7 Myths about Buying a Bong Online

7 Myths about Buying a Bong Online

Also known as a water pipe, a bong is a longstanding part of smoking culture. It is one of the most frequently used smoking instruments in the cannabis world. The bong’s popularity has never waned since the first time the Chinese used it in the 16th century during the latter part of the Ming Dynasty. 

A classic bong is made of various materials, such as glass and acrylic. It consists of an open pipe that’s attached to a water chamber. An inlet is connected to the chamber so you can breathe in the delicious smoke. When the preferred dried herb is placed and lit in the bong’s bowl, the smoke filters and cools through the clean water before you inhale it. 

There are many reasons for buying a water pipe. Some people find it more practical and reliable than using a vape or distillate pen because a bong doesn’t use a rechargeable battery to run. Another reason is that the water in the bong processes the smoke first, ridding it of impurities before you draw. Other people use water pipes because the hits are smoother and stronger, ideal for lengthy sessions. Lastly, it’s easy to use and clean.

The easiest, most convenient way to get your own bong is to purchase it online. Despite the increasing number of online headshops, many people still become apprehensive about buying bongs from them. Myriad myths prevent people from clicking the “Buy now” button. To clear up any misunderstandings that potential online water pipe buyers may have, we have compiled some of the common myths about purchasing bongs online.

1st Myth: You Break the Law When You Buy from an Online Smoke Shop

This myth has always prevented users of legal age from purchasing bongs. If you’re 18 years old or above, every bong order you place in an online headshop is legal. It doesn’t matter where you are in the United States or what laws your state has regarding cannabis use. You won’t even be flagged for potentially doing something illegal. If you buy a water pipe online, it doesn’t mean that you’re doing something against the law. 

2nd Myth: You Spend More When You Buy from Online Headshops

One of the usual mistaken beliefs is that it costs more money to buy a bong from online stores than from traditional ones. Thanks to the collaborations established with international and American manufacturers, online headshops can hold large quantities of smoking products. The partnerships also enable these shops to acquire the latest products. Because of this, you get new smoking tools, including the latest bongs, for significantly low prices from online smoke shops. 

You Spend More When You Buy from Online Headshops

3rd Myth: Your Privacy Isn’t Protected When You Order Bongs Online

Online headshops, like other online shops, are mandated by law to secure the privacy of their customers. This means that your purchased bong should be packed in such a way that anyone wouldn’t know that it’s a bong during transit and when it reaches your door. The shop can also protect your privacy by securing your online credit card payment. A credible headshop will always make sure that you are safe from identity theft and that your purchases are shipped discreetly. 

4th Myth: You Will Only Get a Broken Bong After Weeks of Waiting

Each online headshop has a set of policies that prevent this from happening. Usually, it takes about three to five business days for items to ship. Some shops even offer careful delivery within just 24 hours or even on the same day. Others take several days depending on the destination. To ensure that customers will order bongs or any product again, online headshops perform quality control measures. This is to make sure your order is safe and secure. They see to it that your bong will arrive at your door in optimal condition as quickly as possible. 

5th Myth: You Will Only Get a Cheap Imitation of the Bong That You Want

You should research the online shop well first before you make a purchase. Reputable online headshops are authorized dealers of high-quality smoking products, such as bongs. If you search for these smoke shops, you can expect genuine branded bongs that are worth every penny. Unfortunately, there are lesser headshops that operate online. These companies sell low-quality products that are manufactured in and imported from other countries. Those who purchase from these mediocre smoke shops end up having bongs that don’t measure up to their expectations. 

You Will Be Fooled Because an Online Smoke Store Is an Intangible Website

6th Myth: You Will Be Fooled Because an Online Smoke Store Is an Intangible Website

Even if an online headshop is a website, the site contains a lot of information about the headshop and its products. It may be true that you usually can’t just drive to the physical store, but the power to push through with a purchase or not still lies in your hands. In addition to the product lists, descriptions, and comparisons on the site, you can research more before you buy the bong. Browse the web, join forums, and read blogs to know more about the water pipe that you want to buy. An online headshop that has been catering to many smokers for years has more extensive information to offer, resulting in a more improved purchasing experience for you.

7th Myth: You Will Have a Lot of Trouble Trying to Return the Bong You Ordered Online

In case you are unsatisfied with the unused bong you purchased from a reputable online headshop, you will not have any difficulty returning or exchanging it at all. The company would even make the experience convenient and quick for you. Top online headshops usually have accessible and polite customer service agents. You can reach them easily via live chat, phone, or email. Just keep in mind that most online smoke shops don’t accept used bongs or any other used smoking tool. Using the bong is like breaking the seal or removing the tag. 

Did you debunk any of these myths when you bought a bong online? Please feel free to share your thoughts below. 


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