11 Best Stoner Career Paths for Cannabis Lovers

Best jobs for weed lovers

Coolest Jobs For Stoners  

Some of the biggest stoners in the world have full-time jobs in corporate offices but those aren’t always the most ideal situations. While being in a corporate job isn’t all bad, it can be tough to go get high in the middle of the day.

As society becomes more progressive and accepting of weed culture, there are more and more jobs that are perfect for cannabis lovers. Not only are there more jobs that are accepting of their employees smoking weed but now there are a lot of jobs in the weed business space where your stoner habits can become a plus. 

Dispensary Employee 

One of the most obvious choices for stoners should be working at a dispensary. By working at a dispensary you can use your long-time experience in weed to help you sell to new customers. This will also provide you with weed discounts and you get to help new people discover the joys of smoking weed.   

Become a Marijuana Doctor 

This will take a bit more work than becoming a dispensary employee but if you can become a medical expert in marijuana then you will be set for life. The medical marijuana industry is growing incredibly fast and will become very lucrative for professionals who are experts in medical marijuana. This will also allow you to use your passion for weed in a meaningful and positive way. 

Start a Glass Blowing Business 

If you’re more of a creative than a doctor, then becoming a glassblower can be a good way to make money while also being creative and getting high. Every stoner is always looking for a cool new glass piece to use and show off to all their friends. Think about it, you can make all of the bongs, pipes, and bubblers you could ever want to have! Instead of going out and spending money on one, you can become the person who makes it and provides a product to the stoner community. 

Cannabusiness Marketing 

As previously mentioned, the cannabis industry is growing rapidly. As more states legalize cannabis fully, the national market for cannabis grows exponentially. There are hundreds of new companies that are trying to make their way in the industry. If you can get on the marketing team for one of these companies then you can be in a great position to take advantage of a growing market. Just don't foret your notebook.

Cannabis Grower 

This is probably the first job you thought you would see on this list. There are a ton of cannabis growers across the country, especially in sunny areas like California. The best part about being a cannabis grower is that you can just start out growing weed for yourself and a few of your friends and if that starts to build then you can expand to other people in our neighborhood and friends of friends and eventually maybe you’ll be able to make it your full-time job. If you can’t ever make it your full-time job you still get good fresh weed-grown right in your backyard and that's good enough! 


Musicians and the music industry have been one of the industries most accepting of weed culture. From stoner folk-rock bands to Snoop Dogg smoking on TV and in every music video, the music industry allows for plenty of weed smokers to work both on-screen and behind the music. Jobs in the music industry can be hard to get but at least you will know you’ll never get drug tested or judged for your smoking habits. Think about it, with this career you will always be able to have a joint on you.


Whether you are a novelist or a blogger, writing takes a certain skill set that usually thrives on individuality. For that reason, it is usually not a problem to get a bit high before writing something, especially for a creative project. A lot of writing is freelance too, so as long as you're meeting your deadlines then you can smoke as much as you want. 

Web Developer/ Computer Programmer 

While a lot of the jobs on this list are clearly creative jobs (musician, writer, etc.), using computers to solve high-level problems can be a very creative job. Coming up with solutions to complex problems in a completely different computer language takes a level of creativity that many people can’t accomplish. That is why many bosses allow their programmers or developers to smoke weed because it can help that creative process and allow them to find new solutions they hadn’t thought of before. 

Real Estate Agent 

A lot like a writer, a real estate agent usually works pretty independently from other people in their office. They’re usually busy showing people houses and selling them on why this is their dream house. This is where smoking weed can come in handy, being high and a bit calmer can bring an energy to the tour of the house that can really sell the consumer on the home. Also, it always helps when you don’t have your boss breathing down your neck all day. Just make sure that the customer can’t tell your high if they don’t seem like they would be cool with weed use, you don’t want to throw away a sale just because you’re high. 


Owning a restaurant can be the best job for a stoner for a couple of reasons. The first is that you are your own boss and nobody can tell you what to do or drug test you. The other reason is that you can get free food whenever you’re high and have the munchies. 

Entertainment/Media Industry 

The TV and Movie industry might not be as accepting as the music industry when it comes to showing it in the actual media but the people behind the scenes of these movies smoke a lot of pot. If you’re lucky you’ll work on a Seth Rogan movie or TV show and you’ll have as much pot as you’ll ever need. 


Working in a stuffy corporate office where you can’t smoke weed can be really tough and constantly trying to outsmart a drug test in order to get away with smoking can be very stressful. Luckily there are more and more jobs that allow their employees to smoke and some actually think smoking can help their employees be more efficient.

Use this list to look into some job openings where smoking weed will be accepted. Make sure it is legal in your state or else your employer will technically have to outlaw it but check their drug testing policy because a lot of companies don’t drug test if the drug is decriminalized in their state. Either way, go out there and get a fun job where you can blaze all day! 


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