5 Types of Glass Pipes Every Smoker Needs

When it comes to your pipes, it’s always good to have variety. While you’ll probably have a favorite glass pipe that is comfortable to hold, easy to clear, and beautiful to look at, having different types of pieces in your collection can really heighten your day-to-day smoking experience.

Most smokers are familiar with the term “glass pipe,” but there is a lot more to it than just a pipe. In fact, there are quite a few different types and styles of pipes, and while some of you are totally familiar with these, we thought we’d explore their differences for the novice smokers who are just starting to build their collection. Hey, if anything, it’s a nice refresher in Glass Pipes: 101 for all you experienced smokers. So sit back, grab a smoke, and enjoy today’s lesson on the must-have glass. Want to dive right in and start perusing the different pieces and styles we offer? Shop Fat Buddha Glass for the highest quality glass pipes at super sweet prices.

Five Types of Hand Pipes Every Smoker Needs  

Chillum (One Hitter)

Chillums are the quintessential discreet piece for the smoker on the go. Chillums are typically small in size — generally about three inches — and feature a small bowl that is located at the opposite end of the mouthpiece, providing a direct pull from the bowl. While they are small, they are still beautiful and feature gorgeous designs. They are easy to carry, making them portable and ideal for smoking just about anywhere.


Spoon glass pipes are probably what most people picture when they think of a smoking apparatus. That’s because they are by far the most popular type of glass pipe. Spoons come in different sizes, styles, and colors, but almost always feature smooth and sleek designs. These pipes can have one simple color or feature heady designs that are unique in every sense of the word. Spoons get their name from their resemblance to an actual spoon you’d find in the kitchen. They feature a bulbous bowl where you pack the plant matter, a tapered stem, and a mouthpiece. Generally, even the largest spoon pipes are small enough to hold in one hand, and can even be as small as two inches. These functional pipes feature a simple side carb or double carb on either side of the bowl for easy, comfortable control. The carb allows for more air to be inhaled with each pull and is controlled by a finger on your hand of choice. Spoons offer a standard pull, portability, and a discreet method for smoking just about anywhere.

Sherlock Pipe

A Sherlock pipe is just as the name implies: a curved pipe similar to the kind everyone’s favorite classic crime solver, Sherlock Holmes, smoked from. The Sherlock pipe is a really fun pipe because it offers style, function, and comfort. While they come in various shapes and styles, Sherlock pipes are characterized by their curved mouthpiece that reaches upwards and away from the bowl that you hold in your hand while smoking. The angle of the curve varies from a slight curve to a very sharp curve, and the bowl — while always wider than the mouthpiece — can be formed into many different shapes. What’s great about Sherlock glass pipes, is that the curved feature allows the smoke to cool as you pull from the piece, rather than the straight inhalation you’d get from a spoon, chillum, or steamroller. These pipes are typically small enough to hold in one hand but larger than that of a spoon pipe. Sherlocks have at least one carb and are often crafted from borosilicate glass for maximum durability and long-lasting enjoyment.     


Steamroller pipes are a more acquired pipe, if you will. They are often the stereotypical, wide-mouth acrylic pipe with a metal bowl and stem that you’ve seen in a lot of stoner movies from the 90s. The truth is, glass steamrollers are often favored by the experienced smoker because they take a little practice to get used to. Steamrollers are long, straight hand pipes with a mouthpiece at one end and a large carb at the opposite end of the pipe. The carb is large and often requires a person to use their palm when controlling the carb. The bowl sits on top of the pipe, allowing for a direct bowl-to-mouthpiece pull. These glass pipes are meant to produce a bigger pull, which is why they are often favored by experienced smokers.    

Gandalf Pipe

If you’re one of the few people in the world who is unfamiliar with J.R.R. Tolkien’s centuries-old, long-haired, totally badass, pipe-smoking wizard, this pipe may be unfamiliar as well. The Gandalf pipe is named for Gandalf the Grey (and later, the White) who is a key player in The Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings series, and other works by Tolkien. This piece is a very long glass pipe made out of borosilicate glass, wood, or bone. This is definitely one to add to your collection to hold you over for those 14-plus-hour Lord of the Rings Extended Edition movie marathons, or if you want to tackle all eight Harry Potter films in one go. When you pull from a Gandalf pipe, you instantly feel like a wizard who can cast spells and save all races from the grips of evil. In all seriousness, though, this type of glass pipe offers a smooth, relaxed pull. The bowl connects to the long, thin neck, allowing for the smoke to travel 8-10 inches before exiting the mouthpiece. These are definitely a conversation piece that any smoker will want to add to their collection for a bit of fun and a sense of magic with each pull.

Find Your Glass Pipe

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Happy smoking, friends!


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