Top 420 Party Ideas for Your Next Cannabis Party

420 Party Ideas

420 Party Ideas

As time goes on cannabis is becoming increasingly legalized, more readily available, and just more popular in general. This means that throwing a 420 party is no longer out of the question. Weed parties are the new hottest party theme and this guide will detail how to throw the best 420 party possible.  

420 Party Decorations 

Party decorations are important for setting the mood and getting the vibes right. When it comes to everything 420 party decorations you have plenty of options. For starters, going with a green theme is a good idea. You can string up green LED lights or put up a green 420 banner on the wall. It’s always easy to get a pack of standard party materials (like plates, napkins, tablecloths, etc.) with marijuana flowers on them. You can find these and more online with a quick google search.  If you want to get fancy you can go to a florist and get beautiful décor that features cannabis leaves in their design. Lastly, if you have a bong with great and colorful glasswork or a cool rolling tray then bring it out and set it center stage, it will only add to the awesome decorations.  

420 Food 

If you’re going to throw a weed party, weed decorations may be important, but stoner food should be your number one priority. One idea for a great stoner snack is marijuana leaf cookies! You’ll just need a cookie cutter, some green frosting, and baking skills to make it happen. Other than those delicious cookies you can also make several different CBD treats. You might even be lucky enough to be able to buy them premade, it’s a fast-growing market so check if there’s a CBD café near you.  Besides marijuana-themed foods, all your normal party foods and snacks like pizza and chips will do just fine. 

Joint Party Favors 

A great way to make sure your guest have a good time is to start them out with some party favors. Joint party favors are perfect for the occasion, they will get everyone smoking as soon as possible and it will be fun to all have your own pre-rolled joints. 

Edible Party Favors 

Just like the joint party favor, edible party favors can be a great way to set things off. And If you don’t want to hotbox your house, edible treats are the way to go. You can get these from a nearby dispensary or you can look up a recipe and make them yourself.  

Novelty Smoking Devices 

Because you’re throwing a weed party, your guests likely smoke all the time at home with a bong or a pipe, so to spice things up give them a novel smoking experience. Splurge on a special bong or vaporizer for the occasion. You can also bring out the hookah to pass around for an even more novel smoking experience.  

Customized Lighters 

Lighters are always a must-have weed accessory, and at a 420 party, you’ll need an abundance of them. If you want this night to be one that your guests remember forever, consider going the extra mile and purchasing custom lighters that they can take home and add to their goody bags. This way every time they light up, they’ll think of that magical 420 party you threw.   

420 Games 

Games are a great party activity, and there’s no shortage of games that can be played at a 420 party!  

Weed Jenga 

Everyone loves Jenga, it is nearly the perfect party game. The only way to make Jenga truly perfect however is to play weed Jenga! So, how do you play? Well, this game will take a bit of preparation, and you will need to write commands in sharpie on each of the Jenga blocks. There are plenty of ideas online for what commands you should write (or you can create your own). Once you have this, just play regular Jenga and follow the instructions of each block when it’s your turn to pull one from the tower.  

Elevated Disc Golf 

Elevated disc golf is pretty much just disc golf while high. But being high makes disc golf 10 times as fun as sober disc golf. One way to play is to require a bong hit before each throw; another option is to have each team smoke a joint at every basket.  

Weed Pong 

Beer pong is a classic drinking game, so surely weed pong deserves a try as a 420 game. There are a few variations of weed pong so be sure to establish the rules before you start playing. One way to play is to fill the cups of water and just keep your smoking device next to you. Another way is to fill the cups with pre-rolled joints and smoke what’s in the cup when the other team makes it in.  

Mario Cart Kush 

Mario cart is a fan favorite, and it can make for a great party game, especially if it’s more of a kickback. Like the other games, there are a few variations of how to play Mario cart Kush. One way to play is to require everyone to finish their joint before the 4 races in the competition are complete. Another way is simply to play Mario cart and have something on the line like a pre-rolled joint or some dry herb.  

420 Home Activities 

Party games are great, but they aren’t everyone’s favorite. If that’s the case for you don’t worry, there are tons of other festive ways to spend a 420 party. One way is to host a make your own edible night, you can even make it into a competition with judges and prizes.  Sticking with the making things idea, another fun activity is to see who can make the best fruit bong or fruit pipe. If that doesn’t sound appealing, one more competition idea is a blindfolded joint rolling contest, see who the pros of the group are. Lastly, consider a guess the cannabis strain competition, this one will get everyone super high. If competitions are a no-go, then maybe a ganja yoga party or a smoke and dance party is the right choice. Music always keeps the party energy up, so this is always a good fallback plan. If you want a tamer 420 home activity though, then go with a puff and paint session or a stoner classic movie marathon (pineapple express must be included). Whatever your preference is, it’s clear that there are a ton of different ways to enjoy the night at a 420 themed party.   

Give the best stoner gift

Remember when you were a young kid and you went to a friends or classmates birthday party and you got the goodie bag at the end? Really cap the party off with a goodie bag filled with gifts that stoners will love, the essentials. Some ideas are a bag filled with rolling papers, hemp wraps, a glass pipe or mini bong. You'll definitely have some happy party goers.


There are a lot of 420 party ideas and with some creativity you're sure to have an amazing night. Just remember, safety first. The most important thing you can do at a 420 party is make sure everyone is comfortable and safe.


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