Guide To Purchasing Glass Pipes Online

Guide To Purchasing Glass Pipes Online

Glass Pipes are one of the best options out there for smokers. While many people turn to joints when it comes to smoking weed, the hassle of having to roll one every time you want to smoke can get annoying. With Pipes, all you need to do is load the bowl, light the weed, and take a smooth, potent hit through the mouthpiece. It’s quick, convenient, and gives you a great high within seconds.

Although there are other options out there, Glass Pipes are the best choice when you want pure convenience and practicality. You can put them in your pocket and take them pretty much anywhere you want to smoke. Plus, despite their small size, you’ll get surprisingly smooth smoke and strong hits. Quality Glass Pipes are also built to last, so if you buy one, it could become your go-to smoking device for a lifetime.

There are many different types of Glass Pipes and although you can find them in various cannabis stores and head shops, it’s best to buy Glass Pipes online. offers a range of excellent Glass Pipes built with high-quality materials to give you a superb smoking experience. No matter what kind of pipe you need, there’s a great option for you.

Here’s our guide to purchasing Glass Pipes online along with some of the best options you can buy right now.

Why Should You Use A Glass Pipe?

Every smoker should have at least one Glass Pipe. Due to how portable and convenient they are, they can come in handy for pretty much any situation. Whether you’re heading to a friend’s house or smoking at home, all you have to do is load up the bowl, light it, and start enjoying the smooth hits it gives you.

Glass Pipes make sense for a lot of users as they cut out the hassle of having to roll a joint, pack a blunt or set up a more complicated device such as a Dab Rig. You can start smoking within seconds when you use a Pipe, and they’re also small enough to take with you anywhere you’d usually roll a joint.

Although smoking pipes can come in many materials, Glass Pipes are generally considered the best. They give you some of the smoothest hits, they look great, and when you buy a Pipe made with high-quality glass, it’s sturdy, durable, and reliable. As long as you take care of it and clean it now and then, a Pipe can potentially last you for years on end.

You can find Glass Pipes in all kinds of incredible designs. Some change color, some are smaller than others, and some simply make your smoking experience better. What’s more, Glass Pipes are available at all price ranges, and since you can use them as many times as you want, they’ll even save you money on buying rolling papers.

Why Should You Buy A Glass Pipe Online

Why Should You Buy A Glass Pipe Online?

While Glass Pipes are popular for smokers and can be found in many head shops and cannabis stores, buying online is the best way to get a Glass Pipe. As long as you buy from a reputable seller, you can have your Glass Pipe sent directly to you safely and discreetly. Plus, you can find a huge range at great prices when you buy online. offers an enormous range of Glass Pipes in all kinds of styles. Our pipes are categorized so you can find exactly what you need. If you need something small and simple, we have a range of handy Spoon Pipes. If you want something fancier, Sherlock Pipes are perfect. If you want a pipe that stands out, you can check out our variety of Unique, Color Changing, and Theme Pipes.

We focus on high-quality products at affordable prices. No matter what your budget, you can find the perfect smoking device for your needs. These pipes are built to last and will give you many years of smooth and potent hits. We have a customer satisfaction guarantee so if you’re not happy with your product, you can always return it before you use it.

Along with great prices and a massive variety of Pipes, we also offer free U.S. shipping on every single order. Your Pipe will be sent to you within 1 working day, packaged safely to avoid any damage to the glass. We also send out all orders in discreet packaging so not even the postman will know what’s in your package. With that said, it’s time to look at some of the best Glass Pipes you can buy online.

Best Spoon Pipes To Buy Online

Spoon Pipes are ideal if you want a no-nonsense, compact Pipe that gives you fantastic airflow. These Pipes are shaped like wide-handled spoons. They feel great to hold and also feature nice wide bowls to pack plenty of weed into. They also come in a range of colors and styles. Here are some of the best Spoon Pipes to buy.

Color Changing Glass Pipe with Dichroic - If you want a colorful Spoon Pipe that stands out, this is a top-notch choice. The colors stand out even when you’re not using it, but as you start smoking, the colors will transform and change to make it look even more awesome. It also features a nice large bowl and great airflow for smooth hits. 

Morning Star Pipe - From the get-go, you’ll notice how cool and unique this Pipe looks. The stone-like design and spikes make it stand out from an aesthetic standpoint, but they also make it easy to put down without it falling over and spilling your weed. Plus, with a massive carb hole to control the airflow, you can rely on this device for an exceptional smoking experience.

Twilight Zone Infinity Pipe - If you want a Pipe that makes you feel like you’re staring into space, the Twilight Zone Infinity Pipe is perfect for you. The more hits you take from it, the cooler the black and white spiral design will seem. Plus, with its smooth airflow and high-quality borosilicate glass, it’s an exceptional piece, especially considering its low price.

