Secrets of a Successful Stoner: How to be a Productive Pothead

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Best Ways To Be A Productive Stoner

Look we know we are just an online head shop, full of super cool bongs, and unique pipes. But over the years this has given us a very unique perspective of being successful within this industry. People who are anti-weed have long told the narrative that stoners can't get anything done and are not motivated. In reality, the couch-crazed stoner stereotype is far from the truth. Sure, lighting up can help you relax now and then, but it also can be compatible and maybe even helpful in living a very productive lifestyle. This guide will go over all the tips and tricks that’ll help you become productive stoner.  

Start Making To-Do Lists and Daily Attack Plans 

Making a to-do list will keep you on top of your game throughout the day and remind you what your tasks are. To-do lists are actually quite helpful regardless of if you're a stoner or not, and many successful businessmen swear by a to-do list. For stoners though, an attack plan is even more vital since planning your day while you are already high will likely lead to different tasks than a pre-smoke session to-do list would. Seeing the tasks you must do for the day written down will create a sense of urgency and make you strive to cross them out. And at the end of the day, seeing everything on your list checked off will feel great, and you'll feel even better knowing you managed to do it all without giving up your high. Making to-do lists a daily habit will work wonders in making you more productive.  

Be Cautious About the Strains You Select and Your Smoking Method 

The strain of marijuana you smoke can have a big impact on your productivity. Some strains are energizing while others are more calming. If you have a lot you need to get done then it's a good idea to go with an energizing stain, that way you won't have to fight the urges of a more relaxing one. Additionally, choosing a smoke method that gives you great control over the dosage your intaking is a big bonus. This would ensure that you never overdo it (which would not allow you to get stuff done). It would also allow you to keep taking hits throughout the day while maintaining the same high. Something like a one-hitter can be a great tool for controlling dosages and therefore a great productive stoner smoking method.  

Take up a Few Different Hobbies 

Having multiple pastimes for when you’re high will make you a more well-rounded stoner and lead you towards being a more successful version of yourself. If you constantly throw on Netflix every time you get high you are doing yourself a disservice. Try reading a book, doing a puzzle, yoga, even just some drawing. Varying what you are doing while stoned will lead to more creativity and higher overall cognitive ability which will both translate to all the other activities in your life.  

Try Smoking Before Doing Something Routine 

Smoking before doing something routine is the perfect way to train yourself to be productive while high. Just grab a nice bong! Since the activity is routine, it won't be as difficult as trying something completely new while high. It's the perfect stepping-stone from being a couch-potato to being a productive stoner. The more you practice being productive while high, the easier it'll get and the more natural it'll feel.  

Do Not Yield to Temptation 

When you're up doing housework or yard work and that thought of taking a break for a quick episode of your favorite show comes into mind, pay it no attention. Taking a break from being productive is the worst thing you can do; your mind is trying to trick you. Breaks are bad because once you take a break you will never want to get back up and complete more tasks on your to-do list. A 20-minute break will soon turn into a 3-hour binge session. Try not to mix leisure and work, get all your work done, and then relax afterwards.  

Seek Opportunities that Cater to Your Interests

Yet another tip that applies to everyone and not only stoners is to do what you are interested in. If you are not enjoying your career or your hobbies, then it's no wonder you don't have the motivation to do them. Many times, smoking weed takes the blame for a lack of motivation when really you don't want to do your work because you simply don't enjoy it. Choose a career that doesn't feel like work so that you can do it high and feel happy rather than having to get high to get through it.  

Find Successful Stoners That Inspire You and Work as Hard as They do 

You are an average of the 5 people you spend the most time around. If you are friends with a bunch of lazy people, then you will also be lazy and if you're friends with a bunch of hardworking people, then you will also be hardworking. So, if you can find 5 stoners that are hardworking and make friends with them then you will likely become the 6th hard-working stoner. Seeing how they do it and picking up their mannerisms is one of the quickest ways to become a functional pothead. The best part is, it will happen without you even consciously trying, naturally you will begin to pick up their mannerisms and then bam, you are a productive stoner.  

Set Realistic Goals 

Your goal should be to be a productive stoner, not the most productive stoner in the world. A common misconception is that if you reach for the moon you'll grab a star, but what really happens when you aim too high is that you'll get discouraged and accomplish even less than you would have if you had set realistic goals. If you look at a to-do list that has 20 tasks on it, you are going to feel overwhelmed and might be more likely to work slowly or take breaks. On the contrary, if you have only 5 tasks to complete, then you will feel good about your chances of getting it done and so it'll feel reasonable to try and accomplish the list.  

Be healthy: Diet and Exercise 

Living a healthy lifestyle is important for living a productive one. It's tough to be productive when you have no energy or when it is hard to perform such exercise. So, with that in mind, be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which will give you natural sugars (energy) to get things done. And if you can, try going to the gym now and then, that too will give you more energy. As a bonus, working out and staying active sharpens the mind and will help you to get your work done faster. You can even work out while you're high. Besides going to the gym, also just keep moving as much as you can. Staying in motion will keep you focused on what you need to get done. Once you're up it's easier to keep going than it is to get off the couch and get started again. 

No Sabotage 

Self-sabotage happens way more than you might think, and it is a major killer of productivity. If you don't provide yourself with an adequate environment for getting work done, then it will be so much harder than if you set yourself up to succeed. Some examples of ways to remove self-sabotage and improve your environment include turning your ringer on your phone off, working at a desk (not couch or bed), dressing for success, and doing all the other tips mentioned on the list like creating to-do list and eating a healthy diet.    

Don't Make Excuses 

At the end of the day, there's no excuse for not being productive when you need to be. Being a stoner does not mean you can't get things done, at times being a stoner will even work to your advantage. Nonetheless now you know how to be a productive stoner, so no more making excuses, it's time to be a functioning pothead. 

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