Vape vs Bong

Vape vs Bong

If you want a device that’s going to give you incredible hits while still being convenient and easy to use, then the choice generally comes down to Vape vs Bong. Both of these devices give you an incredibly enjoyable experience that requires no hassle, making them incredibly popular for tons of users. However, you might have a hard time choosing which is better.

A Vape or Vaporizer is a device that heats your products without burning them. As such, they can give you smooth, inhalable vapor with no burning toxins or chemicals. Users who want to avoid the harsh effects of inhaling smoke often prefer Vaporizers, and they’re just as convenient and practical as using a Pipe or Bong.

On the other hand, a Bong is an iconic accessory that every smoker should try. Compared to smoking a joint or using a Pipe, the hits you get from a Bong are much smoother and more satisfying. This is because Bongs purify your smoke through water, removing toxins and making the smoke more enjoyable to inhale.

Both of these devices have pros and cons and whether you should use one or the other depends on your personal preference. So Vape vs Bong: which is better for you? Here’s a guide to help out.

Benefits Of Using A Bong

If you’re a dedicated stoner you’ve most likely used a Bong. Bongs are one of the most convenient and practical devices for smoking, especially as it barely takes any time or effort to set them up and start enjoying the hits they give you. It’s a bit like a Pipe, but with the added benefits of filtering your smoke and giving you bigger hits.

Using a Bong is exceptionally simple. Bongs come with a bowl, a chamber, a stem, and a mouthpiece. You fill the chamber or base with water- this will make your hits smoother and purer. You then load your bowl up with your favorite product and light it. Once lit, inhale from the mouthpiece and you’ll be treated to incredibly smooth smoke.

The hits you get from Bongs are much better than what you’d get from other methods of smoking. After going through water, the smoke is much cooler and doesn’t feel harsh when you inhale. Plus, the water filters out toxins so the hits you get are purer and more potent. You’ll get a more clear-headed and enjoyable high when you use a Bong.

Along with being convenient and giving you smooth, pure hits, Bongs are also great in terms of diversity. You can buy Bongs online in a massive assortment of shapes, sizes, and types. For instance, Mini Bongs are perfect for portability whereas Big Hitter Bongs give you exceptionally powerful hits. You can also check out Scientific Bongs which come with extra features like percolators and ice catchers to make your hits even better.

Bongs can be found at all price ranges. While some users look for something cheap and practical, others enjoy collecting expensive Glass Bongs as a collector’s piece. After all, they often look incredible as well as offering great functionality. Whichever way, everyone should have at least one of these fantastic devices.

Drawbacks Of Using A Bong

Drawbacks Of Using A Bong

Using a Bong is one of the most convenient, safe, and practical ways to smoke, so there isn’t a lot to complain about. However, there are a few slight drawbacks of using a Bong that might make you want to consider using a Vape instead.

As far as smoking goes, Bongs give you the safest experience possible. The ability to filter your smoke through water ensures that your hits are purified of unwanted toxins or contaminants. With that said, some users still feel uncomfortable with any form of smoking. In this case, you may prefer smokeless methods of consumption such as vaping instead.

Bongs also aren’t great when it comes to portability. Although Mini Bongs are small enough to fit in a purse or bag, users who want a smoking device they can carry in their pocket would be better served by a Pipe or Vape Pen. Bongs are much better for smoking at home when you want the biggest and best hits, but they’re not ideal for smoking while on-the-go.

Some users might also be put off by Bong maintenance. You’ll have to constantly replace the water of your Bong unless you want to smoke with dirty water. You’ll also have to clean your Bong from time to time, which can be a slight hassle. Bongs are also more fragile than some other devices, although you can avoid breaking them by buying quality-made Bongs and handling them with care.

Benefits Of Using A Vape

One of the most popular methods of cannabis consumption nowadays is vaping. Vaping involves using a Vape device to heat your product to the point it releases thick, potent vapor. You then inhale the vapor through a mouthpiece for fast-acting effects. It’s a lot like using a Bong in the sense it’s a quick and easy way to inhale the effects you want. However, it also has some unique benefits.

Many people choose to vape instead of smoking as it doesn’t involve any burning chemicals. Research shows that burning cannabis can result in unwanted toxins and compounds being released. Although purifying your smoke through water can help, some users might want to avoid burning altogether. A study on vaping found that it offered the same level of THC with fewer toxins compared to smoking, giving you a healthier experience.

Another key benefit of vaping is that you can adjust the temperature of your Vape to release more terpenes or cannabinoids. Different temperature ranges have different effects, so vaping at low heats can give you more flavorful vapor whereas high temperatures release the bulk of the THC and give you an exceptional high. A 2018 study even found that vaping cannabis produces stronger effects than smoking.

Vaporizers also come in various forms, and many are primed for portability and convenience. Although you can get huge desktop vaporizers, most users prefer to use Vape Pens. These are portable vaping devices that work exceptionally well, yet they’re small enough to fit in your pocket. Many allow you to change settings such as temperature for your optimal vaping experience.

You can buy Vaporizers online and, although some are more expensive than others, you’ll get incredible value for the price. While some vaporizers are designed for dry herbs, you can also get vaporizers designed for use with Vape Oils or cannabis concentrates such as Shatter and Wax. Some are even versatile enough to handle all three. As such, Vapes are often more versatile than Bongs.