Best Sherlock Pipes To Buy Online

Best Sherlock Pipes To Buy Online

Sherlock Pipes are another one of the best types of Pipes you can find. Many look somewhat like an old-style tobacco pipe, much like you’d see Sherlock Holmes smoke. However, you can find Sherlock Pipes in all kinds of eye-catching modern designs. Plus, the longer stem will give you incredible hits for their size. Here are some worth checking out.

Purple Haze Glass Sherlock Pipe - This pipe has a sweet psychedelic purple design that makes it a joy to look at. What’s more, its long, curved form means your hits will pack some extra power and it can even stand up on its own. If you need a Sherlock Pipe that excels in both looks and functionality, this is a great choice.

Cobalt Sherlock Glass Pipe - The Cobalt Sherlock Glass Pipe has a cool ocean-like design and the extra spikes at the bottom allow you to place it on the table and use it a bit like a Bong. With high-quality borosilicate glass and .999 fine silver and white cane fuming, this is a fantastic piece for the price.

Color Changing Glass Sherlock Pipe - Another free-standing Sherlock Pipe that gives you incredible hits and even changes color as you use it. This pipe is always a lot of fun to use- not only will it look better with every hit you take, but every hit will feel smooth and satisfying thanks to its high-quality build.

Best Color Changing Pipes To Buy Online

Color Changing Pipes are stunning to look at, especially after you take a few hits. These Pipes look cool enough as they are. But as you use them, you’ll notice the colors changing with every hit. Color Changing Pipes can come in various styles, but any of these make a great choice if you want a Pipe that’s going to trip you out. Here are some of the best Color Changing Pipes.

Fish Chillum One-Hitter - This One-Hitter Pipe is shaped like a fish and changes color every time you take a hit. The more you use it, the more colorful the fish will get. And while it’s not designed for extensive smoking sessions, it’s perfect when you need a quick and satisfying hit.

Octo on the Go! Pipe - While you might never have thought you needed a color-changing Octopus pipe, this offbeat Pipe will change your mind. It’s not the biggest pipe out there, but it’s made with high-quality materials and gets you exceptionally high.

Rasta Sherlock Pipe - Initially, this looks like a cool Sherlock Pipe with Rasta colors. But the more you use it, the more the colors will pop out and the more you’ll be impressed. It’s well-built and features great airflow so you can always rely on it for a solid smoking session.

Best Unique Pipes To Buy Online

Best Unique Pipes To Buy Online

Unique Pipes are Pipes that take on unique shapes and styles. Some are shaped like animals or objects whereas some look like no Pipe you’ve ever seen before. These Pipes are great if you want something that’s going to make your friends look in awe. They can also provide a unique smoking experience. Here are some Unique Pipes to check out.

Glow in the Dark Pipe - While there are plenty of Pipes that change color, you might be more interested in a Pipe that glows in the dark. The 6in Glow in the Dark Pipe is perfect for using at night as it’ll light up the room. Plus, the wide stem gives you amazing airflow with every hit you take.

Stone Face MOAI Hammer Bubbler - For something even more unique, check out the Stone Face MOAI Hammer Bubbler. This pipe comes in limited quantity and features some exceptional craftsmanship. Not only does it make for great smoking, but it’s also a brilliant collector’s piece.

Pickle Pipe - This obscure Pipe uses green glass and takes on the shape of a pickle. While it might seem bizarre, the wide structure gives you amazing, steamroller-like airflow, leading to massive hits that can get you high in an instant.

Best Theme Pipes To Buy Online

Theme Pipes are also incredibly unique. These are often themed like some of your favorite TV or Movie characters. Some simply take on the theme of things as obscure as food products or plants. They also have some exceptionally strange shapes, yet they still work just as well. Here are some of the best Theme Pipes to buy.

Chameleon Glass Santa Rick Pipe - Whether you’re a Rick or Morty fan or want to gift someone who is, this Pipe is perfect. It takes on the form of everyone’s favorite eccentric TV scientist, yet it still works surprisingly well for smoking.

Chameleon Glass Joker Pipe - With the success of last year’s Joker film, this Joker Pipe will likely make an impression of fans. This limited edition Pipe is made with quality borosilicate glass and makes for a great novelty piece if you don’t mind spending the money. 

Empire Glassworks Stranger Monster Pipe - If you want an extremely uniquely-designed Pipe, buy this. It’s in the shape of the infamous Stranger Things Demogorgon. You load your weed into its mouth and take a hit from the foot. Don’t worry- it won’t take you to the Upside Down but it will get you high.

Best Theme Pipes To Buy Online


Every smoker needs a Glass Pipe in their arsenal. Whether you prefer to smoke at home or while you’re out and about, a Pipe can be used anytime and anywhere. They’re quick and easy to use and can get you high within minutes. Plus, with so many incredible handcrafted glass designs, there’s a Pipe to suit every single user.

All of our Pipes are available for convenient home delivery. Plus, if you’re looking for something different, you can also find a wide range of Bongs, Dab Rigs, Vaporizers, Rolling Papers, and everything else you need for the perfect smoking session of your life at



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