8 Best Gifts for Stoners
8 Best Gifts for Stoners

One of the great things about cannabis culture is the chance to share your love of smoking with others. And whether you’ve got a partner who you always light up with, a family member who enjoys smoking just as much as you do, or even just a loyal smoking buddy who always livens up your sessions, you might want to impress them with one of the best gifts for stoners.

Whether you want to give them a new device to smoke with, an accessory to make their smoking sessions better, or something more novel, there are plenty of amazing gift ideas for stoners. These can make for unique gifts whether you’re planning for an upcoming birthday, Christmas, or just want to give someone a surprise gift. Need some inspiration? Here are 10 of the best gifts for stoners.

1. Grinder

One of the best gifts you can buy for any stoner is a new Grinder. A Grinder is an essential accessory for anyone who regularly smokes cannabis. After all, you need it whether you plan to roll a joint or smoke out of an accessory such as a Pipe or Bong. Plus, Grinders always go missing so it never hurts to have an extra one.

Plus, instead of buying your friend or partner a regular two-piece plastic Grinder, you can get them something cool and stylish. The 2.25” Herb Metal Grinder is made with high-quality aluminum and features extra chambers for storing your weed and dry sift. The 63mm Rainbow Grinder offers many of the same features and also looks amazing. You could even buy your friend a themed Grinder, such as the Guns N’ Roses Grinder.

2. Lighter

Another one of the best gifts for stoners is a new lighter. Much like a Grinder, this is one of the most essential accessories for any smoking session that comes in handy for practically every method of smoking. But instead of simply grabbing your buddy a plain BIC Lighter, you can give them something a little more stylish.

The Special Blue Diablo Gold Torch makes for a particularly great gift thanks to its adjustable blue flame and golden features. It also makes lighting any joint or bowl a lot easier. Alternatively, you might want to gift one of your smoking buddies the Blazer Big Shot Torch or even the Blazer Big Buddy Torch if they’re into dabbing.


3. Glass Pipe

If you want to get someone an amazing gift that can last them for many years and many smoking sessions, then a Glass Pipe is a perfect option. A Pipe is the perfect portable device for smoking whether you’re at home or on the go. It’s quick, convenient, and easy for anyone to use.

Glass Pipes come in many unique styles, so it’s worth looking for one that suits your gift recipient. If you’re looking for something simple, affordable, and effective, you can go with a good Spoon Pipe. If you want something unique and eye-catching, check out some of the best Themed Pipes or even Color Changing Pipes. Any of these will make a memorable gift.

4. Bong

If you want to go above and beyond to get your friend a gift they’ll cherish, you might even want to buy them a Bong. Also referred to as Water Pipes, Bongs work similarly to Glass Pipes except they’re generally bigger, more powerful, and also have the added benefit of filtering smoke through water for purer, smoother hits.

Much like Pipes, you can find many different styles of Bongs. Mini Bongs make particularly good gifts as they’re affordable and portable yet still over potent hits. However, you might want to wow your friend with a huge Big Hitter Bong or a Scientific Bong that’s packed with extra features to enhance every smoking session. You can also check out some of the best Bongs under $50 if you’re on a budget

5. Glass Bowl

If your giftee already has a great Bong but you still want to give them something to improve their smoking sessions, a new Glass Bowl is a stellar gift idea. Most Bongs allow you to remove and replace the bowl, allowing you to upgrade it with a bigger, better, or more stylish bowl.

There are many good Bowls and Downstems to choose from. The Panda Bowl adds a cute and unique touch to any Bong. The Boobies Bowl makes for a novel gift while also giving your recipient the ability to smoke from two bowls at once. You can even get a Quartz Banger to turn their Bong into a Dab Rig.

6. Storage Containers

While many dedicated stoners will already have all the usual smoking devices and accessories they need, they often skimp when it comes to storage. As such, a proper cannabis storage container is one of the best gifts you can get for a smoking buddy.

High-quality Cannabis Storage Containers are designed to keep your weed fresh, green, and potent, meaning you can store it for a lot longer without worrying about it degrading in quality. Plus, you can find many stylish storage jars and cases that look great as well as being functional. For instance, check out the Famous Brandz Stash Jar or the Cheech & Chong Stash Jar


7. Bubbler

Another top-notch gift that any stoner will appreciate is a Bubbler. A Bubbler is like a hybrid between a Glass Pipe and a Bong. It offers the convenience and portability of a smoking Pipe but also includes a water chamber to filter your smoke and make your hits cooler.

Plus, there are plenty of cool Bubblers you can give to a friend or loved one. For instance, they might enjoy the Rasta Hammer Bubbler, Color Changing Glass Bubbler, or even the Stone Face MOAI Hammer Bubbler if you want to splash out.

8. Dab Rig

While there are plenty of great gifts you can give to enhance your friends’ smoking sessions, you might want to give them something even more powerful. A Dab Rig is a top gift for any stoner who’s capable of handling potent cannabis concentrates.

Much like Bongs and Pipes, you can find Dab Rigs in various cool shapes and styles. Some are even capable of handling dried herbs as well as cannabis concentrates. Good options to give as a gift include the 5" Silicone Rig and Cobra Dab Rig


No matter what the occasion, these are some of the best gifts for the stoners in your life. However, if you’re looking for something different, you’re not short on options. You can find a huge range of smoking devices, accessories, and more available for free shipping from Fat Buddha Glass.

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