10 Stages of Being High: How High Can You Possibly Get?

the stages of being too high, stages of being high10 Stages of Being High: How High Can You Possibly Get? 

Getting high isn't always simply a matter of being high or not being high, in fact there are many different stages of being high. At some stages, the high will be more intense while in others you might be barely feeling high at all. On top of being high coming in different stages, each person will also have a unique journey when it comes to weed. However, typically, there are 10 stages that you will go through when you get high. This guide will go over the details of what being high feels like at all 10 stages. As you go through though, remember it is different for everyone. 

Step 1: The First Step Before the High 

The first step in getting high is preparation. Before you get high you will want to get your setup ready, meaning maybe a nice new bong or a dab rig, and decide how your night will go. Once you're high, you might start feeling lazy, so it's best to gather up all your snacks and pick out a movie beforehand. 

Step 2: The First Sign of a High 

It only takes a few minutes after smoking out of a water pipe or dry pipe before you start feeling high. You won't start at your peak high obviously, but you’ll feel a sense of bliss and you will no longer be focused on the worries of daily life. Everything will start to appear brighter and better. 

Stage 3: Cresting the high and feeling mildly stoned 

At this level, you will start to feel the effects more and unlock increased creativity, relaxation, and pain relief. Stimuli will become more exciting, colors will appear more vibrant, touch will feel more intense, and taste will be exaggerated. You aren't completely blazed at this point but you’re still feeling the effects pretty good, making this stage the perfect time to do some light movement. Something like high yoga can be an extremely fun time that many swear by once they try it. This level also might be your last call to grab any snacks you forgot, water your plants, or anything else that requires you to be up and about. 

Stage 4: Getting Blazed 

At this point, it has probably been about 30 minutes since your smoke session, or at least since your first hits. You're feeling pretty blazed now. The next few stages are the most intense part of the high, the part of the high that everyone looks forward to. Keep in mind that while stage 4 is when the fun really starts, it's also the stage that some start to feel overwhelmed at. If you do feel your high come on too strong, it's a good idea to ground yourself and take a few deep breaths or stroke a fuzzy blanket. 

Stage 5: Tension Starts to Build 

Stage 5 is known as the tension stage because at this level you feel pulled in one direction by gravity (aka the part of you that is trying to ground you) and in the opposite direction by the THC (which is trying to get you to take flight). This happens because at this point your body is trying to accommodate the THC in your bloodstream and reach an equilibrium. Unfortunately, this equilibrium is settled by being pulled in opposite directions. Once you get here there are two paths, you can either try to keep the high going and reach your peak or attempt to start your descent back down to earth. Whatever you choose is up to you, either way, you'll still have quite a bit of being high left to enjoy. 

Stage 6: Reaching the Peak 

As the title suggests, this stage is the climax or peak of your experience. This is also the stage in which the strain of marijuana you smoked earlier will begin to matter. As you probably know, different strains can produce different effects, some more calming and some more energizing. Some stains even attempt to home in your creativity or focus. Whatever the case, this stage is where you find out what your weed is really made of and if you like the product. If you are enjoying some of your friend's homegrown herb, this is where you can tell them if they're onto something or that they need to work on it.  

Stage 7: When the high levels off 

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and stage 7 marks the beginning of the end of your high. No worries though because you are still feeling the effects strongly at this point. Plus, you have already been high for a while, you've likely already eaten a whole family-size bag of chips from your munchies, your eyes are bloodshot, and your eyelids feel heavy. Still, you will notice some of the effects of the THC starting to wear off. Also note that this stage can last a while so it might be a nice time to take a bath, play some video games, or watch tv. 

Stage 8: The Cooldown 

Once you hit stage 8, your high is hanging on by a few threads, it hasn't completely ended but you are definitely sobering up. This is the stage that smokers will usually enjoy some more bong rips or dab hits to start the process over again. If not though, you will soon be decompressing and sober again. 

Stage 9: Decompression 

What the decompression stage is like will depend a lot on how stages 6 & 7 were for you. So again, the strain of marijuana comes into play here. For some unlucky lads, this stage can feel disorienting and odd. This is especially the case for those who are new to smoking or if this is your first time getting high. If you do feel disoriented, just take a nap and sleep it off. For everyone else though, this stage will energize you, lighten the weight of your eyelids, and mark the end of your munchies.  

Stage 10: Evaporation and Tranquility 

Stage 10 is the last part of being high and once you reach this point you are 99% sober. You can return to your regular sober lifestyle and do whatever it is you need to do. (and then maybe try again) Some people are lucky enough to experience lingering effects such as calmness, pain relief, or bliss. In those scenarios, you are not high anymore since your cognition and awareness are intact, but you still haven't completely rid the marijuana's effects (you're one of the lucky ones). One tip for this stage is to offer to clean up if you smoked at a friend's place, this will likely get you invited to even more smoke sessions so you can go through the 10 stages with them all over again. 


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