5 Different Kinds of Smoking Devices

5 Different Kinds of Smoking Devices

If you're looking to smoke weed, you're never short on options. While many people simply make a joint using some rolling papers or even pack a blunt, you can also choose from a range of handy smoking devices. These devices make it both easy and convenient to get a great hit of weed. Plus, they usually provide an even stronger high than smoking.

Whether you're looking for something portable to put in your pocket and take anywhere or something you can keep at home and use for the best high possible, there's a smoking device suitable for you. Many experienced smokers even have more than one of these since different devices can fit different moods and occasions. Here are 5 different kinds of smoking devices to consider.

1. Pipe

When it comes to convenience, it's hard to beat a trusty glass pipe. A pipe is a small smoking device which is very simple to use. You simply have to place your weed in the bowl at the end of the pipe, light it, and inhale through the mouthpiece. Some pipes also contain a carb- a hole you hold to control the airflow, but they don't get much more complex than that.

Pipes are perfect for smoking ground weed wherever you want. You can pack a bowl within seconds and take some potent hits at home. You can also fit a pipe in your pocket for smoking on the go. Whichever way, pipes come in clutch for all kinds of occasions, making them arguably the most practical smoking device.

You can find all kinds of different styles and designs when it comes to smoking pipes. For instance, you may want a simple Spoon Pipe that's great for portability and airflow. You can also check out Sherlock Pipes for something a little different. If you want the coolest design, there are also various Unique Pipes to suit your fancy. Since they're so convenient and affordable, every smoker should have at least one pipe.

2. Bong

If you want something that hits you a little bit harder than the average smoking pipe, you might want to upgrade to a bong. Bongs are sometimes referred to as Water Pipes, and while they're similar to pipes in a sense, they also have some distinctive differences.


The main draw of using a bong over a pipe is that it filters your smoke through water. This takes out many of the toxins and impurities of your smoke, giving you clean and cool hits every time. Bongs also have longer necks which make for some especially long and powerful hits.

Like pipes, there are many varieties of bongs. Mini Bongs aren't quite as portable as Pipes, but they can fit in a bag for when you want to smoke on the go. If you want the strongest hits, you should check out Big Hitter Bongs. You can also get Scientific Bongs that come with extra features such as percolators and ice catchers to make your hits even better. Bongs can vary quite significantly in price, but they're usually worth the cost for the quality of the smoking experience.

3. Vaporizer

Vaporizers, which you might also know as Vapes or Vape Pens, are devices that expose your herbs to high heat to create potent vapor which you then inhale for the effects. While they aren't technically a smoking device, they're arguably even better.

These devices offer an alternative to smoking that's often considered safer and healthier. Although smoking weed is healthier than smoking tobacco, burning anything can result in you inhaling unwanted toxins. Vaporizers provide a smokeless method of consumption so all you get is vapor that's packed with the THC from your weed.

Not only are they safer, but one study found that vaping cannabis produces stronger effects than smoking it. As such, many people use Vaporizers or Vape Pens to enjoy their herbs. Vaporizers also come in many forms, and some are used for cannabis concentrates or vape oils as opposed to weed. Whichever way, they make for a fantastic device for any cannabis lover.

4. Dab Rig

Dab Rigs are like a mix between a Vaporizer and a Bong, designed for users who want extremely powerful hits. These devices are used with cannabis concentrates as opposed to weed and provide intense effects with even a single hit.

You use a Dab Rig by heating the banger (also known as Dab Nail) using a blow torch. Once it's hot enough, you place a small amount of your chosen concentrate on the nail using a dab tool. Your product will vaporize instantly, giving you a hard-hitting draw of concentrated THC.

Dab Rig

These devices are best used by experienced smokers who want the strongest hits possible. You can buy Dab Rigs online in many forms. Certain Bongs can also be adapted into Dab Rigs by replacing the bowl with a Quartz banger.

5. Homemade Devices

It's best to buy a high-quality bong, pipe or vaporizer if you want the best smoking experience. However, if you're in a situation where you're lacking a smoking device and feel like getting creative, it's surprisingly easy to make a handy homemade pipe or bong using nothing but household objects.

For instance, you can stick a tube into the side of an empty water bottle, make a bowl out of a cone of foil, fill the base with water and just like that, you have a homemade bong that works just like a real one. All you have to do is load up the bowl, light, and inhale through the mouthpiece at the top of the bottle.

Another common way to make a homemade smoking device is by turning an apple into a pipe. Just hollow out a hole in the top to use as a bowl and a hole in the side to use as a mouthpiece. You'll be surprised how well it works.

Cardboard tubes, pens, soda cans, and all kinds of other items you have lying around the house can be turned into smoking tools if you're out of options. Just make sure you wrap the bowl with foil to avoid any burnt plastic or paper.


Smoking devices come in all shapes and sizes. If you want something simple and convenient, it's best to buy a Pipe. If you need something a little harder-hitting, then invest in a high-quality Bong. If you want smooth, smokeless hits, then use a Vaporizer. And if you want the strongest hits possible, you might even want to try a Dab Rig.

If nothing else, you can always make a smoking device out of household objects or just rely on good old-fashioned rolling papers. However, it's best to buy some kind of smoking device, especially since you can find plenty of affordable devices online for delivery. Just check out the range at FatBuddhaGlass.com and you're sure to find one you like.

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