Drawbacks Of Using A Vape

Drawbacks Of Using A Vape

There’s not much to dislike about vaping. It can give you stronger effects while also being healthier than smoking. It’s also convenient and portable Vape Pens are easy to find. However, there are a few reasons why you might prefer using a Bong or another device instead.

Vape Pens are usually the device of choice for users who prefer vaping over smoking. These are portable and convenient but they don’t give you the massive hits you can get from a Bong. Although you can get large Desktop Vaporizers, you’ll usually have to spend much more on these and, as such, some users may prefer to stick with a Bong.

It’s also important to buy a quality vape device. There are now tons of Vape Pens on the market and some are much better than others. If you buy a bad vape, you could end up burning your lip on the edge or simply not getting the quality hits you should. It’s also important to avoid low-quality Vape Oils which may be unsafe. While you can still get high-quality vapes at great prices, Bongs are usually more consistent in terms of quality.

Realistically, vaping offers many unique benefits over smoking. With that said, some users may simply prefer the tried-and-tested traditional method of using a Bong. Inhaling marijuana vapor feels different from taking a huge hit of purified smoke from a Bong, and some users might enjoy one over the other.

Vape vs Bong: Which Is Better?

Whether you use a Vape or Bong, you’re bound to have a positive experience. Both of these devices make consumption easy and convenient, as well as offering amazing hits. While Bongs can give you huge hits of cool and satisfying smoke, Vapes are perfect when you want potent, flavorful vapor.

If you want bigger hits and more affordable prices, you’re probably better off with a Bong. Bongs are a highly popular device for users who simply want to enjoy smoking at home. The hits you get from a Bong are much stronger and purer than what you’d get from smoking a joint or using a Pipe, so it always offers an exceptional smoking experience.

On the other hand, if you want to avoid burning toxins, Vapes are better for you. Vaporizing your products can bring out more flavor and THC while reducing toxins, providing a safe and positive experience. Plus, Vape Pens offer increased portability so you can enjoy the experience wherever you go.

Choosing between a Vape or Bong often comes down to your personal preference. It’s worth trying both of these devices out as they both offer unique experiences. You might simply prefer one or the other. However, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy both- you might want a Bong for home smoking and a Vape Pen for portable, discreet use.

Fortunately, whether you’d prefer to use a Bong, a Vape or even have both for when you need them, you have tons of choices when you buy online at

Best Bongs To Buy Online

Best Bongs To Buy Online

If you’re looking for a high-quality glass piece, you can buy Bongs online in all kinds of varieties. We offer a massive range of Big Bongs, Mini Bongs, Scientific Bongs, Color Changing Bongs, and everything in between. Here are a few of the most popular Bongs to check out.

Beaker Bong - If you want a simple yet highly effective Bong, this Beaker Bong might be perfect for you. While it might look like something you’d see in a school Science lab, it’s primed to give you amazingly smooth and potent hits every time you use it. It’s made with high-quality materials and even gives you a diffused downstem and ice catcher.

Mini Recycler Bong - If you’re looking for an affordable Bong with incredible functionality, check out the Mini Recycler Bong. It features a recycler to make your hits even cooler and smoother before they reach your mouth. Plus, you can swap out the bowl for a Quartz banger and use it as a Dab Rig for cannabis concentrates.

Glow in the Dark Bong - Want something that’ll trip you out when you’re smoking at night? Not only does this Bong give you incredible hits, but when you turn the lights out, the awesome design lights up in neon green. It’s made with high-quality glass and features a 4-arm shower head and ice catcher to improve your experience.

Best Vapes To Buy Online

You can also buy Vapes online in many forms. We offer a range of high-quality Vape Pens and Vaporizers for all your vaping needs. These are perfect for when you want a smooth, smokeless experience. Here are some of the best Vapes to buy.

Yocan Evolve 3 in 1 Vape Pen - This Vape Pen is incredible as it offers 3-in-1 functionality. With interchangeable atomizers, you can enjoy dry herbs, concentrates, and vape oils all in one effective device. At just $34.99, this is an amazing portable vaporizer for the price.

Pulsar APX II Herb Vaporizer Kit - The Pulsar APX II is designed to give you the best dry herb vaporizing experience. It’s a high-quality device that looks slick and works exceptionally well. It can heat your herbs within 30 seconds and has plenty of features to optimize your vaping experience.

Yocan Evolve-D Dry Herb Vape Pen - This device is incredibly slim, stylish, and affordable. If you need a simple and effective dry herb Vape Pen, this can suit all your needs. It’s easy-to-use and gives you smooth vapor every time.

Best Vapes To Buy Online


So Vape vs Bong: which is better? Bongs are perfect for when you want massive hits of purified smoke, but Vapes will suit users who want a smokeless method of consumption that’s just as convenient and effective. It’s best to try both of these methods out and see which one you like best.

No matter which method you prefer, you can find a perfect device to suit you at We offer a wide range of high-quality Vapes, Bongs, Pipes, Dab Rigs, and various other devices and accessories, all available for fast and free delivery.



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