10 of the Craziest and Most Expensive Bongs in the World

10 of the Craziest and Most Expensive Bongs in the World

If you’re in the market for a bong, there are all kinds of fun options available. From convenient Mini Bongs to potent One-Hitters, there’s something to suit everyone. But while some users are satisfied with any bong, the most enthusiastic smokers often seek out the craziest and most expensive bongs in the world to make for the most intense and enjoyable smoking experiences.

There are many reasons why you might want a lavish or expensive bong as opposed to any old regular bong. For one, these products are built-to-last. Made with sturdy glass and high-quality components, you’ll be paying for a device that could last you for a lifetime of bong hits. Many expensive bongs also come with added features to enhance your experience. Some have multiple percolators or even freezable parts to make for some of the coolest and smoothest hits.

Not only do these bongs provide incredible hits and outstanding quality, but many of them simply look awesome. A lot of users buy extra bongs as collector’s items, and these wild and luxurious bongs make for a great piece to add to any smoker’s collection. No matter what your reason is for looking at higher-end bongs, here are 10 of the craziest and most expensive bongs available to buy online.

1. Empire Glassworks Chocolate Cookie Sundae Float

If you want something that stands out in terms of looks, quality, and performance, this bong is a great choice for you. It’s one of the craziest bongs out there, designed like an ice cream sundae with an Oreo on top. Behind the beautiful detailing, it’s also built with high-quality materials and gives you some amazing hits.

It’s a bong that’s ideal for delivering smooth, creamy, cool hits, as you might expect from a device designed like an ice cream sundae. The opal bowl looks great and performs even better. You can rely on it for easy burning and some of the best hits you’re likely to experience. You can also add an optional 14mm male banger if you want to use it as a dab rig. 

Empire Glassworks Chocolate Cookie Sundae Float




At $239.99, it’s not a bong for the budget-conscious. However, if you’re looking for a crazy and expensive bong, this device more than fits the bill. You’ll get plenty of quality and amazing hits for your money. It’s also available for free delivery all over the United States.

Buy Empire Glassworks Chocolate Cookie Sundae Float

2. Helix Straight Base Bong

The Helix Straight Base Bong isn’t the flashiest or most colorful design. However, the fact that it looks like the set-up for a science experiment makes it stand out, especially for users who are more concerned with functionality than style.

Made from high-quality glass all over, this bong will feel nice and sturdy in your hand. Despite the low-key design, it has all kinds of hidden features which are there to make sure you get the finest hits possible. From the fixed fission downstem to the Venturi chamber mouthpiece, it offers a unique and potent marijuana-smoking experience.

At 8.75 inches, it’s a solid bong to use at home and also comes with a quality 14mm Helix™ Taster® Bowl. For $179.99, you’ll get a bong that’s built to last for years with incredible functionality. For users who look for simplistic designs and great features, this is a solid choice for a smoking device.

Buy Helix Straight Base Bong

3. 13 inch Headphone Recycler Bong

If you want one of the slickest Scientific Bongs on the market, you have to check out this 13 inch Headphone Recycler Bong. With so many parts, it might look a little confusing to beginner users. However, experienced smokers who want to take their bong smoking to the next level will love this expertly crafted device.

A recycler bong is a kind of bong which draws the water up through the tubes as you take a hit. The vapor is released from the water as it comes near the mouthpiece, whereas the rest of the water is recycled back down through the base. As such, you’ll get some extraordinarily cool and powerful hits when you use one of these high-powered bongs.

Headphone Recycler Bong

The 13 inch Headphone Recycler Bong features dual headphone recyclers, along with multiple percolators to make your hits even smoother. On top of that, it’s made with high-quality borosilicate glass and comes with sleek colored accents. It costs $129.99, but for the quality of the hits you’ll get, it’s worth it for veteran smokers.

Headphone Recycler Bong

4. Pink Skull Bong

If you want an offbeat, eye-catching bong that will make your friends envious, the Pink Skull Bong is for you. Just looking at this bong is a lot of fun, with detailed pink skulls crafted out of glass. It also has colorful accents and a uniquely designed neck which makes it different from any other bong on the market. But behind the awesome style, this bong will also deliver a quality experience.

The Pink Skull Bong is built out of high-quality borosilicate glass and comes with a 14mm joint, prime for packing plenty of marijuana. At approximately 10 inches, it’s not the biggest hitter out there, but you’ll be surprised at just how clean and smooth the hits you’ll get out of it are.

Of course, the main draw of this bong is how it looks, and it’s an extraordinary collector’s item for those who love bongs and unique glass art. What’s more, the bong only looks more interesting the more hits you take. It’ll set you back $119.99, but for an artfully-detailed bong with top-notch functionality, the price is justified.

Buy Pink Skull Bong

5. GRAV Small Bell Base Bong

It’s not big or flashy, but for a simple and effective device that gives you quality hits, the GRAV Small Bell Base Bong is a solid choice. It’s in a beaker style design made of sturdy glass, although it does boast a few extra features which make it stand out.

The main attraction of this quality device is the small orb percolator you’ll see in the base. It’s a nice addition that filtrates your smoke to give you smooth and creamy hits. The downstem is also designed to make your hits even better when they reach your lungs.

