.

You can also make your joints stronger by using larger rolling papers. While 1 ¼ rolling papers are the most common choice, King Slim or King Size rolling papers can pack much more weed, allowing you to get extremely high with one joint.

Why Do Blunts Give A Different High

Blunts are a bit like Joints except that they use blunt wraps or cigar wraps instead of regular rolling papers. These often end up being longer, thicker, and packing more weed than your usual joint, hence why you’ll usually get a stronger high when you smoke with blunts.

As well as being able to pack large quantities of weed, blunts also offer a unique high as you’re not only inhaling THC. Blunt wraps are made out of tobacco, so you’ll also be getting an extra kick of nicotine when you smoke blunts. Many users find that the mix of effects causes a more stimulating high.

Since they’re usually bigger than joints, you’ll usually get bigger hits from a blunt than you would from a joint. Although the strength of your high will depend on the amount of weed and type of weed used, they’re usually a stronger alternative to joints albeit the smoke won’t be as smooth and pure as you’d get from a bong.

Tips For Getting High With A Blunt

Tips For Getting High With A Blunt

Making a Blunt is a little different than rolling a joint. There are a couple of ways you can go about it. One common method is to empty a cigar, fill it with weed, and pack it tightly using a pen or a similar object. Alternatively, you can buy blunt wraps and use them to roll.

Blunt wraps are usually thicker and longer than regular rolling papers, although you can find different sizes. Blunt wraps also come in different materials. Regular blunt wraps are made with tobacco leaves, and these will enhance your high by adding the effects of nicotine. However, you can also use hemp wraps as an alternative.

No matter how you make a blunt, you’ll usually find it’s much more flavorful than a joint due to the wraps used. The hits will likely be a little stronger and may feel a little harsh as you inhale, but the high is worth it.

One of the drawbacks of using blunts is that it’s harder to enhance the effects. Trying to pack concentrates into a joint isn’t as easy as mixing them with weed in a joint or bowl. However, the type of wraps you use can alter your experience and you can mix different strains of weed in your blunt if you want to make your high a little different.


Pipes, Bongs, Joints, and Blunts all offer fantastic ways to get high, although each one will feel a little different. Joints are the most traditional way to get high, but Blunts are usually stronger, Pipes are more convenient, and Bongs allow you to take massive hits of purified smoke. It’s worth trying all of them out and seeing which you enjoy best.

You might also want to try other methods of marijuana consumption. Many people prefer Vaporizers as they provide powerful THC vapor without any burning toxins. If you want extremely powerful effects, try dabbing concentrates using a Dab Rig. No matter which method you prefer, you can find all the quality devices and accessories you need at FatBuddhaGlass.com.


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