What Happens When You Replace Bong Water With Other Liquids

What Happens When You Replace Bong Water With Other Liquids

If you want smooth and potent hits of weed, then using a Bong is for you. Also known as a Water Pipe, a Bong is a smoking device that filters your marijuana smoke through water to give you some of the coolest hits possible. Not only does it help purify your smoke of unwanted toxins, but it also makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

To use a Bong, you simply fill the chamber of the bong with water, put some weed in the bowl, light up your weed, and take a hit from the mouthpiece. Most users find Bong hits much more powerful than taking draws from a joint, making it one of the best ways to enjoy weed. What’s more, the added water makes the smoke a lot smoother than smoking from a Pipe. But what happens when you replace bong water with other liquids?

Although using plain old water is the traditional way to use your Bong, you can also replace bong water with all kinds of other liquids. Some of these will provide even cooler hits whereas others will simply make the experience unique. Although there are certain liquids you’ll want to avoid, there are many alternatives to bong water if you feel like trying something new. Here’s a guide on the best liquids to replace your bong water with.

What Is Bong Water?

A Bong is one of the best smoking devices for enjoying weed. Not only is it convenient, but it also provides you with some of the smoothest hits and strongest effects. A Bong works similarly to a Pipe, although Bongs are generally much larger. However, the main difference between Bongs and Pipes is that Bongs filter your smoke through water.

Before you use your Bong, you’ll need to put some clean water in the chamber for filtering your smoke. You’ll notice that each time you take a hit, it’s smooth and pure thanks to the water that your smoke goes through. Filtering the smoke through water helps reduce the harsh effects on your lungs that you might get from smoking from a regular Pipe or a joint.

Some Bongs even have added features such as percolators and recyclers to make your smoke even cooler and purer. But bong water isn’t just good for making your hits feel better- it also helps remove toxins from your smoke. As such, many users enjoy using a Bong as they feel it provides a cleaner and purer high.

Can You Replace Bong Water With Other Liquids

Can You Replace Bong Water With Other Liquids?

Although the easiest way to use a Bong is to fill it with tap water, you can also replace bong water with other liquids. Creative smokers have tested out all kinds of liquids to substitute bong water, and many of these can make your smoke smoother, more potent or simply provide a unique and interesting experience.

You’ll be surprised at the kinds of liquids you can use in place of bong water. For example, certain juices and energy drinks can be used to give your Bong hits a unique flavor. You can also use colder liquids if you want your hits to feel even cooler. You can even try using Tea to make your high a little more unique.

Replacing bong water with other liquids is generally safe, although there are certain liquids you’ll want to avoid. Naturally, don’t use anything that you wouldn’t want to ingest or inhale. You should also avoid using boiling liquids- these can result in glass cracking and your Bong being ruined. With that said, there are many fun options. Here are some of the best liquids to use instead of bong water.

Ice Water

When it comes to filling your Bong, Ice Water is one of the best options. It’s perfectly safe, clean, and provides you with ice-cold hits that go down smoothly. It’s also one of the easiest ways to enhance your Bong smoking experience, anyone can do it and you don’t need to spend anything.

There are two ways to do this. One is to simply add a few ice cubes to some clean, distilled bong water. Give it some time to freeze then enjoy the ice-cold hits. Of course, you’ll need to ensure your ice cubes are small enough to fit in your Bong and you might also have to deal with some rattling.

Alternatively, put a jug of water with some ice in the fridge and use it as bong water. It’s a lot cleaner, purer, and colder than tap water, making for one of the best bong smoking experiences possible.


Want a more interesting way to enhance your Bong hits? Replace your bong water with Bong Wine. In most cases, it’s best not to use alcohol as bong water. Not only will it taste awful, but inhaling alcohol fumes is toxic. However, due to its relatively low alcohol content and high flavor, Wine works surprisingly well.

The great thing about using Wine as bong water is that you have plenty of options. A sweet red wine can add a slight fruity kick to your hits whereas certain white wines can also enhance the flavor. You might want to try a few different Wines out to change up the experience.

Using Wine as bong water is a popular option, but be careful when choosing your Wine. It’s important to use a Wine with low alcohol content- you don’t want to be inadvertently inhaling potent alcohol fumes.


Soda Water

Using Soda Water instead of Bong Water is by far one of the best alternatives. Not only can you add more flavor to your Bong hits, but since Soda Water is carbonated, it can enhance the texture of your smoke and make it even more satisfying.

There are plenty of ways to go with this. Plain sparkling water can do the job just fine, but to add even more flavor to your Bong hits, try using lime seltzer. It’ll add a nice citrus kick to your Bong hits on top of providing smoke that’s crisp on the inhale.

The interesting thing about using Soda Water is that, since it changes the texture of your smoke, your hits will feel bubbly and fizzy as you inhale. To make your hits even better, try some different flavors and add a little ice to your Soda Water. This is a top-notch alternative to bong water that every Bong user needs to try.

Fruit Punch

One of the most flavorful alternatives to regular bong water is to use Fruit Punch. No matter what kind of fruit you prefer, this will add a deliciously fruity kick to your Bong hits. The hits will also be nice and smooth for easy inhaling.

