How to Make a Pumpkin Bong

How to Make a Pumpkin Bong

There are plenty of ways to enjoy cannabis, including via a bong. Even if you have a bong that you love to use, it is sometimes fun to include some more variety in your smoking sessions. One of the many options is to turn a pumpkin into a bong. 

While using a pumpkin bong is the most exciting around Halloween due to the festive mood, it is a great way to change up your smoking session any time of the year that you can find a pumpkin. 

Gather Your Supplies

Before you make a pumpkin bong, start by gathering the supplies that you will need. In addition to the pumpkin, you will need to get a glass downstem and a bowl piece. You will also need a knife, a spoon, and a permanent marker. Do not forget a mouthpiece of some sort. This can be the mouthpiece from an old bong that you broke, a new mouthpiece, or even just a straw if you want to keep things simple. 

Choosing the Pumpkin

When it comes to choosing a pumpkin to turn into a bong, you do not necessarily need to go for a perfectly round pumpkin. Instead, focus on getting a pumpkin that is tall enough. Remember that you will need to fit your mouthpiece and the downstem inside. 

You should also think about the overall size of the pumpkin. Larger ones will look cooler as a bong, but the smaller ones will make it easier to take since you will not have to worry about positioning or holding a giant pumpkin. 

Making the Pumpkin Bong

Making the Pumpkin Bong

Once you have all your supplies, start by using your permanent marker to label where you will make all of your cuts. Start with the downstem hole, which should be along the pumpkin’s side and pointing at a 45-degree angle in the direction of the bottom of your pumpkin. The mouthpiece hole should go by the top or on the top of the pumpkin, depending on your preference. 

You also want to make a cut by the top of the pumpkin to empty it out and clean it easily. Make sure this hole is not too wide, as that could get in the way of your mouthpiece or downstem holes. To minimize the air exposure, keep the surface area of this cut to a minimum, which means you should opt for a circular cut.

With all of your cuts in place, start by removing the top of the pumpkin, taking care to keep the piece in good shape and not cut the other areas you have marked off. Remember that the top needs to go back into place later to seal your pumpkin, so be careful. 

Once the top of the pumpkin is removed, go ahead and clean the interior of the pumpkin. Use a spoon to get rid of the “guts.” Take this step seriously; it maximizes the smoothness of your smoking experience, as the smoke and water will not be obstructed. Once you remove the guts, finish up by flushing it with water. Do not forget about cleaning the underside of the top piece, as well. 

Now you will get ready to put the bowl and downstem in place, which requires care. As you carve your pre-marked hole, ensure the lower portion remains at the desired 45-degree angle. This is crucial for preventing splashback. Put the downstem in the hole and position the bowl on its end. 

Now, use your knife to carve the hole for the mouthpiece and put it in place. Remember that if you use a straw instead of an actual mouthpiece, you can just make a puncture with something, such as a screwdriver. 

You should also make a small hole that will serve as a carb, placing it on the pumpkin’s side. 

Whether to Add Water

If you want your pumpkin to be more of a dab rig or bowl instead of a bong, then you are done. If you prefer it to be more of a bong, add a little bit of water inside to ensure smooth flow. 

Feel Free to Decorate

This is the time to make the exterior of the pumpkin as exciting as you want. Just remember not to decorate it by creating holes. Stick to paint, markers, and other surface decorations. 

Do You Have to Clean the Inside?

For those situations where you are short on time, you could theoretically get by without cleaning the inside of the pumpkin. This would save you the hassle of cutting off the top and cleaning the interior. However, this is only a good idea in the case of larger pumpkins. Furthermore, you will have to be prepared to deal with chunkiness and pumpkin flavors as you smoke. 

How to Make a Pumpkin Bong with a Bowl Instead

How to Make a Pumpkin Bong with a Bowl Instead

If you prefer to use a bowl instead of the downstem to turn the pumpkin into a bong, you can just make some minor adjustments. Instead of making the hole for the downstem, carve a small bowl by the top of the pumpkin. Be careful as you carve it out, as you do not want to accidentally break all the way through. Then, use a screwdriver or drill bit to make a small hole in your bowl that is at a 45-degree angle. 

How to Make a Pumpkin Dab Rig Instead

Not everyone prefers to smoke their cannabis via a bong. If your preference is dabbing, you can also use the above instructions to make a dab rig. The only difference is that you should use a titanium dabbing nail instead of a downstem and should not include water at the end. Once again, pay close attention to the angle of the nail. 

Test the Airflow

Before you use your pumpkin as a bong, be sure to check the airflow. Just suck through your mouthpiece and release the carb to practice. If you cannot feel the pressure building and hear sucking sounds, you likely need to clean the interior of the pumpkin more. 


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