The Ultimate Guide to Buying Glass Smoking Accessories

Ultimate guide to smoking accessories

Ultimate guide to smoking accessories

Although cannabis is commonly consumed in a few different ways, like through edibles, tinctures, and smoking, the latter is still the most prominent way to enjoy the herb. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to know about all the weed smoking essentials and what accessories can make your smoking sessions better.  

What kind of Smoking Are you Doing?  

The type of smoking you will be engaged in will be the biggest factor in determining what type of smoking accessories you should get. Questions like whether you will be smoking while traveling, whether you need to smoke in a stealthy manner, and whether you’re smoking marijuana concentrates or dry herb should be considered and factored into what tools you should buy.  

Home vs. Travel 

Whether you smoke mostly at home or on the go has major implications on the accessories and types of products you should look for. If you are only going to be smoking at home, then you have more options. You can opt for as big of a piece as you want, you don’t have to worry as much about durability, and you can consider aesthetic more (maybe you want your smoking device to be part of your home décor). On the flip side, if you are going to be smoking while you travel then you should probably opt for smaller smoking devices. This will make it easier to pack into your luggage or a backpack. If you really want to get a bigger piece and still travel, then you should invest in a carrying case for the device. A carrying case will protect your device and make it so you don’t have to try and pack something that’s awkwardly shaped. Also, traveling often makes it more important that you get a durable product, this means ensuring thick quality glass in your bongs and pipes. One last thing to consider when looking for a travel piece is to make sure it is easily cleanable. You don’t want a device that needs tons of cleaning products or takes forever to clean when you’re away from the comforts of your home.  

What Kind of Smoker Are You?  

Not all smokers are the same, there are many varying personality traits among smokers that will factor into what styles of smoking devices they get. For example, just among glass pipes there are several different styles which all feature different looks and functions. Smokers who care greatly about looks and want to feel classy will be pulled towards the Sherlock pipe whereas smokers who want the utility of their bowl being far out from their face will want a Gandalf pipe. Similarly, if you are the type of smoker who isn’t a weed snob and just wants a cheap high then that will factor into your device choices as well, perhaps you can opt for a spoon pipe. Of course, there are some smoking devices that are objectively better smoking devices than others, but for the most part, which device is best depends on what your personal preferences are.  

Harsh and Hot vs. Cool and Smooth 

There are two types of smokers when it comes to what they want their hits to feel like. Some people like a harsher hit that delivers a greater taste and feels more extreme while others prefer a cooler and smoother rip. If you like the extreme and harsh hits, then you should consider opting for a large pipe that includes a carb. If you prefer a smoother hit then you will want to get something with more filtration, like a bong, or at the very least a bubbler pipe. The water in these devices filter and cool the smoke to give you a smoother less harsh hit. Additionally, if you are a real freak for cool hits then you can get a device (like a bong or a pipe) that can hold ice or is freezable (can be put in the freezer).  

Artistic and Colorful vs The Power of performance 

If you are going to keep your bong on the kitchen countertop or often find yourself wanting to show off your piece to your smoking buddies, then it makes sense to opt for beautiful glasswork and sacrifice some utility in doing so. Otherwise, consider that many of the unique and colorful glasswork pieces are not as fun to smoke as they typically won’t deliver as good as a high. Plus, they can pose other troubles like cleaning or storing. That being said, if you are able to splurge and get the best of the best, then you may be able to have your cake and eat it to- while they’re further and fewer between, there does exist excellent and unique glasswork that is just as good as a smoking device (if not better) than their less aesthetic counterparts. 

Best marijuana smoking accessories to buy from Fat Buddha Glass

Smoking devices

The most obvious weed accessory is the device that you are going to smoke your herb out of. Along with being the most obvious cannabis accessory, they are probably the most important in shaping your smoking experience. Here at Fat Buddha Glass, we have a large selection of bongs, pipes, and bubblers. Bongs are great for super smooth hits and feature a large bowl. They are the perfect device if you often smoke at home. Pipes and bubblers can offer similar features to a bong but on a smaller scale and so they are more portable but lack the refined filtration of a bong. Regardless, all of them are amazing weed accessories that will surely grant you a good time.  

Smell-Proofing cases

If you’re someone that can’t stand lingering odors and wants to ensure that the weed smell is as minimal as possible, then you will want to invest in a smell-proofing device. We carry 11 different cases that offer a smell-proof seal, including themed cases like this ancient box guarded by a dragon 

Hemp wraps & rolling papers

For blunt smokers, wraps can be a make-or-break experience for their smoke session.  Wraps are what you use to roll your joint, they are also referred to as rolling papers or sometimes blunt wraps. We have tons of flavors in stock and currently carry the brand’s true hemp, juicy jays, and raw.  


Sticking with weed accessories for blunt smokers, an ashtray is a vital tool for any joint lover. These both give you somewhere to ash your blunts as well as a flat surface to roll them. All the ashtrays at Fat Buddha Glass are awesomely themed so they can add to the vibes of the smoke session. On top of the 9 unique ashtrays in stock, we also have plenty of ash catchers which do the same thing as an ashtrays.  

Glass pipe cleaner

No matter what smoking device you find yourself drawn to (other than blunts), you are surely going to need to clean it. Luckily for you, we carry all types of glass pipe cleaners so you can be certain you will find the right cleaning materials for your device.  

Weed Grinders

Last be certainly not least, the herb grinder is an extremely important weed accessory. Grinders are a tool that grinds up your Mary Jane to give you a more even burn. Better yet, some grinders have added features. For example, many grinders are also used as a place to store your herb, and some even have built in kief catchers. At Fat Buddha Glass we carry all kinds of grinders, everything from a grinder card to 4-inch capuchin grinders 


Having the essential cannabis accessories can be the difference from having a good session to having a great session. Find the smoking accessories that will make you enjoy your session here at Fat Buddha Glass.


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