There are a few ways you can do this. One option is to mix up some fruit punch yourself. For instance, try mixing some water with pineapple juice or mango juice and adding some fresh fruits or fruit concentrates. Your hits will be uniquely refreshing and flavorful.

An easier method is to simply add some Kool-Aid to your bong water. The hits will be just as fruity and it’s a cheap and easy alternative. Try experimenting with different flavors and enjoy the hits.

Cranberry Juice

Many Fruit Juices can work well as replacements for bong water, especially if you want your hits to have some extra flavor. However, Cranberry Juice is one of the best and most popular replacements for bong water and might even have some extra benefits.

When you use Cranberry Juice in place of bong water, you’ll get fresh hits with a hint of cranberry. Using strains with fruity notes can make the experience even better. While you can use any type of Cranberry Juice, Natural Cranberry Juice is the best option, and adding some ice can improve it further.

Along with giving you fruity and flavorful hits, using Cranberry Juice as bong water might also help clean your Bong. Since it’s acidic, it can help keep glass cleaner for longer, giving you even more of an excuse to try this alternative out for yourself.

Cranberry Juice


Tea is another great alternative for bong water. As long as it’s not too hot, using Tea can enhance the experience of using a Bong in many ways. The hits will feel smoother, you’ll add some extra flavor, and it can even make your Bong feel nicer to hold.

You can use all kinds of Tea from Lemongrass Tea to regular Breakfast Tea. While using hot tea isn’t a problem, you’ll want to make sure it isn’t boiling when you add it to your Bong. Boiling water might cause your glass to crack, so give it some time to cool before pouring it into your chamber. 

The cool thing about using hot tea is that your Bong will feel nice and warm when you hold it and your hits will be warmer too. What’s more, you’ll get a little extra flavor in each of your hits, especially when you use flavored tea. If you don’t enjoy the hits you get from using warm Tea instead of bong water, you can also use Iced Tea for cool, flavorful hits.


Want something interesting to use as a replacement for bong water? Gatorade is another popular option. It makes sense that many users have tried this, after all, Gatorade bottles often make for fantastic homemade bongs. However, even if you want something to add to your Glass Bong, Gatorade is a fun alternative.

The best thing about using Gatorade instead of bong water is the flavor. Whether you prefer Cool Blue or Cherry Glacier, you’ll get a nice kick of flavor with each hit. While it isn’t too noticeable and the hits will be fairly regular, it’s still a nice way to change things up.

While using Gatorade instead of bong water is a good idea as far as flavor goes, make sure you clean your Bong afterward. Unlike some other bong water alternatives, Gatorade is packed with sugar and may end up staining your glass if you leave it for too long.

Crushed Ice

For extra cool, wintery hits, add some Crushed Ice to your Bong instead of water. Your smoke will end up extra smooth, giving you a nice cold inhale while also bringing out the flavor of your weed. Inhaling through Crushed Ice can be a little trickier than inhaling through water, but it’s often worth it for the powerful effects.

You can do this simply by taking some Ice Cubes and crushing them up. However, if you want another fun way to enjoy cool hits, then simply grab some snow from outside and fill your Bong with it. Much like Crushed Ice, this will provide smooth and satisfying hits that are extra cool.

If you want to add some extra flavor to your hits, try adding a small amount of fruit juice or flavored water to your Snow or Crushed Ice. Alternatively, you can even fill your Bong with a Slurpee or Slushie, although you’ll want to clean it thoroughly afterward as these liquids will leave your glass sticky and sugary.

Crushed Ice


Replacing bong water with other liquids can be a lot of fun. Whether you want to add some extra flavor to your hits, make your hits cooler or even make your hits warmer, there are plenty of fun options to try. Some of the best alternatives to bong water are to use Ice Water, Soda Water, Cranberry Juice or Wine, but it’s worth trying out all kinds of liquids to see how they enhance the experience.

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Using boiling liquids can damage your Bong and you’ll also want to avoid anything with high alcohol content as you may end up inhaling alcohol fumes. Sugary liquids can work well, but make sure you clean your Bong thoroughly afterward.

If you need a high-quality Bong for enjoying these bong water alternatives, you can find tons of great devices online at FatBuddhaGlass.com. From Mini Bongs to Big Hitter Bongs, there’s a piece to suit every user, and all of them are available for free delivery across the United States. 


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Using carbonated water for a bong is just an excuse to huff carbon dioxide lol. U get dizzy from lack of oxygen or it inhibits your ability to absorb as much thc in the least(oxygen helps u absorb). Once the carbonation is gone it’s good though.

I feel like if you put a slushie in a bong and then inhaled fast like my friends toke, it would suck up the chamber and you would choke on it. Only works with crushed ice or a more viscous (runny) option. Can’t actually verify this but I have blown air into a slushie and watched the whole lot of it slide up the cup in one piece before plopping down again. Frankly I’d be too scared to try it in a bong because I hate choking on bong water.

I like the cranberry one. I’m going to see if cranberry juice and lime will keep my bong clean longer.

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