6 Cheap Things at Walmart to Smoke Marijuana Out Of

6 Cheap Things at Walmart to Smoke Marijuana Out Of

Ever wondered how to make a homemade pipe or bong? It's a lot easier than you think. You'll most likely need some aluminum foil to make a bowl out of and some sellotape or blue-tack to seal up some holes. But other than that, everything you need can be found around the house or even bought for cheap at Walmart.

Sometimes all it takes is a cheap food container or drink bottle to make a surprisingly effective pipe or bong. It's not too tricky either- anyone can get the hang of making their own smoking devices, and once you do, your creativity will run wild. So what are the best cheap items for a makeshift bong or pipe? Here are 6 cheap things at Walmart to smoke marijuana out of.

1. Apple

If you want something cheap and easy to smoke your weed out of, try using an apple. It doesn't cost much to get one at any given grocery store or supermarket and it makes for a pretty useful and unique pipe.

To make your apple into a smoking pipe, you'll need an empty pen tube and a little bit of foil. You'll want to create two holes with your tube- one through the top for your bowl and one through the side for your mouthpiece. Make sure these holes meet in the middle. You may also want to make your hole in the side go all the way through to the other end to use as a carb.

Once you've created your holes, just pop some aluminum foil in the top, poke some holes in it, and your homemade apple pipe is ready to go. Light the weed in the top and inhale through the hole in the side. Not bad for a cheap piece of fruit.

2. Soda Can

Another classic item that can double up as a smoking device is a soda can. Pretty much any kind of soda can will do as long as it's made of metal. It's also exceptionally simple to smoke out of- you don't necessarily need anything but the can itself and something to poke holes in it.

Soda Can

Make sure the can is empty and remove the ring cap. Make a dent in the side- this will become your bowl. Now all you need to do is poke some holes in the dent and you're ready to go. Put some weed on the side, light it up, and inhale through the mouth of the can.

The Soda Can pipe generally isn't the best homemade smoking tool. Although it gives you some relatively good airflow, you may end up burning the paint on the side which isn't great for your lungs. However, it's one of the cheapest items you can get at Walmart for smoking out of.

3. Plastic Bottle

One of the best grocery store items you can get for smoking weed out of is a plastic bottle. Whether you use a water bottle, an energy drink bottle or a soda bottle, they all work in the same way.

You'll need a pen tube, some foil, and some sellotape to make a good water bong. Cut or burn a hole in the side about halfway up and insert your pen tube facing down into the base of the water bottle. Seal the hole up with some sellotape and place a cone of foil at the other end to use as a bowl.

Now, you can fill the water bottle up with a little bit of water to purify your smoke. Put some weed in the bowl, light your weed, and take a hit. Plastic bottles give you great airflow and make for surprisingly good bongs. Plus, you can find one at any Walmart or even your local convenience store.

4. Toilet Paper Tube

Another creative way to make a homemade smoking device is using the empty cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper. With just a knife and a bit of foil, you can make a handy little steamroller for some huge hits.

Cut a hole in your toilet paper tube around three-quarters of the way up. Cover it with some foil and poke some holes in it. You may also want to insert a plastic tube covered with foil or something else to use as a bowl.

Toilet Paper Tube

When you light your weed, cover the far end of the tube with your palm and inhale through the other end. Since it's so wide, you'll get some powerful hits and can release the other end whenever you've had enough. You can also use an empty paper towel tube for an even longer and stronger steamroller.

5. Pen

It barely costs anything to grab a pack of pens at Walmart. Not only do pens make for great stems for all kinds of homemade bongs and pipes, but a pen can also be refashioned into a homemade pipe itself.

There are a few different ways to make a pen pipe depending on the kind of pen you have. The simplest way is to empty a pen tube so there's a hole at each side. Place an aluminum foil bowl at one end or use the can of the pen as long as it's made from metal. Now just add your weed, light, and inhale through the other end.

6. Bell Pepper

Another cheap food item you can smoke out of is a bell pepper. Since it's hollow inside, it makes for a great little homemade pipe with just a couple of alterations.

Cut out the core of your pepper from the top using a knife. The empty hole in the top of your pepper can then be turned into a bowl by sticking some foil over the top and poking some small holes in it.

Bell Pepper

Now, create a mouthpiece by sticking an empty pen tube into the side. Seal up any unwanted holes using sellotape or blue-tack and your Pepper Pipe is ready to use. It's another item that can be found in any grocery aisle and quickly be turned into a crafty little smoking tool.


Making a homemade pipe or bong is quick, easy, and can be done with all kinds of cheap items you can find at Walmart or any other general store. From food items to stationery, there are many items you can smoke marijuana out of with a little creativity.

Although these make for some great cheap smoking devices, you might want to invest in a high-quality Bong or Pipe. These will give you much better hits and are built-to-last so you won't need to create a new pipe every other time you want to smoke. You can find a wide variety of affordable smoking devices online right here at FatBuddhaGlass.com.



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