9 Ways To Take The Perfect Bong Rip

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The BEST Ways To Take The Perfect Bong Rip

What Is A Bong Rip? 

Bong rips are one of the best ways to smoke herb in the world. Not only do bongs look cool but they also can hit really well when used correctly. In case you’re still unaware of what a bong is; a bong is a glass pipe with a heated bowl, a water chamber, and a long stem with a mouthpiece. The smoke will flow from the bowl where you light the weed and filtrate through the water cooling the smoke off and then up the stem for you to inhale. Bongs have been around for decades and decades and have always been a tried and true method for stoners all over the world. 

How To Fill The Bong? 

The first thing you need to know about filling your bong is that you’re going to want to do it with distilled water. Distilled water is better for a multitude of reasons. Distilled water is mineral-free and therefore won’t leave any residue or build-up on your bong. This also allows it to keep the water clear making your bong look better when in use. When filling your bong with distilled water it's important to use trial and error to find the best amount of water for your needs. Start on the lowest possible water line you see on the bong and then test out some hits with it. If it isn’t cool enough or condensed enough then maybe put a bit more water in there. Just remember it's important to not suffocate your bong with water or else you’ll lose the beauty of the bong rip. 

How to Take The Perfect Bong Rip 

There are a lot of things that go into creating the perfect bong rip. Doesn’t matter if it's a massive bong, or a mini bong. The weed, the bong with the amount of water, and the vibes of the setting you’re in, all have to be perfect for the perfect bong rip. Even if all three of those things are incredible, there are mistakes that you can make that can ruin the perfect bong hit even when all else is going well. Read the next 9 tips to know exactly how you can take the perfect bong rip so when you’re at the big party and the vibes are great you’ll know just how to have a good time. 

9 Ways to Get the Perfect Bong Rip 

Practice Deep Breathing 

In order to get the best bong rips it's important you get a nice deep hit from the bong. If you practice your breathing, it will expand your diaphragm and allow you to take even deeper hits. Before you smoke, take a few minutes to practice breathing to calm down and get a nice long bong rip. 

Finely Grind Your Dry Herb 

Many people break up their weed with their fingers or even scissors. While these methods will work when in a pinch, they won’t provide for the best bong rips. It is important to get a grinder and grind your weed finely. This will allow for more even hits and the ability to take consistent and large bong rips. 

Prevent Coughing with a Mint  

Everyone knows that coughing comes with smoking a lot of the time but it doesn’t always have to. While the myth is that coughing means that you’re going to get high, that isn’t necessarily true and you can avoid the annoying cough by using gum or a mint. Using gum or mints creates saliva in the mouth that will combat the dry and hot smoke that causes you to cough. While coughing isn’t the end of the world, the perfect bong rips don’t cause coughing. 

Cool Down the Smoke 

There are multiple ways to cool down the smoke in your bong. You can get percolators for your bong or buy specific bongs with percolators built-in. You can add an ash catcher in order to add another percolator as well as keep your bong clean. If you’re looking for even more cooling power, you can use ice in your bong stem if the bong has an ice catcher. Make sure to not make it too cold because really cold air is just as harsh on the lungs as really hot air. You want to make sure you’re just cooling down the smoke but not making it cold. 

Pay Attention to Bowl Size 

Bowl size has a big effect on how well your bong rip is. The larger the bowl, the more airflow there will be and the less concentrated the smoke will be for the hit. While the larger bowl will allow for more smoke, it is much less concentrated. If you want to have more intense rips I would take the largest rip out of a small bowl because it will be very concentrated and get you very high.

Monitor Water Content 

The most important part of a bong is the water. Depending on if your bong has one, two or no percolators, the water levels have to be different. Try different water levels and find out which is best for your bong and what allows you to get the most efficient bong rips. 

Remove the Bowl Gradually 

Many smokers like to pull off the bowl when going to take a hit very quickly. Although taking it off super fast might look cool, it doesn’t allow for the smoke to fill the chamber well. Removing it gradually will introduce the smoke at a good pace and will make taking the hit far easier. 

Take a Breath at the End of a Hit 

You want to avoid wasting smoke and the irritation of getting smoke in your throat but not into your lungs. In order to combat this, you should always try to end your bong rips with a clean breath at the end. This pushes the smoke that's in your mouth deep into your lungs and allows the smoke that’s not going to be used to be left in the bong. If you’re with a friend, they can take the rest of the rip to make sure nothing gets wasted. 

Exhale Correctly 

The last but very important step is knowing how to exhale correctly. You should be exhaling hard in order to avoid coughing and then take deep breaths afterward. You should take the rip and hold the breath for a moment and then exhale hard and then take deep breaths and drink water.  

Now that you know all the tips for taking the best bong rips, you’ll be able to take bong rips whenever and wherever you want and with the best highs that you’ve ever had. Next time you’re looking to smoke just grab a cool-looking bong and smoke up with your buds and teach them how to do it as you can. 

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