The Ultimate Guide to Storing Your Cannabis

The Ultimate Guide to Storing Your Cannabis

The more you use marijuana, the more equipment you'll want to buy to get the absolute best out of your weed. Every marijuana user should have a grinder and a Bong or Pipe for the best smoking experience possible. But once you're done smoking, it also helps to have some high-quality containers for storing your cannabis to keep it fresh and potent.

If you smoke your weed as soon as you get it, you won't need to worry too much about storage. However, if you have a stash you want to keep for later, it's always best to take some measures to store it properly. Knowing how to store your cannabis won't just keep it fresh and flavorful, it also stops it from degrading so that your weed is just as strong every time you smoke it.

Fortunately, it doesn't take too much effort or money to store your cannabis effectively. Some household items even make for great cannabis storage containers. However, there are a few tips and tricks you should know for maintaining the freshness and quality of your weed as much as possible. Here's the ultimate guide to storing your cannabis for long-lasting quality.

Why Storing Your Cannabis Properly Is Important

Some weed users don't take much care when storing their cannabis. But while it may be tempting to simply put it back in the baggie or container you got it in, taking a little effort to store your cannabis properly can go a long way.

Proper cannabis storage is important as it maintains the quality of your weed. Research shows that weed degrades at a rate of around 17% each year, although it'll degrade much more rapidly if you don't store it properly.

Improper storage can have a lot of drawbacks. Not only will your weed look more dry and colorless, but it'll also lose a lot of its flavor and potency. The terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis can degrade fast if not stored effectively, which means your weed will be less powerful when you smoke it as well as losing its taste and aroma.

Poorly stored weed will also be more dry and brittle. It'll break apart too easily and produce much harsher smoke when you smoke it. Storing your weed well will result in you having a stash of fresh, flavorful, and powerful weed whenever you need it. Luckily, there are many effective ways to store your cannabis which are simple and cheap enough for anyone.

How To Store Cannabis Properly

There are many good reasons to take extra care with your cannabis storage. You can keep it fresh, avoid any damage to your bud, and most importantly, retain its quality so it’s just as strong. There are also a few important factors for proper cannabis storage.

How To Store Cannabis Properly

When storing your cannabis, you'll want to ensure that you keep it away from any direct moisture, heat or sunlight. All of these things can degrade your weed, resulting in it losing its potency, flavor, and overall quality.

Having good containers for your cannabis is a must. There are a few different options for this, but usually, glass containers work best. You should also keep anything else out of your containers to avoid any damage to your weed.

Giving your weed the right levels of heat and humidity is also important. Many people put humidity packs in their containers to keep their weed at the optimal temperature. As for heat, you'll want to keep your weed in a cool, dry place as excess heat can result in your weed degrading.

Fortunately, you have many good options for cannabis storage. Even some household objects such as Mason jars can be great for cannabis storage. As long as you remember to avoid any moisture, direct light or excessive heat reaching your bud, you can keep it fresh for a long time.

Storing Your Cannabis In Glass Containers

Generally, the best and easiest way to store your cannabis is by using glass containers. These are great for keeping your weed away from any moisture while also being cheap and easy to find. You can find glass containers designed specifically for weed storage, but you can also use containers you have at home.

Mason jars or other sealable glass containers make for great weed containers. Since they can fit plenty of weed and the top can be sealed, they're great for maintaining the freshness of your weed. Just make sure you wash them out first and then thoroughly dry them. Washing will help remove any dust or food debris while drying them is important to avoid any moisture reaching your weed.

Once your glass container is clean and dry, try to pack in as much weed as possible. This helps to avoid your weed being damaged by excess oxygen. You can fit quite a lot of weed in glass containers and most users won't need too many for their stash.

Storing Your Cannabis In A Cannabis Humidor

Humidors are useful wooden containers used for storing items and keeping them at the optimal humidity. If you want a great way to store your weed, you might want to invest in a Cannabis Humidor. Not only do these little stash boxes look good, but they're also the best containers for keeping your weed in great condition.

Storing Your Cannabis In A Cannabis Humidor

Cannabis Humidors come with features to prevent any damage to your weed. They're great for humidity control as well as naturally keeping out sunlight and moisture. They usually also come with glass containers inside to give an extra level of protection for your weed.

Make sure you don't use Humidors designed for cigars or anything else. Although they're similar, these aren't designed for weed storage and storing your weed in these may even be counteractive. Fortunately, you can now find many Cannabis Humidors specifically for keeping your bud fresh and potent.