GRAV Small Bell Base Bong

Although it isn’t the most colorful or stylish, the GRAV Small Bell Base Bong is a high-quality device when it comes to pure functionality. It’s a moderately sized bong at 9 inches in height and comes with a 14mm bowl. If you want to grab one of these bongs, it’ll cost you $119.99.

Buy GRAV Small Bell Base Bong

6. 21 inch Megalodon Bong

The bigger the bong, the bigger the hit. And as far as big-hitters go, it doesn’t get much better than the 21inch Megalodon Bong. The size alone is enough to make any marijuana user look in awe. Its impressive height is complemented by a solidly built 5.5 inch base, ensuring that it won’t fall or break.

As you can imagine, taking a hit out of this bong feels amazing. Not only does the smoke have to travel through an enormous neck, but it also has two 10 arm percolators which ensure that you get an incredibly cool and smooth hit when it finally reaches your mouth. The massive hits will hit you hard and fast, making it an excellent device for veteran marijuana smokers who want something powerful.

You might need to make some space in your home for this big hitter, but it’s worth the sacrifice. While bongs this size don’t suit everyone, those looking for mammoth hits will love it. The 21 inch Megalodon Bong comes with an ice catcher, diffused downstem, and 14mm male bowl. It costs $109.99, but for a bong of this size and quality, you’ll get tons of value for your money.

Megalodon Bong

7. 19 inch Riptide with two 10 Arm Trees

For a truly mind blowing bong, try out the 19 inch Riptide. Measuring in at over a foot and a half, it’s a big hitter that delivers incredibly long and powerful hits. Despite the large size, it feels extra sturdy so you won’t need to worry about damaging it. It also has a few unique design features which make it stand out, such as the black accents.

Looks aside, this bong is worth it for the hits alone. With a splash guard, ice catcher, and two ten arm tree percolators, each hit will feel like a dream by the time you get to inhale. It’s ideal for users who need a heavy-hitting bong that also looks great and will last them for years to come.

Riptide with two 10 Arm Trees

Like with other big hitters, you’ll need to make sure you have some space for this huge device, but you won’t regret your decision. It also has a wide bowl for you to pack enough weed in for a long and strong hit. If you don’t mind the large size and $109.99 price, this bong is perfect for you.

Riptide with two 10 Arm Trees

8. 5 Pound 16 inch 3D Milli Glass Bong GW3 Red

The 3D Milli Glass Bong is one of the most fascinating bongs to look at. If you want something exquisitely colorful as well as offering big hits, this bong is one of the best you can find. The long, red structure is complemented by outstanding Millefiori glass art. With psychedelic colors and seashell-like patterns, it’s an exquisite piece.

But the design isn’t all that’s great about this bong. At 16 inches, it’s a big hitter that’ll give you an exhilarating high every time you use it. It’s also extremely solid- the whole thing weighs 5 pounds, so you can rely on this bong to last you for a lifetime.

While some users will be let down by the lack of extra features, it’s a great choice for those who want simplicity and style. It also makes for an excellent piece for anyone interested in collecting glass art. You can buy the 3D Milli Glass Bong for $109.99.

3D Milli Glass Bong GW3 Red

9. 20 inch Freezable Glass Bong

Want the coolest hits you’ll ever get? It doesn’t get any better than the 20 inch Freezable Glass Bong. It’s a tall and sturdy device that can give you some long, smooth hits. However, it also stands out from other bongs with its detachable freezable coil, designed to make the smoke ice cold.

Using this unique device is a breeze. Take out the coil, put it in the freezer for around 15-20 minutes, and then reapply it. Now, whenever you light up, you’ll be rewarded with a beautifully smooth hit that’s cooled down by the freezing coil. 

Freezable Glass Bong

There are plenty of other things to appreciate about this bong. From the borosilicate glass structure to the 18mm bowl, it looks, feels, and acts as a premium bong should. It also has some cool black accents which add to the style. The Freezable Glass Bong is $109.99, but it’s well worth it.

Freezable Glass Bong

10. 14 inch Black Octopus Glass Bong

Last but not least, the 14 inch Black Octopus Glass Bong is easily one of the craziest bongs in the world. This unique piece stands out due to the glass Octopus which sits firmly inside. Needless to say, it’s an eye-catching piece that will draw a lot of attention, but it also works very nicely.

At 14 inches, it’s not too big and not too small. It provides clean, smooth hits every time and gives you excellently filtered smoke. It’s made of sturdy, high-quality glass, and along with the Black Octopus, it also features black accents around the rims to add to the aesthetics.

It’s a great bong for collectors, especially due to how bizarre it is. However, it’s also a useful piece for taking smooth bong hits in general. The 14 inch Black Octopus Glass Bong costs $109.99 and comes with free delivery. 

Black Octopus Glass Bong


Glass collectors and premium bong enthusiasts will love these incredible pieces, but while they’re some of the craziest and most expensive bongs in the world, there are also many other devices to suit other tastes. You can choose from a selection of Bongs, Pipes, Vaporizers, and Dab Rigs in all price ranges, all available for delivery across the United States.

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