13 Amazing Ideas to Boosts up Your 420 Party

Great Weed Party Ideas 

 420 party ideas

420 parties are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason, they lend to a fantastic time! If you want to make your 420 party one for the history books, you're in the right place, here are 13 ways to make your 420 party as awesome as possible. 

Conversation-Starting Pipes, Vapes, and Accessories

Having a good array of pipes, vapes, and accessories is a must for a good 420 party. Particularly, try to have some unique pipes and accessories that might spark some good conversation. Maybe you have a cool themed ashtray or a super vintage sherlock pipe, anything of this nature is great to show off and talk about. It might also be a good idea to read the room and decide which smoking devices and accessories to bring out and talk about based on what vibes your guests bring. If your guests are a more modern crowd, then consider accessories with the most technology and sleek looks (something like a desktop vape). On the other hand, if you're dealing with a bunch of vintage folks, opt for devices like chillums and sherlock pipes.  

The Perfect Playlist 

The most important thing to get right in order to have a good party is the music. Every party needs music, and a 420 party is no different. What music you should play will depend again on your crowd as well as what type of vibes you want to create. Some great artists to throw on include Devandra Banhart, Kottonmouth Kings, and Potluck. Regardless of what type of music you go with, it's important to cultivate a good playlist before the party, don't just throw on whatever was last played on your Spotify. Getting the music right is the first and most important step to having a good party so make sure you spend time creating the perfect playlist. Plus, once you do this once it can be reused for other 420 parties!  

A Cultivated Atmosphere 

Not only does the music need to be great, but you'll also need to make sure the environment is fun and well suited for all your stoner friends. Set the mood with good party lighting, you can do this by dimming the lights or turning them off completely and lighting up the room with candles and lamps. Another atmosphere tip is to make sure you have adequate seating. If you have enough couches and chairs then you don't need to do anything but if not, throw a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor to create some additional lounging areas. Lastly, make sure to have some decorations up to really make it feel like a party. 

Awesome Activities to Connect Over 

Dancing, smoking, and talking will of course be the main events of every 420 party, but it can also be super fun to throw some weed games into the mix! Maybe a rolling competition sounds like fun, or maybe you want to have a smoke trick competition. Other games include Mario Kart Kush, weed Jenga, weed pong, or even a make-your-own fruit bong competition. You can also opt for more tame activities like a puff and paint session. Having some games planned can keep the party lively throughout the night and prevent any lulls that might happen without them.  

Photo Booth

Taking photos is a perfect way to create memories that will last a lifetime. If you have the time and want to get fancy, consider making a photo booth to add to the photo-taking experience. Surely you will end up with many more memorable photos this way. To do this all you need is a picture frame and some twine. Simply hang the frame and have your guest stand in the frame for the photos. It's also fun to use posters or whatever else you can think of to create awesome photo backdrops.   

Party Favors

A great host will always be one to give some party favors. Party favors will make your guests appreciate the party more and who knows, it may even get you an invite to someone else's 420 party. Some good marijuana-themed party favors are vape pens, pre-rolled blunts, and snack foods.  

Try Vaping on 420

Even if vaping isn't your preferred method of smoking, it makes sense to consider trying it during your 420 party. Vaping can be a good way to enjoy your bud without hotboxing your house or causing any lingering odors. Vapes are also great for sharing which only adds to them being a great 420 party choice.   

Have a nature party 

If you live somewhere with good weather or even better good scenery, make sure to use that to your advantage and have a nature party. Smoking inside is fun but smoking while staring into nature on a nice day is a whole other level of joy. If you do go outside, just remember to bring the snacks and music along with you.  

Hotbox a blanket fort 

This tip is especially useful If your party is more of a kickback or small gathering than a full-on reunion- build a hotbox fort. A hotbox fort can end up being the time of your life. Forts aren't just for kids, forts can be a fun and magical experience for anyone, especially when you're high. Plus, think of all the great nostalgia you will feel. Make a fort and smoke with your buddies and  tell all the stories of your younger days.   

Burn Flying Wish Paper 

For those that don't know, flying wish paper is a piece of paper that you write down wishes on and light on fire. The paper will burn within a minute and carry your wishes up to the heavens to make them come true. This is a great 420 party activity and is on its way to becoming a staple of the holiday. This will give everyone time to reflect and share their wildest dreams with one another.  

Plan a cleaning party 

Nobody likes to clean but cleaning together can make the experience more enjoyable. Time will fly by, and you won't even realize that you just cleaned all your bongs, pipes, and other smoking equipment. Once everyone has cleaned their devices, light up and reward yourselves for all the hard work.  

Throw a Projector Party 

Projectors are ideal for a big crowd because they can create a screen that is much larger than even the biggest of TVs. You can use them to display photos, to show the music videos of the songs you're listening to, or for some classic stoner movies. If you don't already have a projector, you might be surprised that you can get one for as little as $30.  

Turn on Psychedelic Lights 

As we mentioned earlier, good lighting is important. And if you want to get exotic with your lighting, psychedelic lights are perfect for this kind of event. Psychedelic lights have been known to create joyful feelings and inspire creativity. Unless you live somewhere you can see the northern lights, invest in a disco or laser projector to create the awesome vibes that psychedelic lights bring.  

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