Glass Bongs vs. Glass Bubblers: What’s the Difference?
Glass Bongs vs. Glass Bubblers: What’s the Difference?

One of the questions we get asked a lot is, “What is the difference between bongs and bubblers?” Many of the more experienced smokers are probably familiar with glass bongs and glass bubblers, but for those just getting into the smoking game, these pieces may seem like one-in-the-same; it’s easy to understand why some people get these mixed up. While there are similarities between the two, there are some stark differences that set these smoking pieces apart from one another. For the expert smokers who want to refresh their bong and bubbler basics, and for the novice smokers who are just starting out, the friendly folks at Fat Buddha Glass are here to enlighten you about the differences between these two kinds of water pipes. So grab your bong or bubbler, some tasty snacks, sit back, and enjoy the read.   

Glass Bongs vs. Bubblers: 101

Both bongs and bubblers are considered water pipes because they hold water and use the water to filter and cool down the smoke before the pipe is cleared. Additionally, both types of water pipes are often crafted from highly durable borosilicate glass. This glass contains around five percent boric acid, allowing for a stronger glass that withstands high temperatures. Bongs and bubblers are typically larger than your average glass pipe and feature different shapes, styles, and colors. Now that you know some of the similarities they share, let’s look at the individual pieces.

Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are larger than bubblers, ranging in size anywhere from six inches to several feet. Because of their size, they are typically not as ideal to travel with and are not very discreet when compared to bubblers and hand pipes. They have a strong, sturdy base allowing them to stand upright or slightly tilted at an angle, depending on the artist’s preference when crafting the piece. The water is stored in the base of the bong, but for some of the more complex bongs — like scientific bongs and percolators — water moves between different chambers for a cleaner, smoother smoking experience. Bongs can feature highly intricate and complex percolators for maximum diffusion. Bongs also feature a mouthpiece, a bowl, a slide, and a downstem apparatus.

Glass Bong Styles

Bongs can be crafted into literally hundreds of styles and a seemingly endless palette of colors and designs, but they often maintain similar characteristic features like the bulbous base and tubular neck. Some popular glass bong styles include:

    Benefits of Glass Bongs

    There are many benefits of smoking from glass bongs.

    • Glass bongs are always smoother when compared to plastic bongs, allowing for a more comfortable pull when clearing the piece.
    • Glass bongs allow for a smoother, cleaner smoke.
    • Bongs are highly customizable, allowing you to add different appendages and accessories to enhance your smoking experience.
    • Glass bongs are typically pretty easy to clean. The more complex pipes take a little more time and attention to detail.
    • Their large size means you don’t have to clean them as frequently as bubblers.
    • Bongs come in many styles, allowing you to find one that reflects your personality.
    • You can add ice cubes to cool the smoke, whereas with a bubbler you cannot.
    • Bongs are very comfortable to hold and pull from.
    • Bongs are heavy, often making them highly stable and durable.
    • They make great home decor when not being used.

      Glass Bubblers

      Glass bubblers are sometimes similar to glass bongs in shape, but they are typically much smaller and offer different benefits. Bubblers typically have a larger base or bulbous chamber to hold the water. Some even have multiple water chambers. Like bongs and pipes, bubblers feature a mouthpiece, bowl, and stem, but unlike bongs, bubblers feature more diverse mouthpiece styles.   

      Bubbler Styles

      Some of the most popular bubbler styles include:

      Benefits of Bubblers

      Bubblers offer many benefits, including the following:

      • Their smaller size and lighter weight make bubblers much more portable than a bong.
      • Offers a smooth smoke.
      • Don’t need to fill bubblers with as much water as bongs.
      • Compactness allows for discreet smoking.
      • They are easier to hold and smoke from with one hand.
      • More diverse mouthpiece styles than bongs.
      • Offers the best features of a pipe and a bong in one piece.
      • Can be used with our without water.
      • Beautifully crafted to offer eye-pleasing aesthetic and durable, long-lasting function.  



      Find the Perfect Water Pipe for You!

      We didn’t get into the intricacies of the science behind glass bongs and bubblers, but we hope this guide gives you a solid base understanding of each of these pieces. As always, choosing which piece is right for you all boils down to the kind of smoking experience you prefer, and how versatile of glass piece you want. It’s always awesome to have diverse glass piece collection so you have a smoking apparatus for any occasion. Which one will you choose? If you can’t decide, view our Staff Choices to help guide you to the right piece.

      If you’re ready to seek out that perfect glass piece that really speaks to you, visit Fat Buddha Glass to peruse our bubblers and glass bongs online. While we do offer cheap glass bongs and bubblers, we never, ever sacrifice superior quality, comfort, and customer satisfaction. Shop our affordable online headshop and enhance your smoking experience with the highest quality glass at the best prices.

      Happy smoking!


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