The Powerful Features of the Mini Bongs

Portability At Its Best

You can tell what you want about mini bongs, the fact is they are convenient, cost-effective, and cute.

These little bongs have lots of applications and savvy weed consumers appreciate their powerful features for many good reasons.

Not to mention that they gain the upper hand in the clash with larger bongs or pipes in certain situations.

Whether you’re a casual recreational user or you want to access your medicine discretely, mini bongs will be the perfect fit for the job. Their size allows them to be concealed in a purse or smell-proof backpack — you can use mini bongs pretty much everywhere.

In this article, we’ll focus on the powerful features of the mini bongs. But, before we elaborate on that, let’s talk about why people use bongs in the first place.

Why Do People Smoke Weed Out of the Bong?

The bong is the most iconic way to smoke weed. Bongs even have their own anthem written by rap legends Cypress Hill — Hits from the Bong.

This somewhat crazy evolution of a hundred-years-old water pipe has been in circulation since the second half of the 20th century. Now, bongs come in a myriad of different shapes, sizes, designs, and functions.

Bongs Ensure Better Filtration

People have fallen in love with bongs for a good reason — or for a few good reasons, to be precise.

Here’s why a bong may become your daily driver.

Bongs Ensure Better Filtration

One of the greatest concerns about smoking weed is that it brings the burnt plant material and other harmful toxins covered under the umbrella term “tar.” When you smoke cannabis without filtration, you also inhale an array of carcinogens.

Bongs significantly reduce the number of carcinogens and other dangerous substances in cannabis smoke, making this consumption method healthier than joints, blunts, or traditional pipes.

Interestingly, researchers have tried to prove that marijuana smoke can increase the risk of developing lung cancer, but current studies that have investigated this subject have concluded that not only there’s no link between those two, but marijuana may also improve the lung function in regular users by increasing the lung capacity.

The Smoke from the Bong is Smoother and Cooler

Bongs are usually filled with cold water, which already makes the smoke smoother than from a simple hand pipe. Some bongs come equipped with an ice catcher that adds another cool touch to your experience.

The Smoke from the Bong is Smoother and Cooler

Cooler smoke results in bigger and smoother hits, so you can inhale more beneficial cannabinoids at a time without coughing like a chimney.

You Can Achieve More Flavorful Hits With the Bong

This is actually the “collateral benefit” of the bong’s ability to cool the smoke. Since you inhale pure weed without any additives such as tobacco, the hit will already pack more flavor than a joint. But, the added filtration of dangerous substances, along with cooler smoke, allows you to enjoy the flavors unique to each strain you consume.

What Is a Mini Bong?

Staying true to its name, a mini bong is just a scaled-down bong. You can find just about every feature of a traditional bong in a device that typically doesn’t stand above five inches in height.

Aside from giving you everything you’d expect from a regular bong, their liter counterparts are a little easier to handle. They also make for a great solution for travelers who need their medicine on the go. All you need is take it out of your backpack, load the bowl with your favorite strain, and enjoy the herb!

You’ll find options equipped with percolators, ice catchers, mini dab rigs, and more.

The Powerful Features of the Mini Bongs

Mini bongs have some obvious advantages over their larger counterparts. Here’s why you may want to include a mini bong on your next shopping list:

Higher Cost Efficacy

One thing that you’ll notice when buying the mini bong is that they are priced extremely low.

Of course, if you’re looking for a device to host a huge party, a bigger bong will be a better fit, but if you want to enjoy some quality me-time, then the mini bong is a keeper.

Higher Cost Efficacy

The cost of a mini bong is actually lower than you would pay for a meal at your local bistro.

Mini bongs vary in sizes, which may affect the price slightly, but considering their capabilities, the value for the price is second to none.

Unmatched Functionality

The word “mini” is very misleading, as these tiny bongs still pack a punch. In fact, a mini bong is more functional than the bigger option. As mentioned, these devices have all the features you would find in the larger glass pipes.

The best thing about the functionality of mini bongs is that their carb hole is easily accessible, which makes these pieces more attractive than their larger counterparts.

Portability At Its Best

This is one of the biggest perks of buying the mini bong. The ease in which these little pieces can be concealed is simply amazing. Whether you’re bringing them down to a small party or you want an appetizer before a hearty meal, they can slip right in the pocket of your backpack.

Mini bongs also require you to break up your buds in tiny pieces. This, in turn, ensures that you almost never experience any problems with loading and maintenance.

Portability At Its Best

Buds that are better fitted into the bowl result in a quality buzz each time you inhale.

Final Thoughts on Getting a Mini Bong

As you can see, mini bongs come with many powerful features that cannot be achieved with a regular bong or water pipe. From superior functionality to higher cost-efficacy, these little devils can take your next solo flight to a whole new level.

Whether you’re often on the go or you just need quick access to your medicine without turning heads in public, a mini bong will be a decent addition to your smoking paraphernalia.

Do you use mini bongs? What do you think makes them better than bigger bongs and pipes in certain situations? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!


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