There are a few drawbacks to using a humidor. Getting a high-quality humidor will cost much more than glass jars, and you'll also get less storage space. However, it's a good option for users who want the maximum protection for their weed.

Other Cannabis Containers To Use

There are many other options beyond glass jars and cannabis humidors, many of which can work just as well for keeping weed fresh. Usually, the best weed containers are made out of glass, wood or metal, although you can also find other kinds.

You can find many different kinds of stash boxes, often disguised as other objects to provide a safe and discreet way to store your weed. These can often also work well for keeping your weed away from heat, moisture, and light.

Airtight aluminum containers also make for great weed storage. Like glass jars, make sure you fill these with plenty of weed and seal them tightly. These also offer an extra level of protection as they keep your weed away from heat and light.

Smell-proof containers are also useful for storing your stash discreetly. These come in many forms, from glass and metal containers to smell proof pouches. A high-quality glass, metal or wooden container is best for long-term storage, but there are still plenty of alternatives for short-term storage. However, there are some containers you'll want to avoid.

Cannabis Containers To Avoid

While there are quite a few different kinds of viable cannabis containers, there are also some you should avoid if you want to avoid damage to your weed.

Plastic bags are the worst option for storing your weed. While some users may be used to keeping their weed in baggies, it's not a great choice for long-term storage. Plastic makes your weed much more prone to damage from heat and light. What's more, plastic can also degrade or melt and cause further damage to your products.

Cannabis Containers To Avoid

Even plastic containers for weed are best to avoid. It's better to use containers made from quality materials such as glass, metal or wood. These will work much better for storing your weed in the long run.

You should also never store your cannabis in the fridge. Even if your cannabis is kept in a container, leaving it in the fridge can expose it to various damaging conditions, including low heat and excessive moisture. Instead, you'll want to put your containers somewhere dark and dry such as a cupboard or drawer.

Keep Your Cannabis Away From Light And Moisture

The most important things to avoid when storing your cannabis are light and moisture. These are two of the most damaging factors for weed and, as such, you'll want to consider carefully where you want to keep your containers of weed.

Research on cannabis storage found that light was the biggest factor causing the loss of cannabinoids. This applies to all light, and not just direct sunlight. As such, it's especially important to store your weed somewhere dark.

It's also essential to avoid any moisture. If dampness creeps into your cannabis containers, it can significantly reduce the potency of your weed. Even worse, excessive moisture can cause your weed to grow mold and mildew, making it unhealthy to smoke.

While it's still important to keep your cannabis in proper containers, where you put these containers is also important. It's best to find a cool, dry place to store your weed. A cupboard or drawer usually works well as these can keep your weed at room temperature as well as keeping them away from light and moisture.

Use Humidity Packs To Maintain Freshness

Humidity is also an important factor in maintaining the quality of weed. A relative humidity level of 55-62% is best for cannabis storage. Cannabis Humidors come with humidity control to keep your weed at the optimal humidity. However, if you're using other types of containers, there's still a simple and cheap way to keep them at the best humidity level.

Investing in humidity packs, also known as humidipaks, provides extra protection for your weed. These are small packs that offer 2-way humidity control to keep your weed nice and fresh. Usually, 58% or 62% humidity packs are best for weed.

Use Humidity Packs To Maintain Freshness

These packs fit right into any weed container, offering a quick and simple way to provide humidity control. It's cheap to buy a multipack of humidity packs, giving you as much as you need to keep all of your products fresh.

Keep Other Items Away From Your Cannabis

Keeping your weed and weed accessories separate is also important for storage. Some users may get into the habit of keeping their weed in their bowl or grinder. However, this generally isn't great for either your weed or your accessories.

Some users also make the mistake of keeping their accessories in the same container as their weed. This also isn't a good idea as it may impact the quality of your weed. For instance, if you keep a pipe in a glass container with your stash of weed, the burnt resin from the pipe may cause damage to the rest of your stash.

It's best to store weed on its own without any other accessories or items. However, there are also some great storage options for your cannabis devices and accessories. You might want to look into storage cases for your bongs, pipes, grinders, and other accessories. These are usually smell-proof and some even offer multiple compartments for optimal storage.


Taking measures for storing your cannabis properly can pay off big time. You'll keep your weed fresher for longer, resulting in you having a stash of flavorful and potent weed whenever you want to smoke. There are many options for cannabis storage, such as glass jars, humidors, and metal containers. No matter what you use, make sure you keep your containers in a cool, dry place away from light and moisture.

You can also get storage cases for your accessories such as bongs, pipes, lighters, and grinders. It's best to store these separately from your weed. If you're looking for high-quality smoking devices and accessories, you can find everything you need at


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